Poetry Analysis of Ask Me Essay

September 28, 2017 General Studies

In the verse form “Ask Me. ” the poet. William Stafford. gives the reader a strong sense of imagination. it describes the river so vividly. so creatively. This verse form is a really good verse form. and is really really cryptic and a small spot about questionable about the subject of the verse form. Basically what I get from the verse form is. the talker is non ashamed of who he or she is and you can inquire them any inquiries about their yesteryear and they will lief reply. It’s about as if it is sort of proving the talker. wish will or she really answer the inquiry? And the reply is most decidedly yes.

As for the significance. I am non excessively certain. I guess some poesy can non ever be explained so good but that’s okay because I still enjoy reading it and seeking to calculate out what it is approximately. But I can reasonably much understand the effect of the verse form. It is merely the last line that gets me. “What the river says. that is what I say. ” It’s stalking about chilling to me to read that. Shivers earnestly run down my spinal column when I read that. So. from the verse form. I fundamentally get the vibration it is stating. the talker has had a long life full of. love. injury. pin. grief etc. but ask him anything about his yesteryear or anything and he isn’t ashamed of it. He will proudly reply to anything and take duty for what he has caused and what he’s been through.

I personally have tried analysing this verse form for about a hebdomad now. and it has been so hard for me to happen the existent significance of this verse form. And really hard to seek and understand the tone and temper. So. although I wasn’t able to happen a whole clump about the verse form. I found it really interesting and enjoyed even looking up this verse form further and reading about the writer and what other people took from this verse form. So overall. this verse form is a really good written verse form and the thoughts are eternal of what it could intend.

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