Play wonderful experiences, but also truly benefits.

April 15, 2019 Health

Play or Not Play
Argument of Video Games
Video game is a kind of electronic game. It relays on the connection between human facial interaction and video devices feedback. It can bring users visual, sound and touch feedback at the same time.
There is no doubt video can provide users wonderful experience when they playing games. So more and more people are abdicated to play videos game. There are thuds of people, especially patterns arguing the exist of video games. They are against about video games. In the fact, video games can bring users not only wonderful experiences, but also truly benefits.

The world of video games is changing very quickly day by day, and I think is necessary to let everyone know the benefits of them no matter you are a player or not. If you only think the negative sides when you pay more attention and spend more time on video games, 100% for sure the games will destroy you. There are many benefits in playing video games, but I want to stress out the six most beneficial in playing video games which is more fixable in our daily life.

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1 Improve whole body coordination
When users playing video games, they are using hands, body and mind at the same time. They are not only standing opposite to the devices. They need to coordinate all of them. Actually, it is a special training about body control and body cooperation (Olson 2016).

2 Improve the way of thinking and solving problems
Video games are set with certain program and rules, which means that users need to really think about how to deal with problems in the game carefully. Sometimes, one small mistake means you need to start it all over. At the same time, users should think about what maybe happen in the next step, and be prepare to the following situations. This is another training. Because when thinking in the game, it can become a habit in the daily life (Olson 2016).

3 Enhance memory
Video games provide users a lot of introductions and guidance during the process. And this requires users to use their mind to remember all the information from the games itself. If users are using their mind to remember things, it is a kind of training to their memory (Olson 2016).

4 Improve attention and concentration
When playing video games, users need to be focused on the devices to see what happen and think about what will happen. Users are devoted all of them into the game. At this time, they can not wondering or take rest. It can help users to know, what is attention and concentration (Olson 2016).

5 Improve social skills
Some online video games need many gamers cooperate together. At this time, group members need to communicate and cooperate together. This requirement asks for lots of social skills. Luckily, video games give users a platform to practice all those skills which is very important during job and life (Olson 2016).

6 Be creative
For example, military and shooting games ask for creating different ways to fight against bad guys, creation games ask for creating the whole world by yourselves. Creativity exist in every part of video games. Creativity is normal in video games. There is no doubt that creativity is one of the most important ability during the whole life. When users feeling the magic of creativity, users can be inspired all the time (Reed 2017).

Video games have become a part of our culture and a part of our lives in many ways. As a society we need to focus our energy and attention on is how to use them to make our lives better. We’ve already seen research that shows how video games can be used to help with several tasks with real world applications. We can use video games to increase our ability to track multiple objects and thus be able to monitor more of our surroundings while driving. They teach people how to be able to focus and maintain attention in situations where there is a lot of information to absorb in very short period of time. Video games can help us to better analyse what is going on around us and make quick decisions about the best action to take in a variety of situations. New research about the benefits of video games is coming out every year. It is time for us all to step forward and embrace the technology around us that has so many benefits and work together to mitigate the deficits that are present. Our society will not be ruined by this action, but will instead be enhanced further. There is one further thing we need to do. We need to sit down and pick up a controller. We leave ourselves at a disadvantage if we refuse to play out of false concerns regarding violence and aggression. Video games are here to stay (fac731 2013).

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