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1 ) Who is Oedipus? Jocasta? Laius? Theseus?

Answer: Oedipus is the boy of Laius and Jocasta there was prophesier that he was traveling to kill his male parent and wed his female parent. Laius is the male monarch of Thebes and Oedipus’ male parent who was killed as a fulfilment on an prophet. Theseus is the male monarch of Athens who takes Oedipus in and protects him after he has suffered greatly. 2 ) In the drama Oedipus Rex. what is the relationship between truth. freedom. individuality. and duty? Answer: Destiny is ineluctable. Oedipus larning the truth is him larning his individuality and with freedom comes duty.

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3 ) What is pollution? OR. why must Oedipus assume duty for things he did non cognize? Answer: Pollution is that for which Oedipus is responsible for. There are effects for his actions and he must accept them. 4 ) What does it intend to state that freedom is acknowledgment of necessity? Answer: It means we are ne’er perfectly free. There is ever a restraint. 5 ) In the concluding analysis. what advice about freedom. destiny and the Gods is Sophocles giving in Oedipus Rex? Answer: Strive for excellence in a universe of restraints. Rebel and accept the Gods. courageously acceptthe effects of one’s actions. and do all of this in fear and humbleness.

6 ) What does it intend to support freedom on the footing of natural rights? Answer: Natural rights are rights that no individual can give us. We have them because we arehuman. To state this is supporting it. – Normative manner of believing 7 ) What does it intend to support freedom on the footing of public-service corporation? Answer: Freedom as a public-service corporation are rights that defend the right on evidences of the metropolis instead than ofthe Gods. 8 ) Harmonizing to Adrienne Rich. what does a adult female demand to cognize to be free? Answer: She needs to cognize her ain history. analysis of her ain status. her politicized female organic structure. and originative mastermind of adult females in the yesteryear. 9 ) Whose freedom is Sojourner Truth recommending?

Answer: Sojourner Truth is recommending the freedom of African Americans. free slaves. and adult females 10 ) Harmonizing to John Stuart Mill. what is the greatest danger to freedom in a democratic society? Answer: The greatest danger to freedom in a democratic society is societal dictatorship ( public sentiment ) because it penetrates so profoundly into one’s psyche that there is no option. It feathers the development of individualism ( the impression of an independent and reason of the person ) . 11 ) Harmonizing to Mill. what is the sphere of consciousness. or those freedoms that are most cherished? Answer: Conscious. Thought/Feeling. Opinion/Sentiment. Expression. Tastes & A ; Pursuits. Unite/Assembly

12 ) Harmonizing to Mill. what public-service corporation does freedom hold for the chase of truth? Answer: Partial truths may hold some truth. but even truth must be combatted. questioned or it isnothing but bias or tenet. 13 ) Harmonizing to Mill. what public-service corporation does freedom hold for the development of individualism? Answer: The single demands freedom for observation. needs freedom of ground and judgement. freedom to garner information. freedom to discriminate/to decide. and freedom and bravery to keep house to our gustatory sensations.

14 ) Harmonizing to Mill. what public-service corporation does freedom hold for the development of a progressive society? Answer: Societies that are genitive of invention sustain truths and tradition and avoid averageness. 15 ) How does Sophocles portray Oedipus and the issue of guilt/innocence in Oedipus at Colonus? Answer: Oedipus is a alien in demand. he declares his artlessness. and Thesesus and Athens offer him gifts. 16 ) What does Theseus offer to Oedipus in Oedipus at Colonus? Why? Answer: Theseus greets Oedipus with regard and empathy. He asks Oedipus what does he necessitate and offers him cordial reception and protection from Creon. Creon’s ground forces. and Polynices. He gives him citizenship and grace. Theseus gives him endow given by Athens because Theseus was one time to in expatriate.

17 ) What is the function/importance of a linguistic communication of the good? Answer: It teaches us what human existences need to accomplish their possible. 18 ) What is Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of demands? How does it compare to Aristotle’s theory of the goods of life? Answer: It is a pyramid demoing the balanced goods or “diet” a human being demands to be happy like self-actualization. belongingness. regard. safety. and physiological. How it compares idk. 19 ) Who is Pericles and what are the chief rules of his funeral oration? Answer: Pericles is general and speechmaker in Athens. The chief rules of his funeral oration are metropolis of freedom. metropolis of imperium. and citizenship.

20 ) What does Pericles hold to state about citizenship? Answer: Citizenship requires excellence. public service. fear for the metropolis ( nationalism ) . regard for governments and jurisprudence. military preparation. beauty. and willingness to decease for the metropolis. 21 ) What is Socrates’ career?

Answer: He literally disapproves of the prophet which says he is the wisest adult male. 22 ) What are the formal charges against Socrates?
Answer: The formal charges against Socrates are public sentiment. 23 ) What are the informal charges against Socrates?
Answer: He surveies things that are above the sky and are below the Earth. He makes strong statements weak and weak statements strong. He does non believe in the Gods of the metropolis. but one new God. 24 ) What is Socratic ignorance?

Answer: A certain type of wisdom is a certain type of ignorance. You don’t state what you don’t cognize. 25 ) What is Socrates’ devil?
Answer: The devil is the interior God that speaks to him. It is a voice of subjectiveness. consciousness. and rational penetration. ( visualize a small angel on one shoulder and a Satan on the other seeking to state you what you should make ) 26 ) What is the relationship. in Socrates. of doctrine. decease and the heroic tradition? Answer: Socrates does non fear decease. He sees it as his characters ( an ageless slumber or rejoining with loved one ) . The psyche of one is non at interest. The psyche of many is. 27 ) What does Socrates intend by caring for the psyche?

Answer: Lovingness for the psyche means avoid unfairness. pitiless rational honestness. prosecute in introspection. and sustain moral energy. 28 ) What are the features of Socrates’ theory of citizenship? Answer: The features are caring for the psyche. moral skepticism/dissent. a strong sense of moral individuality. all of this occurs in Socratic ignorance. heroic citizenship ( a citizen that does non fear decease ) . and love of the metropolis.

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