Possibility Of A New Detergent Product Marketing Essay

The aim of this assignment is to carry on a study about a research on the possibility of a new detergent merchandise which about to establish in the market shortly. Apart from that, as a the Assistant Marketing Manager of Alpha Ltd, a Fast traveling Consumer Goods company from South East Asia. I have given a undertaking by my director to done a study in the market whether there is any possibility to establish a new merchandise and whether the client will buy it or non. On the other manus, this can assist the consumer to cognize good about this peculiar merchandise and therefore recommends them every bit good.

As for research aim, it can assist to understand more about the demands of consumers and their penchants. At the same clip, a literature reappraisal besides will be included in my study as purpose to convey a reader about the cognition and thoughts that have been established about this peculiar product.Secondly, I must get down planning inquiries for my study design.Basically, a study design should usually includes some basic demographic such as gender, age, demand for the merchandise and consumer buying power. Furthermore, income dramas as another of import portion in this study so that it can assist in the procedure of determination doing where they can take the right merchandise.

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After the analysis of informations, the last portion will be the consequence of study which have been conducted. In this portion, I will do premises on those informations which is collected. Besides that, the intent of this portion is to apologize on the results of informations collected as good can assist me to foretell the factors that are act uponing the consumer behaviours.

2.0 Introduction

The fast moving consumer goods can be defined as the goods which will be sold rapidly to the clients. This means that the goods such as staff of life, carbohidrated drinks such as Pepsis, coca-cola and cocoa such as Cadbury, Noodles and even some of the detergent merchandises besides being launched in South East Asia. Apart from that, the detersive merchandise can be described as cleansing merchandise where it will be one of the highest demand by the costumiers in South East Asia.

Apart from that, the company, Alpha Ltd, the fast moving company is presently seeking to spread out their concern in other states other than Malaysia such as Indonesia, China and India.So, as the helper director of this company, a undertaking is given out for me to supervise whether it is necessary for them to open in certain states which was mentioned earlier.

2.1Literature Reappraisal

Rural market is one of the best chances for the FMCG sector. In certain sense we can state that rural market is future of FMCG. As per research of Purba Basu of module of ICFAI

concern school, the life style of rural consumers is altering. Rural

market and the selling scheme have become the latest selling cant for most of the FMCG big leagues. This implies a immense market potency for the seller to

run into up an increasing demand.Apart from that, Factors such as strong distribution web and market consciousness are few requirements for doing a dent in the rural markets. As per concern of my research, it is a item survey of different FMCG merchandises used by rural consumers. Therefore, it will supply item information about consumers penchants towards

a good figure of FMCG merchandises which is excessively alone and

different from those above researches.

2.2 Lifestyle

Life style can be one of the factors from internal influences. This are related to the manner we live through the activities and involvements which we express each other. Apart from that, it frequently determined on how we spent the clip or money. For illustration, in the affair of clip, the people who wish to buy the merchandise can pass on with the gross revenues individual about the merchandise in footings of locations where they traveling to purchased the merchandise that can be either in supermarket, mini market or departmental shop. In footings of money, they can acquire it either in sensible price.However, it depends on the measures purchased by them. Another type of life style is the trade name. Customer will buy the merchandise harmonizing to their favourite trade names. For illustrations, if there is two types of laundry trade names such as Wisk and Dynamo, the client will buy it harmonizing to their involvement and their most used of that peculiar merchandise.

2.3 Age

As the ages were increasing, people will alter the goods and services. For illustration, tastes in nutrient, apparels and diversion are frequently age related. Apart from that, the phase of the household life rhythm besides plays another of import portion. For illustration, older people tend to purchase cheaper merchandise due to salvage money. There besides might be an addition or lessening of buying towards the merchandises harmonizing to the age. For illustrations, if the client antecedently purchased the Protex soap earlier, so as the clip goes by, they feels that they wanted to seek another trade name such as Dettol why they feel is new.

2.4. Salary

The wage besides plays another function in footings of buying the merchandise. This is because single buying power is different in footings of their monthly family income. They can be classified harmonizing to the types of their work. As for this instance, each individual will buy different measures of merchandises which is based on their buying power. For case, if we compare Cosway soap with Lux soap, the Cosway is so expensive. As for those with better income, they intend to purchase it while others with lower income will purchased Lux soap.

3.0 Research method

The definitions, methods and processs that are established that concerns all the phrases which are needed to carry on the study.

3.1 Capable

The population of my study consists of people who are different group of ages. This includes either male or female in Indonesia. This research targets about 100 respondents which will be 52 males and 48 females respondents.Thus, they will be given a simple questionnaire to be filled up.

