Poem “Change upon change” by Elizabeth Barett Browning Essay Sample

August 3, 2017 Communication

The subject Change Upon Change by Elizabeth Barett Browning is love lost. The cardinal character of the verse form reminisces about his life five months ago. The poet uses the alteration in season to mention to the emotions of the character “and slow. decelerate as the winter snow the cryings have drifted to mine eyes” . As the verse form continues the emotions of the character bend with the season. Change Upon Change shows utilizing really affectional techniques. how difficult it is to lose the love in your life. Elizabeth Barett Browning has written the verse form utilizing words that were used more typically in Elizabethan times and are non truly employed widely in normal verse forms. This manner of authorship is used by her because this linguistic communication was most common in love verse form. Some words at the terminal of the lines do rime “enow” . “thou” and “mute” . “root” . This creates a streamlined consequence onto the following row and achieves a nexus between the lines of the verse form. Change upon alteration is a carefully constructed verse form about “love proved false and frail” and its effects.

The rubric of this verse form expresses alteration in itself. “Change Upon Change” refers to the layering and uninterrupted accommodations that come from one alteration. In this instance. the rubric is mentioning to the loss of a relationship to the dislocation of the character. In the first six lines of the text the verse form is in the past tense. The character is retrieving back to the yearss five months ago when her life was much happier. This is communicated through the description of the milieus at the clip. “Five months ago the watercourse did flow. the lilies bloomed within the sedge. and we were lingering to and fro. where none will track thee in this snow. along the watercourse. beside the hedge” . Wordss such as “Flowers blooming” in these lines are used to match this feeling of beauty.

However in the following few lines the feeling alterations. “The flowers have dried down to the root: And why. since these be changed since May. should’st thou alteration less so they” . These lines at the terminal of the first stanza confirm that this beauty that was in the flowers is gone and with it the chief character’s lover is exposed besides. The last two lines show that her lover has changed with the wilting of the flower and followed natures decay. Thus the verse form follows parallel to the alteration in seasons. This is a technique used by E. B Browning to set up the characters tempers more resolutely. The usage of this metaphor is continued throughout the remainder of the verse form.

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In the first half of the 2nd stanza the feeling of unhappiness and torment is portrayed by comparing the characters emotions with winter. “And slow. decelerate as the winter snow The cryings have drifted to mine eyes ; ” Following this is the lines “And my hapless cheeks. five months ago Set blushing at thy congratulationss so. ” In these lines alteration is shown by mentioning to the chief characters cheeks which five months ago were flushed when payed a compliment are now “pale” as they the love of the characters life is lost in the following line. The following line from the verse form “Ah. Sweet. be free to praise and travel! ”

Is much like the line foremost stanza and shows the sentiment of the character in the present. In the last four lines of the verse form the chief character efforts certifies the fact that “It was thine curse that first did neglect. — It was thy love proved false and frail. ” Meaning that the relationship was ended with the chief characters spouse interrupting his curse to her. proving that his love was non a true love for the chief character. Emphasis is placed upon these lines with the really harmonious manner they have been written. The last few lines “And why. since these be changed enow. Should I alter less than 1000. ” Communicate the alteration of the relationship through the request of a inquiry.


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