Poem analysis of the clod and the pebble by sanhar balachandran

September 9, 2017 Communication

A verse form is an art of showing feelings and sentiments through linguistic communication and beat. The strong and emotional verse form “ The Clod and the Pebble “ by William Blake expresses two contrasting positions of love by comparing them to a pebble and a ball through parallel construction, effectual enunciation, and metaphor. Love can be good or bad, ugly or beautiful. True love prevails all, but the truth is, we all become selfish at some clip in life.

The verse form expresses ideas towards artlessness and experience utilizing light and dark images. It is easy to understand the significance of the verse form and the message the poet is seeking to convey because of how it had been constructed. The verse form consists of three quatrains, where the top half is given to the ball and the bottom half to the pebble. The first and last stanzas both have an ABAB rime strategy which emphasizes the parallel construction when composing the stanzas side-by-side and you can easy compare the differences. The parallel construction sets up a clear contrast between both thoughts. Blake uses a ball of clay to typify love as pure and Godhead, it is immature and biddable. It marks how passionate love can go in a really unrealistic and humanist point of view. The ball of clay symbolizes the softness and stamp of nature as it changes form. The Clod is ever enduring, as it is “ trodden ” with cowss ‘s pess, but it is cognizant of its topographic point in the universe, accepts destiny and helps others by “ altering ” form harmonizing to each state of affairs. It is guiltless and can non believe of anything worse and so it is ever positive. The ball represents how flexible a relationship must be to last. Where there is “ Hell ” because of agonies, true love can construct a “ Heaven. ” This reveals an image where the passion of love cleans the psyche of all evil and purifies the bad. The 2nd stanza is the storyteller ‘s voice and alterations from the Clod that “ sings, ” to the “ Pebble of the creek ” which “ warbles ” its narrative. The imagination in the 3rd stanza is darker. By utilizing repeat “ Love seeketh… please ” and “ non itself, ” “ merely self ” between the first and 3rd stanza, the contrast and comparing between the Clod and the Pebble, is stronger. The pebble is stand foring the difficult and barbarous nature of love. The Pebble lives in fresh H2O. It is difficult, aged and has been caressed by smooth fluxing H2O throughout clip. It has gained experience because it is cognizant of the “ outside ” universe and has been here for a long clip, hence, renders about apathetic to love and feelings. The Pebble ‘s love is taking others self-pleasure where as the Clod ‘s love is giving. A pebble represents the unstable relationship of love. It highlights all the negative experiences and will ne’er last. Love in the Clod ‘s eyes seeks to delight others and non “ itself ” . The Pebble positions love as pleasance merely to itself. Love is besides characterized as holding “ joys in another ‘s loss of easiness ” mentioning to how thoughtless and unblushing love is in the pebble ‘s eyes. The Pebble ends the verse form by antagonizing the Clod by showing that love “ builds a Hell in Heaven ‘s despite ” . The pebble believes that love interferes with pureness, and true emotion.

It is important to understand that the ball represents artlessness and the pebble symbolizes experience. In this verse form the Clod of Clay is being compared to a kid. When a kid is born, it does non cognize what to make until it is taught. It can alter sides easy as it “ molds ” to seek and happen its definite topographic point in the universe. Children are taught to be nice and hence, follow all orders and seek to be a good child to their parents. Besides, a kid learns from the seniors, which is why they say that the first kid and/or last kid or the lone kid in the household is normally the most selfish because they are cared for the most and are ever watching their parents. The in-between kid is normally left out and learns by itself seeking to make the right thing. A Pebble is the senior because it knows that caring excessively much for others will take to jobs for you. If you give money to many people you will stop up hapless. If you care excessively much for person they become spoilt.

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Blake ‘s picks of words are really strong. Love limits a individual ‘s ability to be free and the pebble uses “ bind ” in line 10 to show that and the Clod expresses the nature of love that is thrilling and delighting. Besides, paradox is used in the last line in the first and last quatrain “ And physiques Heaven in Hell ‘s desperation ” and “ Builds a Hell in Heaven ‘s despite. ” This is one of the cardinal points because it is showing how true love can do even the worse fortunes worse or better. Blake besides uses initial rhyme in line one of the 2nd stanza “ ball of clay ” to stress its ineptitude. It creates an feeling that the clay is unformed, spineless, and guiltless. It besides gives us a vibration which has a critical result on the scope of significances presented. It is easier to acquire addicted instead than doing him/her quit.

Everyone knows that true love is beautiful and altruistic, but the truth is, we will go selfish. This verse form is really good written and Blake uses parallel construction, metaphor and effectual enunciation to direct the readers his message. Knowledge comes from experience and with small cognition, artlessness is non developed plenty to see hurting and therefore loves everyone. With Experience decease is introduced and you are cognizant of what truly happens.


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