Positive and negative effects of Globalization

September 8, 2017 Commerce


Business direction is the act of acquiring people together to carry through desired ends and aims. Globalization in short, points to the whole attempt towards doing the universe planetary community as a one small town. Globalization on concern direction is interconnectedness of international markets and pull offing concerns in a planetary industry. This includes foreign investings whereby a company expands its concern and put in foreign states.

Globalization makes concern direction easier and efficient for the company.

Based on my research, Globalization simplifies concern direction in the universe. This is due to the promotion in engineering, conveyance, communicating, instruction, and ordinances of trade that makes trade carnival to all parties. This attracts more people to prosecute in international concern and international trade. Directors within the planetary face a batch of challenges due to high competition in the industry, good determinations must be made in order to fulfill and keep their clients and pull more clients for their merchandises. Companies enjoy economic systems of graduated table in the concern due to decrease of cost in the direction.

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This study explores a scope of complecting inquiries, get downing with what is globalisation, what are the effects of globalisation in developing states and developed states, this is in footings of positive and negative effects. Globalization is something that affects all of us, no affair what our profession or involvement is.

Globalization is a really broad and a really of import focal point of treatment. I spent clip researching what it is and the effects it has in developed states and developing states. So in this study I will specify what globalisation is and the effects harmonizing based on my research. Globalization despite holding benefits to the universe, it besides has a negative effects of it.


Globalization in short, points to the whole attempt towards doing the universe planetary community as a one small town. Goods that were merely found in western states can now be found across the Earth. Now under developed countries can bask the benefits of scientific progresss and industrial advancement available in developed states for the betterment and growing of their countries.

Because of globalisation the economic systems of the universe are being progressively integrated, illustration nomadic phones and cyberspace have brought people closer. The universe is going a smaller topographic point. Work can be outsourced to any portion of the universe that has an cyberspace connexion because of betterments in traffic substructure one is able to make one ‘s finish in a short clip.

Globalization can besides be defined as an on-going procedure by which regional economic systems, societies and civilizations have become integrated through a globe-spanning web of communicating and trade. The procedure of globalisation includes a figure of factors which are rapid engineering developments that make planetary communications possible, political developments such as the autumn of communism, and transit developments that make going faster and more frequent. These produce greater development chances for companies with the opening up of extra markets, allow greater client harmonisation as a consequence of the addition in shared cultural values, and supply a superior competitory place with lower operating costs in other states and entree to new natural stuffs, resources, and investing chances.

Globalization through planetary communications, planetary markets and planetary production have promoted and facilitated by a 4th country of planetary activity in relation to money. For illustration, the American dollar, the Nipponese hankering, Euro and other major national currencies circulate globally. They are being used anyplace on Earth and traveling electronically and via air conveyance anyplace in efficaciously no clip. Most bankcards can pull out hard currency in local currency from the 1000s of machine-controlled Teller machines ( ATMs ) across the universe. Besides recognition cards like Visa, MasterCard and American Express can be used for payments in about every state in the Earth ( Scholte J.A. , 2000 ) .

Peoples can travel from one state to another, trade limitations are cut downing, domestic markets are opening up for foreign investings, telecommunications are better established and the states that are taking the inventions are go throughing on their engineerings to other states in demand ( Kulkami A. , 2009 ) .


Globalization has brought benefits in developed states every bit good as negative effects. The positive effects include a figure of factors which are instruction, trade, engineering, competition, investings and capital flows, employment, civilization and organisation construction.


It would be instead hard to discourse the extent of the positives that globalisation has had on the universe at big. But still, here are some of the positive effects of globalisation and the positive impacts they have had on so many demographic sections of society.

Global market.

Most successful emerging markets in developed states are a consequence of denationalization of province owned industries. In order for these industries to increase consumer demand many of them are trying to spread out and widen their value concatenation to an international degree. The impact of globalisation on concern direction is seen by the sudden addition of figure of minutess across the boundary lines. In protecting outputs and keeping fight, concerns are go oning to develop a broad scope of their footmark as it lowers cost and enjoys economic systems of graduated table ( Shah A.,2009 )

Multinational corporations is a consequence of globalisation. They occupy a cardinal function within the procedure of globalisation as evidenced through planetary foreign direct investing influxs. Their concentrations within Europe in western economic systems has led to size restraints, hence there is a demand for new geographical countries to run whereby they will confront a batch of competition in the market. Through this they will enlarge their market and enjoy economic systems of graduated table as globalisation facilitates clip infinite compaction, economies compete at all degrees including that of pulling investors ( Smith V.A and Omar M.,2005 ) .

