Pol Pot And Radical Communist Movement History Essay

The Tyrant Pol Pot wanted to convey back Cambodia to its might and glorification of ancient times and implement them on his people. He thought of the Kampuchean people as mere workers, of which are merely utile for reaping harvests and working in the county side, in other words an agricultural civilization. Pol Pot refused any signifier of modernisation what so of all time, and anyone who would oppose this during his reign would be sentenced to decease. Pol Pot believed that metropoliss were evil and anything modern was considered impure. He wanted to reconstruct Cambodia as an agricultural society and extinguish any hints of the modern universe.

History is ever interesting and challenging, particularly historic events that have caused a great alteration in one state, state or part. Pol Pot and his reign of panic is one of those events which has captured my attending and made me make out for more information and different positions. Cambodia genuinely lived through a incubus, but has easy moved on from there to go a more stable state.

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The events that took topographic point from ( 1975 to 1979 ) , by Pol Pot and his extremist Communist government the Khmer Rouge, was believed to be one of the universe ‘s worst race murders of the twentieth century. Pol Pot was a character celebrated for being unfair, cold and barbarous swayer of Cambodia. In this paper, one will read why he was called all of those atrocious names ; did he truly merit to be called all of these things? And most significantly how and what where the chief factorsthat influenced his ascent to power and in conclusion his ruin.

Part 1: How it all started

The Khmer Rouge, under the regulation of Pol Pot, were a terrorist group/organization that was started and led by Pol Pot and were greatly influenced by Marxist and Maoism thoughts of a on the job category society, and that set the footing for their revolution. They seized control of Phnom Penh ( 1975 ) , the capital of Cambodia, and over threw the monarchy. Cambodia was so renamed the Communist party of Kampuchea. Tyrant, dictator and oppressor, are merely a few samples of the names that were given to him. Under the short clip of Pol Pot ‘s regulation, Cambodia witnessed its greatest incubus. Over a million and a half people lost their lives on the custodies of the ruthless Khmer Rouge soldiers. ( twentieth century history, Michael Richards )

Pol Pot was born SalothSar, in March of 1925, in a small fishing small town called PrekSbav, in the Kampong Thom state, at that clip when Cambodia was under the regulation of Gallic Indochina. Saloth’sfamily was of a comfortably in-between category province and owned some rice Fieldss, and that was their chief beginning of income. He was the eighth of nine kids. His household had some political and royal connexions in the capital, Phnom Penh. He subsequently changed his name to Pol Pot when he to the full took control of the authorities ( 1975 ) , for security grounds and secretiveness, as many dictators do when they take control.

Pol Pot was educated by Buddhists at a Catholic school in Phnom Penh, but was subsequently transferredto a proficient school. A twosome of old ages subsequently he gets a scholarship to travel to Paris and analyze electronics and wireless engineering at the EcoleFrancaised’Electroniqueetd’Informatique ( EFRIE ) .But Pol Pot proved non to be a really good pupil and showed small involvement in the field that he was analyzing, nevertheless, he got influenced by communism and Marxist thoughts. He subsequently joined a Marxist circle and the Gallic Communist party ( PCF ) .

Pol Pot lived in Paris from 1949 to 1953, and subsequently returned to Cambodia after he had failed most of his classs. Upon his return he was to the full influenced by communism and Marxism that he joined the Khmer Viet Minh of Kampuchean Communists. Members of the Khmer Viet Minh were all against the regulation of the Gallic Indochina. Amongst those people were Prince Sihanouk, and his party, who would subsequently go the sovereign of Cambodia as they gained their independency from France.

Cambodia became an independent state in 1954, every bit good as Vietnam and Laos. Prince Sihanouk took control of the state and under him it became an absolute monarchy. Equally shortly as he took control of the state, Prince Sihanouk ordered for the apprehension of all communist party members. As a consequence, Pol Pot went into the jungles for concealing along with his followings. There Pol Pot established a base cantonment and prepared for an armed battle against the, as he called it, a “ corrupt ” monarchy. In 1966, Pol Pot returns from concealing with armed Khmer Rouge soldiers and starts his revolution, but ne’er got full control of the state until 1975.As a consequence, Prince Sihanouk subsequently fled to Paris, as he was scared for his ain life.

