Positive and Negitive Effects of Industrial Revolution

October 19, 2018 Education

There are positive and negative effects cause by the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution began in England in the late 1700’s. It affected everything going on in England at the time, causing pollution, and death throughout the country. There were positive effects of the Industrial Revolution. In document 3, Anacue Ure traveled to a factory in England and described its conditions. He spoke very highly of the factories and said they were nice and for the most part clean.

In document 4, the writer talked about the positive effects of this time. Now, clothing was cheaper, houses were built better now that technology improved, and traveling was also cheaper. In document 5, the author explores a local village. Children in this village were fully dressed, educated and healthy looking. In document 6, Faucher observes order and comfort when he visits a factory in Hyde. Also in document 8, the author explains how iron production increased during The Industrial Revolution.

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Alongside all the positives of this time many negative effects came along with The Industrial Revolution. In document 1, the testimony given describes all the negative factors of The Industrial Revolution. Children had no time for education and a ridiculous working schedule. They worked 10-12 hours a day with only an hour for lunch and dinner. Document 2 had a testimony that also has negative effects. The testimony states that The Industrial Revolution has caused a lot of illness and death in the factories.

Finally, in document 7, the author goes to the slums in England. He focuses on the negative aspect to get a new perspective on the revolution. He concludes that the slums are a very bad place to be. It’s very dirty and can possibly cause a lot of illness, disease and death. The Industrial Revolution had both positive and negative effects on the world. It created new technology, created more efficient ways to work, and brought in a lot of jobs. On the other hand, children had no education, lots of people died in the factories of illness and diseases.


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