Positive and Negative Effects of Cold War on Germany Essay Sample

July 27, 2017 Music

When looking at the Cold War most everyone begins to believe about the United States and the Soviet Union. Even though these were the major states that brought it up there are besides other states that people sometimes leave out of the image. Take Germany for illustration during the Cold War period Germany was covering with positive and negative effects that it was bring forthing. The negative effects can be seen in the division of Germany itself and the building of the Berlin Wall. However there were some positive things that came from it excessively similar capitalist economy and democracy and merely western influence in general.

The negative effects of the Cold War on Germany had a existent difficult impact on the state. After WWII and the autumn of Hitler Germany was broken up into four different subdivisions. They were divided among the British. Gallic. Americans. and Russians. With this division of the state households were separated and Germany’s stuffs were used up by each sector. Depending on where the households lived some would hold been put on one side or another and would hold non been able to pass on with one another. By this go oning Germany began to fall apart even more.

Germany’s economic system besides suffered by the division because they were holding to pay reparations to the four other states for the cost of war. There mills and natural stuffs were besides being used for the usage of the other states besides to assist them bring forth more goods. In ulterior old ages of the Cold War the western powers ( U. S. . France. and British ) decided to emerge their subdivisions with each other to organize one major subdivision that would be called West Germany. and East Germany would belong to the Communist Soviet Union. When the subdivisions became divided into east and west. the western powers tried to airlift things they needed to assist the people populating in those countries and convey in goods that they need to last. The Soviet Union tried to set a encirclement up to forestall this from go oning. When the Soviet Union started forestalling the assistance from acquiring to the west side people began to travel over to the west subdivision of Germany.

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This angered the Soviet Union and they constructed a wall. called the Berlin Wall. which separated Es and west Germany. This wall had a negative consequence on Germany throughout the war because it prevented households from unifying and it besides prevented assistance from acquiring into the western subdivision. Many German people tried to scale the wall and cross over. some made it and most were killed by the Soviets. The division of Germany foremost had a negative affect merely by spliting up the state. but so the Berlin Wall came into the image and truly ache the German people.

The positive effects that the Cold War brought to Germany were largely western influenced originated. The new thought for a switch of authorities from a absolutism to a more of a democracy was one of the major positive effects that Germany faced. There is no uncertainty that Germany picked up the democratic authorities from western influence because the bulk of the states that occupied it were democratic. These democratic thoughts helped turned a corrupt and fighting absolutism into a prospering and reconstructing capitalist state. With the influence of capitalist economy Germany’s economic system began to lift up once more and assist the state Begin to reconstruct for the hereafter. When the authorities begins to alter so does the manner that people live their lives.

With all of the western influence Germany began to see such things as new types of music. different nutrients. and other points. Germany began to go more westernized when things such as stone and axial rotation music brought in inspiring messages for immature people to actuate them to take a function in society. These western things that were being brought into Germany helped to alter Germany’s authorities and helped them get down to acquire back up on their pess and go an independent state one time once more.

The Cold War was a tough clip on several states around the universe in more ways than one. Each state besides had positive and negative effects that the Cold War brought along with and for Germany some of the negative effects finally lead to positive effects that subsequently on would assist the state prosper under a different authorities and new thoughts for the hereafter.


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