Poetic form meter Essay

October 5, 2017 General Studies

Researching how Allen Curnow portrays the hunt for inspiration in Continuum In the verse form ‘Continuum’ by Allen Curnow. he tells us about his deficiency of inspiration. The subject of the verse form revolves around poetic inspiration. and how he is unable to acquire inspiration. Allen Curnow uses a assortment of stylistic devices to portray this. The rubric. “Continuum” . shows us that the job Allen Curnow talks about. his deficiency of inspiration. is ne’er stoping and is go oning all the clip. i. e. . it is uninterrupted. The first stanza signifies the first phase of poetic inspiration and besides shows us Curnow’s unstable ideas ; “the roof falls behind” . as he is unable to compose poesy he is in a sense. peal and falling all over the topographic point so to talk.

In the first line. the word “moon” is used as an image: a symbol for Curnow. As the Moon is unable to reflect on its ain ( it has to pull its visible radiation and energy from the Sun ) . merely like that Curnow depends on his authorship to maintain him traveling in life. The first stanza besides tells the reader about the scene and clip of the verse form which is at dark. The Moon besides evokes images of solitariness and a lone province in that it is the lone bright object in the dark sky merely like Curnow is the lone ( and hence lonely ) individual awake at dark. The verse form has no definite rime strategy. proposing to us that the poet is happening it hard to show his ideas. and he can non tap into the universe of imaginativeness.

The last line of the first stanza ; “I am speaking about myself. ” Is a clear statement of his defeat and his inability to compose. In the following stanza. Curnow is seeking connexion with nature to happen poetic inspiration. The line. “It’s non possible to acquire off to sleep” . state the reader that the poet is unable to kip which shows that something is disturbing him. He tries to convey that it’s as tough to acquire rid of his ideas as it is to acquire rid off the planet. Curnow goes out “barefoot” . to free himself of the human stuff and wants to link with nature… .

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