Population Health Essay

September 19, 2017 Health

Population wellness is the collection of assorted attack to wellness attention that determines the wellness result of a group of persons ( Nash. JoAnne. Fabius. & A ; Pracilio. 2011 ) . Population wellness brings together the entire quality of wellness of persons in the community. sing the disparities in civilizations. socioeconomical position. demographics. etc. The result of wellness of persons in a giving population is extremely determined by the policies that govern the health care bringing and attention intercessions ( Nash et al. . 2011 ) . The attention intercessions include wellness showing. publicity and bar. disease direction. and chronic attention direction ( Nash et al. . 2011 ) . To better safety and and extinguish wellness disparities in the population. it is of import to better the quality of attention of persons. and the community as a whole by making consciousness about disease. supplying instruction and scene in topographic point installations to assist handle such diseases early before it becomes chronic unwellness. These are all categorized under primary. secondary. and third intercession.

Harmonizing to Kindig. & A ; Stoddart ( 2003 ) . the construct and measuring of wellness and wellness results focuses attending and research attempt on the impact of each determiner and their interactions on some appropriate result. and it besides allows one to see wellness inequality and unfairness and the distribution of wellness across subpopulations. every bit good as the ethical and value considerations underpinning these issues. Nash et Al. ( 2011 ) . the basic properties of population wellness as follows:

Patient-centered attention

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Identified attention supplier

Interdiciplinary health care squad members such as physical healers. spech healers. occupational healers. societal workers. etc
Knowledge and acknowledgment of determiners of wellness and the impact on persons and the population
Integration of the community systems with public wellness

Application of evidence-based pattern to supply good quality. and cost effectual attention proviso of culturally and linguistically appropriate attention and wellness instruction Implementation of interoperable cross-sector wellness information engineering Nash et Al. ( 2011 ) defines wellness disparities as “difference in the incidence. prevalence. mortality. and the load of diseases. every bit good as other inauspicious wellness conditions or results that exists among specific population groups. and have well-documents in subpopulations based on socioeconomic position. instruction. age. race and ethnicity. geographics. disablement. sexual orientation. . or particular needs” .

Disparities in health care can take to high mortality and morbidity rates. It can besides take to low quality of life ( Nash et al. . 2011 ) . It is of import to acknowledge the impact that societal determiners have on wellness results of specific populations and strive to better the wellness of all groups. Population wellness has opened the eyes of the authorities and other private sectors to the disparities in population wellness. and these organic structures have come together to better the health care system of the state.

Over the old ages. attempts to extinguish disparities and achieve wellness equity have focused chiefly on diseases or unwellnesss and on wellness attention services. During the past 2 decennaries. 1 of Healthy People’s overarching ends has focused on disparities. In Healthy Peoples 2000. it was to cut down wellness disparities among Americans. In Healthy Peoples 2010. it was to extinguish. non merely cut down. wellness disparities. In Healthy Peoples 2020. that end was expanded even further: to accomplish wellness equity. extinguish disparities. and better the wellness of all groups ( Nash et al. 2011 ) .

Kindig. D. . & A ; Stoddart. G. ( 2003 ) . What is population wellness? Am J Public Health. 93 ( 3 ) : 80-383
Nash. D. . B. . Reifsnyder. J. . Fabius. R. . J. . & A ; Pracilio. V. P. ( 2011 ) . Population wellness: Making a civilization of health. Sudbury. Ma: Jones & A ; Bartlett Learning. LLC


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