That embarked the beggary of Pol Pot ‘s reign of panic and the ill-famed violent death Fieldss, one of the worst race murders of the twentieth century.

Part 2: Atrocious atrociousnesss ; “ Year Zero ”

The significance of “ Khmer Rouge ” is Gallic for ruddy Khmers. Khmers were an ancient Kampuchean civilisation that existed from 800 A.D. to the late 1370 ‘s. ( Oxford Dictionaries. April 2010. )

Pol Pot believed that metropoliss were evil and that anything modern or Western oriented was considered impure. He wanted to convey Cambodia back to an agricultural culture/society. Pol Pot called this “ Year Zero ” , and it meant much more than merely to re-start the calendar ; he wanted to sublimate the people from anything Western and modern influenced. He about instantly abolished all private belongings and seized all mills and merchandises, and that was the start of his bloody run. He saw educated people as a menace, and ordered them all to be killed. Furthermore, he frequently killed people for have oning spectacless or talking in foreign linguistic communications, a sheer illustration of how utmost he and his government were. Amongst those 1000s were intellectuals including: physicians, instructors, Buddhist monastics, applied scientists, and anyone with instruction and foreign contacts. Writers Wayne C. McWilliams & A ; Harry Piotrowski ( The World Since 1945, p. 225 ) wrote that, “ Those who resisted-members of the old government, the western-educated elite, metropolis inhabitants, and all existent or suspected “ enemies of the revolution ” -were exterminated ” . Even the state ‘s ground forces officers were sentenced to decease, nevertheless, these people would be tortured horrifically before they were killed. Embassies were closed, aliens were expelled, money was abolished and any outside aid was forbidden, all in the name of Pol Pot ‘s vision of an agricultural Utopia. They even created a new flag for themselves and their movement.Cambodia was so literally sealed off from the outside universe.

Pol Pot ordered the emptying of everyone from the metropoliss of Cambodia to the move to the state side and work at that place as farmers-an estimated 20,000 people died along the manner ( The history topographic point, 1999 ) . The ill-famed violent death Fieldss where provincials were practical slaves, and had to work long hours ( 18 hours a twenty-four hours ) to reap harvests, with small remainder and hardly any nutrient. Many people died as a consequence of famishment, disease or over-work, and were buried in mass Gravess. They were frequently told by the Khmer Rouge soldiers: “ whether you live or die is non of great significance. ” ( Ibid, 1999 ) .

The estimated violent deaths done by the Khmer Rouge are to be around 1.5 million Cambodians – about one fifth of the full population of Cambodia at that clip ( twentieth century history, Michael Richards ) .As a consequence of the revolution, every bit good, Pol Pot started theTuolSleng, S-21 ( Security office 21 ) in Phnom Penh. It was a school that was converted into a gaol. It was one of 167 gaols or anguish Chamberss around Cambodia. The intent of this institute was nil more than mere “ anguish Chamberss ” or, in other words, “ The topographic point where people go in but ne’er come out. ” ( The Killing Machine of the Khmer Rouge, 2003 ) . Anyone who would oppose his government orwas suspected of being a undercover agent, or as the Khmer Rouge used to name them, “ enemies of the people ” ( UliSchmetzer, 1997 ) , were to be sent at that place. Thousands were imprisoned, tortured, interrogated and subsequently killed. Even babes and kids were non spared. It is believed that there was a immense slogan hanging on the wall, for it to be seen by everyone, that said: “ ‘the secret enemy belongs to the CIA and KGB. We must collar and kill them all. “ ( Thomas Bell, 2009 ) .

