Plea of an Aborted Fetus

May 8, 2018 General Studies

We are curious in happenings and unusual things in the story or ext that we read. Questioning helps us to analyze more and to easily understand what we are reading. Second is Predict, as a reader we always predcit and make guesses about what is coming next to the story. Third is Infer, sometimes, readers try to figure out what the writer is saying about the story that are not actually in the text. In this way of reading we readers use our imagination. The fourth one is Connect, readers try’ ro connect their own story in what they are reading, many stories reminded reader’s life on a story they read.

Next is Feel, readers usually feels what the story is saying, many eaders express their emotions while reading. Sad parts make them sad, the feelings they express depends on what the story is saying. The last is Evaluate, in this way of reading we try to make judgements on the text or story that we read, we ask questions like, is it a good story? What is the goal of the writer why did he/she write this story? It was just a fine questions for evaluating a story or a text. Another way of reading is reading like a writer.

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Readers focuses on what the writer is trying to say, they wanted to know different techniques that writers used in making a story or text. Professor Peha enumerates six things readers ho are writers pay attention to. One is Ideas, idea is the heart of the story, without this a story can be just a simple story without a beautiful idea. Second is Organization, this refers to the order of ideas and the way the writer from one idea to the next and how the writer organize the story to be more interesting to read.

The third is Voice, this refers to the feeling of the writer’s individual personality through words. The writer just using the characters in the story or text just to express how he/she feels. Fourth is the Word Choice, this refers to the different words and set Of phrases that writers used in the ext to gather more attention of the reader. Fifth is the Sentence Fluency, this is the rhythm and flow of the structured sentence used by the writer in the text or story. Last is Convention, in making a text we have to be reminded that there are important parts like punctuation, grammar and spelling.


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