Cross-cultural direction

Globalization tend to be the kingdom of elite because in many parts of the universe they are the lone people who are flush plenty to purchase many of the merchandises available in the planetary market place. Highly educated and affluent people from different backgrounds interact within a westernized surroundings. Western manners, since are symbols of richness and power, the elite frequently embraces western manners of merchandises and form of behaviour in order to affect others. Today Western civilization and forms of behaviour and linguistic communication are basics of international concern ( Asgary N. and Walle A.H.,2002 ) .

United provinces seems to hold powerful impact upon many other states and societies. The universe today has a popular cultural force. The popular consumer civilization of the economically dominant West is unrelentingly and necessarily transforming other parts, civilizations, states and societies. In add-on, such position imply that technological alteration, mass media, and consumer oriented selling runs work in tandem to refashion whatever they touch in their ain image. Even attitudes and thoughts about society, faith and engineering are transformed by cultural diffusion brought by globalisation. Example, in America McDonalds represent fast, inexpensive and convenient nutrient while it is non the same worldwide. It ‘s of high monetary value in other states like China and Russia where it involves cultural experience ( Walle A.H, 2002 )

Foreign trade

Globalization has created and expanded foreign trade in the universe. Thingss that were merely found in developed states can now be found in other states across the universe. Peoples can now acquire whatever they want and from any state. Through this developed states can export their goods to other states. Countries do concern through international trade, whereby they import and export goods across the planetary. These states which export goods get comparative advantages. Organizations have been established with a position to command and modulate the trade activities of the states in the universe so to hold just trade. World trade organisations emerged as a powerful international organisation capable efficaciously act uponing single authoritiess to follow international trade regulations, right of first publications, policies on subsidies, revenue enhancements and duties. States can non interrupt regulations without confronting economic effects ( Piaseck R. and Wolnicki M. , 2004 ) .

The figure of states that are dependent on trade, foreign capital, and the universe fiscal markets increased greatly. States engaged in foreign trade enjoy comparative advantage. The station Recardian trade theories predicted that specialisation in labour and capital intensive goods would bridge tremendous pay spreads between the hapless and the rich states, that is the development and developed states, saving the latter from monolithic labour in-migration ( Gerber J. , 2002 ) .

Resource Imperative

Developed states need natural and human resources of the developing states while developing states need capital, engineering and learning ability of the wealthier states. Developed states ‘ economic systems are progressively dependent on the natural and human resources of the underdeveloped states. Turning mutuality of states and their activities on one another fostered by the depletion of natural resources ; every bit good as overpopulation ( Harris P.R.,2002 ) .

Foreign investing

One of the most seeable positive effects of globalisation in India is the flow of foreign capital. A batch of companies have straight invested in India, by get downing production units in India, but what we besides need to see is the sum of Foreign Investment Inflow that flows into the underdeveloped states. Indian companies which have been executing good, both in India and off the shores, will pull a batch of foreign investing, and therefore pushes up the modesty of foreign exchange available in India. This is besides one of the positive effects of globalisation in US and other developed states as developing states give them a good investing proposition.

Directors ‘ aims might non be the same with those of shareholders in some state of affairss. The more complex the corporation the more hard it is for stockholders to supervise direction ‘s actions whereby it provides the directors more freedom to move in their ain ego involvement at the disbursal of stockholders. Multinational houses are more complex than national houses. Directors might prefer international variegation because it reduces house particular hazard or adds to their prestigiousness. These ends might be of small involvement to stockholders. This divergency of involvements between stockholders and directors, might cut down the value of multinationals relative to domestic houses ( Saudagaran S.M.,2002 )


One of the most seeable positive effects of globalisation is the improved quality of merchandises due to globe competition. Customer service and the ‘customer is the king ‘ attacks to production hold led to improved quality of merchandises and services. As the domestic companies have to contend out foreign competition, they are compelled to raise their criterions and client satisfaction degrees in order to last in the market. Besides, when a planetary trade name enters a new state, it comes in siting on some good will, which it has to populate up to. This creates competition in the market and a endurance of the fittest state of affairs.


The positive effects of globalisation on civilization are many! Not all good patterns were born in one civilisation. The universe that we live in today is a consequence of several civilizations coming together. Peoples of one civilization, if receptive, be given to see the defects in their civilization and pick up the civilization which is more right or in melody with the times. Societies have become larger as they have welcomed people of other civilisations and backgrounds and created a whole new civilization of their ain. Cooking manners, linguistic communications and imposts have spread all due to globalisation. The same can be said about films, musical manners and other art signifiers. They excessively have moved from one state to another, go forthing an feeling on a civilization which has adopted them.

Legal Effectss

Increased media coverage draws the attending of the universe to human rights misdemeanors. This leads to betterment in human rights. Global economic growing does non needfully do people happier, world-wide free trade, should besides profit humanity every bit good as protect nature, non merely wages directors and shareholders. Those who would be reliable leaders need to turn to inequalities. Globalization should advance openness and information along with exchange with greater democracy and prosperity ( Harris P.R. , 2002 ) .