Part 3: An terminal to cruelty

Pol Pot and his reign over Cambodia was non really long, even though its impact was lay waste toing. For old ages Pol Pot believed that Vietnam was traveling to occupy Cambodia. Pol Pot hated Vietnam and the Vietnamese people, and would frequently kill anyone he suspected of being a Vietnamese undercover agent, even people who worked for him naming them “ Vietnamese heads in Khmer organic structures. ” ( NayanChanda, 2005 ) . After there were violent boundary line confrontations from Khmer Rouge soldiers towards some Vietnamese small towns, a consequence of Pol Pot ‘s paranoia, and because of that Vietnam, ironically, invaded Cambodia in December of 1978. Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge soldiers were forced into concealment, one time once more into the jungles of north-western Cambodia. After the atrocious atrociousnesss have been broadcasted around the universe, many states and International alleviation plans intervened to assist the inexperienced person and laden Kampuchean people and stop Pol Pot ‘s barbarous government. Some Khmer Rouge leader have been caught and put on test for their offenses against humanity, while others fled and are still wanted by the new constituted authorities, to be held and punished for their offenses.

Pol Pot retired as the leader of the Khmer Rouge and of Cambodia in the 1980 ‘s, and was put on house apprehension. In an interview Pol Pot said, “ I came to transport out the battle, non to kill people, ” he told his inquirer. ”Even now, and you can look at me: am I a barbarian individual? ” ( Seth Mydans, 1998 ) .Many experts on Southeast Asia every bit good as the Cambodians who endured his regulation would state “ Yes ” ( Ibid, 1998 ) . Later in that same interview he said: “ My scruples is clear ” , grounds of a clearly delusional adult male. Pol Pot ‘s, statement of a “ clear scruples ” , evidently angered tonss Cambodians ( UliSchmetzer, 1997 ) .He subsequently died of an apparentheart onslaught while he was kiping in April 15, 1998 ( Seth Mydans, 1998 ) . In the wake of the race murder committed in Cambodia, and after more than decennary of his decease, Cambodia and the Kampuchean people still are profoundly marked by his ferociousness. One aged Kampuchean adult male who took abode in the United States said: “ How can I travel at that place and have any peace so long as the people who killed all of my household are still free? ” ( Brad Adams, 2011 ) .In yet another interview with another Kampuchean, named Oum Bun Thoeun, whose life hasbeen profoundly affected by Pol Pot ‘s government, says: “ I wish Pol Pot were still alive, I still want to cognize what happened, why Pol Pot killed so many people, why he killed my brothers. Yes, I would wish to hear him state why he killed them. ” ( Seth Mydans ) .


Pol Pot had a vision of a incorporate Cambodia based on its old traditions, and against any signifier of modernisation or Western ways of thought. He wanted to construct Cambodia to go an agricultural Utopia. But that was what has led to the terminal of his atrocious reign of panic and subjugation of the Kampuchean people. His government was unfair, barbarous and inhumane. It goes against any type of saneness. Killing of 1000000s of guiltless people and the anguish of 1000s every bit good, is non an action a mentally stable adult male would take, particularly because he was influenced by Marxism and Maoism, and that set that footing of his revolution, even though Marxism and Maoism thoughts and beliefs does non include the slaying of intellectuals, i.e. Stalin of Russia, every bit good was influenced by Marxism but did non order the violent deaths of intellectuals, so one can reason that Pol Pot had a kind of distorted thought of what utopia truly stands for. The lone decision, in my sentiment and many others, is that he died without being accounted for and punished for his atrocious offenses against humanity. ”This clip we are sad because we have lost a condemnable we can non penalize, I wish to see him in tribunal. I wish to see him in handlocks. I wish to see him endure the manner he made me endure ” , YoukChhang, a Kampuchean who expresses his feelings about Pol Pot ‘s decease ( Seth Mydans, 1998 ) .In another interview a Kampuchean adult male named Ta Mok expresses his feelings, every bit good, towards Pol Pot, and said: “ It is good that Pol Pot is dead. I feel no sorrow. ” ( Nate Thayer, 1997 ) .As one would reason, Pol Pot ‘s decease has had tonss of assorted feelings from the general populace of Cambodia.

Last, Before Pol Pot ‘s decease, hehimself agreed that communism is over and that the Western Liberal thoughts have proven to be the best manner of government, stating: “ When I die, my lone want is that Cambodiaremain Cambodia and belong to the West. It is over for communism, and I want to emphasize that. ” – Pol Pot ( Ibid, 1997 ) .



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