Player Positions in Football Game

September 15, 2018 General Studies

In football game, each player on a team is assigned to different position on the field. A football team on the field is consists of one goal keeper and other ten players with different position. Each position has different area and different responsibility in the game. With different responsibility and different area to play, each position in football game is also requires different ability to play. Basically other than goal keeper there are three others position in football game. First is goal keeper.

Goal keeper is a player whose job is mainly defensive and to guard the team’s goal from being breached by the opponent. Goalkeepers are the only players allowed to touch the ball with their hands and arms, however they are only can use this special authority within their penalty area. For this reason, they must wear jerseys that distinguish them from other players and the referee. To be a good goal keeper, a player must have a good reflect and good instinct to stop a shooting. Iker Casillas (Italy) and Gianluigi Buffon (Italy) is two goal keeper who have good reflect and instinct.

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Second is defender. Defenders play behind the midfielders and their primary responsibility is to provide support to the team and to prevent the opponent team from scoring a goal. They usually remain in the half of the field that contains the goal they are defending. Usually a tall defenders will move forward to the opposing team’s penalty box when their team takes corner kicks or free kicks to try scoring a goal. Speed, strength and stamina are the three main abilities needed to be a good defender.

Some good players in this position is Nemanja Vidic who plays for Manchester United and John Terry from Chelsea Fc Third is midfielder. Midfielders are players who play in the midway between the attacking strikers and the defenders. Midfielder have great responsibility in football game. Their main duties are to maintain possession of the ball, taking the ball from defenders and pass it to the strikers. Lot of people said that if you want to win the football game you must have good midfielders.

To be a good midfielder, we must have good passing ability, strength and good intelligence. Some good players in this position is Xavi Hernandez who plays for Barcelona Fc and Steven Gerrard who plays for Liverpool Fc. The last is forward. Forwards or Strikers are the players on a team who have nearest position to the opposing team’s goal. The primary responsibility of strikers or forwards is to score goals. Other duties is to setting up goals for other players and holding the ball up so that other players can join the attack.

To be a good forward, a football player must have a good speed, strength and the most important is a player who play in forward must have an instinct to score a goal. Some good players in this position is Lionel Messi from Barcelona Fc and Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid Fc. Each different position has their own responsibility and different assignment in the game. To win a match each player in different position have to carry out their duty perfectly. If one of the players do not do their duty well, it is impossible to win a match.


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