Gone are the yearss where the limited legal power became a hinderance in the prosecution of felons. These yearss due to international tribunals of justness, these felons can no longer seek refuge in a foreign state, but will be brought frontward and there will be justness. Due to globalisation, there is besides an apprehension between the security bureaus and the constabulary of two or more different states who will come together to curbglobal terrorist act. Hence, it is now possible to catch the culprits of offense irrespective of which state they choose to conceal in. This is doubtless one of the greatest positive effects of globalisation on society.

Negative Effects

Globalization besides have its side effects to the developed states. These include some factors which are occupations insecurity, fluctuation in monetary values, terrorist act, fluctuation in currency, capital flows and so on.


In developed states people have occupations insecurity. Peoples are losing their occupations. Developed states have outsourced fabrication and white neckband occupations. That means less occupations for their people. This is because the fabrication work is outsourced to states where the costs of fabricating goods and rewards are lower than in their states. They have outsourced to developing states like China and India. Most people like comptrollers, coders, editors and scientists have lost occupations due to outsourcing to cheaper locations like India.

Globalization has led to development of labour. Safety criterions are ignored to bring forth inexpensive goods. “ In pattern, nevertheless, the recent experience in Latin America has been that many such open-handed multinationals moved their operations to, for illustration, China or South East Asia because of cost and market considerations ” ( Piasecki R. and Wolnicki M. , 2004 ) .

Fluctuation IN PRICES.

Globalization has led to fluctuation in monetary value. Due to increase in competition, developed states are forced to take down down their monetary values for their merchandises, this is because other states like China produce goods at a lower cost that makes goods to be cheaper than the 1s produced in developed states. So, in order for the developed states to keep their clients they are forced to cut down monetary values of their goods. This is a disadvantage to them because it reduces the ability to prolong societal public assistance in their states.


Positive EFFECTS.

“ I know that globalisation has besides created many negative effects, but I believe it ‘s ever better to look to the hereafter with optimism and hope. Tomorrow, hopefully, we will be able to minimise or even eliminate the evil forces that give globalisation a bad name. Thus we will be able to travel frontward with peace and harmoniousness ” ( Kulkami A. , 2009 )

Poverty relief

Equally far as poorness decrease is concerned, globalisation played a function in poorness decrease in developing states. In title most developed states experienced decrease in poorness in the proportion of their life below the poorness line, including fast developing states like China, India, Vietnam. While other states like Sub-Saharan Africa registered an opposite tendency ( Lee E. , 2006 ) .

Employment state of affairs.

Through globalisation, people from different states are provided with occupations chances within the planetary. It has created the construct of outsourcing. Developed states prefer to supply work to developing states where costs are inexpensive. Work such as client support, package development, accounting, selling and insurance are given to developing states like India. Therefore the state that is given the work enjoys by acquiring occupations. It has given an chance to put in the emerging markets and tap up the endowment which is available at that place. In developing states, there is frequently a deficiency of capital which hinders the growing of domestic companies and therefore, employment. In such instances, due to planetary nature of the concerns, people of developing states excessively can obtain paid employment chances ( Pillai P.,2008 ) .


This is a powerful force that drives the universe toward a convergence commonalty. It has proletarianized communicating, conveyance, and travel. Peoples from different topographic points everyplace wants all the things they have heard about, seen, or experienced through engineering. Organizations through its directions can obtain cognition from different topographic points in the universe that can be used in the organisation.

Television and medias played a large function in act uponing the perceptual experience of the universe, from a comparatively little national integrity and world, into a planetary market and international concerns. As multinationals set up subordinates in new locations, they transfer cognize how from the parent to the local operation. Knowledge flows from one unit to another as a whole organisation benefits from development activity. One of the ways that organisations use in cognition transportation is the motion of forces, which takes topographic point within multinationals. This build up a bank of cognition about working in different state of affairss with people from different civilizations and this represents a stock of cognition that could be developed and used to profit the organisation ( Kamoche, 1997 ) .


Globalization from the point of position has positive effects every bit good as negative effects. It has increased the entree of higher instruction illustration universities and cut downing the cognition spread in developing states, it every bit has negative facets which can earnestly endanger universities in those states. From point of position it has brought more positive effects to developing states through increasing entree to higher acquisition establishments. Today you can travel in the hunt of the best educational installations in the universe including developing states without any hinderance. This is due to increased end product from secondary schools, greater engagement of adult females in higher instruction, a turning private sector demand for alumnuss, and the extortionate costs of geting instruction in foreign states, particularly those in the nort ( Mohamedbhai G. , 2002 ) .

Foreign trade

Despite holding negative effects of globalisation, it has a good side excessively. One of the most important consequence it has brought to developing states is Trade. Before people used to interchange goods for goods or services for services but now people can merchandise goods for money. This is largely through International trade whereby people exports and imports goods within states. Globalization has led to decrease of costs in trade within the Earth. It has led to decrease of revenue enhancement of importing of goods.

Harmonizing to economic theory, foreign trade is in rule, good to any state engaged. The international division of labour allocates the resources more efficient whereby it increases the economic public assistance of all states engaged in foreign trade in long tally ( Kaitilia V and Kotilainen M. , 2002 ) .

Foreign investing

Foreign investing is a direct consequence of globalisation. Foreign investing is ever welcomed as it provides resources, capital and engineering to a state that will back up economic development of the host state. This improves employment as in direct and indirectly. Increases exports to a state and thereby improves the current history and hence will assist to the refund of foreign debt. This nevertheless has some unfavorable judgments for taking to excessively much foreign control ( Kaitilia V and Kotilainen M. , 2002 ) .

Developing states can utilize general or specific industrial and trade policies to be more or less welcoming to foreign direct investings, capital and foreign tourer services. They can straight and indirectly shape their engagement in the economic activities in the Earth ( Piasecki R. and Wolnicki M. , 2004 ) .

Market sector

Globalization of markets in developing states is turning so fast. The outgrowth of planetary markets for standardised consumer merchandises on a antecedently undreamed graduated table of magnitude. This brought benefits which are economic systems of graduated table in production, reduced universe monetary values, distribution, selling and direction ( Levitt T. , 1983 )

IKEA is one of the company that is turning fast in developed states. Its market is increasing within the planetary. It has become the universe ‘s largest place trappingss retail merchant. The directors are confronting a batch of challenges in pull offing them ( Nanda A. , 1990 ) . IKEA can now be found in so many topographic points in the universe illustration Malaysia.

Negative Effects

Globalization is a tool that benefits all subdivisions of world. We can non disregard the negative effects it has in developing universe.


Globalization is a incrimination to universe ‘s unemployment state of affairs though it brought some occupations chances. Despite the fact that it brought occupations chances to the planetary but it is still a incrimination to the current state of affairs. “ It ‘s true that planetary economic integrating and increased travel have resulted in increased fight at the national and endeavor degrees, coercing manufacturers to happen ways to cut costs, better efficiency, and raise productiveness ” ( Kigundu M.N.,2002 ) .

“ The most of import factor to find the degree of employment during 1980-2000 was national or regional macroeconomic policies which were implemented and sustained. In add-on those states with broad macroeconomic reforms, pursued political relations advancing flexible labour markets and employment patterns, decentralized industrial dealingss systems, and wise enforcement of labour. On the other manus, states with employment Torahs, ordinances, and policies experienced higher degree of employment because they were non able to pull and retain as many new occupations ” ( Kiggundu M.N.,2002 ) .

For illustration, Indonesia faced unemployment and poorness that grew to degrees non experienced in two decennaries, wellness conditions worsened, and the natural environment degraded ( Piasecki R and Wolnicki M.,2004 )

Spread of fast nutrients concatenation.

Fast nutrients concatenation is turning really fast. But some of the most rapid growing is happening in the development states, where it ‘s existent altering the manner people eat. “ Kentucky Fried Chicken ( KFC ) is the largest, fastest turning, and highest possible units ” ( Bartlett C.,1986 ) .

Most people prefer to purchase fast nutrients because it ‘s inexpensive and speedy. This replaces place cooked fare enjoyed with household and friends. Traditional diets and formulas are giving to sodas, Burgers, and other extremely processed and standardized points that have a batch of fat, sugar, and salt ensuing a planetary epidemic of diabetes, fleshiness, and other chronic diseases. Meanwhile, fast nutrient manufacturers require husbandmans to raise unvarying Fieldss of harvests and herds of farm animal for easy processing, extinguishing agricultural diverseness.

Western civilization.

Globalization has led to the spread of western civilization and influence at the disbursal of local civilization in developing states like Africa. Most people now in developing states cop what people in developed states do. So, its like they ignore their ain civilization and pattern western civilization ( Goyal K.A. , 2006 ) . For illustration dressing manners and eating wonts, linguistic communication. All these can impact direction in one manner or another illustration it can do misinterpretations because of linguistic communication barrier.


Average duty rates continue to be high in many developing states, including some that have late implemented trade reforms. Example, India. Trade policy continues to be an of import facet in globalisation at least in some of the lower income developing states.

widespread usage of computing machines, facsimiles and nomadic phones, debut of the cyberspace and e-commerce, and quicker and cheaper agencies of transit in some instances offered chances to developing states, but in many instances deepened the spread between planetary houses and traditional industries globalisation opened up new chances for developing states to make occupations and spread out exports. In pattern, many developing states viing for foreign investors offered longer revenue enhancement vacations, dearly-won subsidies, and assorted inducements for multinationals. The competition among developing states reduced positive net effects of globalisation or, at best, delayed them.


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