3.2 Research Instrument

The 100 respondents were given self-administered study questionnaire to be filled up. The questionnaire will be distributed in topographic points such as shopping composites and eateries.Questionaire will be provided to the respondents on that peculiar site. The first 6 inquiries are based on demographics properties in footings of age and gender whereas the 4 inquiries is based on geographic locations such as the provinces where they lived and the respondents life style. The information that are collected will so be analyzed by utilizing Microsoft Excel and so change over it either into saloon or pie chart graph to do an easiness to the reader whenever they read the informations.

4.0 Data Collection Method

First of wholly, the study questionnaires were used as the basic research design. Apart from that, these informations have been collected from the sample of the respondents by personally administered studies where structured questionnaire. All the information was collected at different times and the clip frame to garner all the information is within the period of 3 hebdomads.

4.1 Data Analysis

Harmonizing to my research there are 52 male and 48 female respondents in my study questionnaires. Please refer to appendix 1.0 for the saloon chart of this information.


19 AND BELOW 16.33 % 13.73 %

20-29 42.86 % 47.05 %

30-39 22.45 % 17.65 %

40-49 10.20 % 13.73 %

50 AND ABOVE 8.16 % 7.84 %

Entire 100 % 100 %


The above tabular array shows the group of ages and the types of respondents. From the tabular array, we can see that the highest respondents is female which is 47.05 % whereas the 2nd highest will be the male respondents which is 42.86 % .While the lowest or worsening phase is the group of ages which is 50 and above and that sum is merely 7.84 % which is for female respondents and 8.16 % for male respondents. Please refer to appendix 1 for the saloon chart and appendix 2 for the graph.

4.2 Employment

Status of Employment Male ( % ) Female ( % )

Full Time Based 35 40.38 % 32 29.17 %

Part Time Based 9 11.54 % 18 6.25 %

Unemployed 4 5.77 % 6 52.08 %

Student 2 2.2 % 4 2.3 %


The tabular array above shows the position of the entire num of respondents which is 100 for the intent of study questionnaires. The highest num of employment goes to male respondents which is 40.38 % whereas for female response their highest position is the unemployed which is 52.08 % .Please refer for appendix 3 for the saloon chart.

4.3 Salary Scope


BELOW RM 1000 26 27

RM1100-RM2000 10 12

RM2100-RM3000 8 8

RM3100-RM4000 2 2

RM4100-RM5000 2 1

RM5000 AND ABOVE 1 1


Among these respondents, they bulk of them gaining monthly income below Rm1000 is 53 respondents which includes both male and female. The chief ground why their income is really low is because they have low instruction background and possibly their working accomplishments are non plenty to gain higher income.

These types of respondent can be described as operator who works in industrial countries and possibly pupils excessively country included in this sum every bit good. For illustration, while waiting for their test consequences, they might derive some experience by working as operator or any other plants which are suits for them. Apart from that, there is merely 4 respondent who is gaining above Rm 3000 and 3 respondent who is gaining Rm 4000 per month.However, there are merely 2 respondent who is gaining Rm 5000 and above. These types of respondents might be working as directors, designer or applied scientists. Please refer to appendix 4 for saloon chart.

5.0 Reason for Purchasing Detergent Product


PRICE 22 16.33 % 20 11.76 %

BRAND 4 8.16 % 6 11.76 %

FUNCTIONS 8 44.90 % 6 39.22 %

TREND 4 8.16 % 4 7.85 %

ADVERTISEMENT 1 2.04 % 3 5.88 %


Among the assorted types of respondents, there will be merely 42 respondents which includes both male and female will buy the merchandises harmonizing to the monetary value consideration. This means that the Numberss of this merchandise user are male respondent and they tent to buy it more if the monetary value is lower and their measure of buying is high. Besides that, another 14 respondents will buy it harmonizing to their maps. For illustration, they will be given to buy it although monetary value is to high while another will acquire influence by the advertizements from the media mass such as telecasting, wireless and newspapers.

6. 0 Consequence

Harmonizing to the information which I have collected, I feel that there is an advantage of establishing the new detersive merchandise in South East Asia chiefly in Indonesia every bit good. By making this, the respondent will acquire to cognize about the new merchandises and how it gives benefits to them in footings of their usage in their day-to-day life.Furthermore, the sellers can besides accommodate and better their selling runs and schemes to more efficaciously make their customers.Therefore, as an helper selling director, I would extremely urge my company to establish the new detersive merchandise in South East Asia states.

1.0 Executive Summary

Organizations which wanted to widen its concern will be confronting assorted types of jobs such as in footings of their money and clip because these are the chief standards for them. However, with relevant cognition and informations.They tend to minimise their concern operations. Basically, an organisations with are equipped with adequate information will probably non to neglect with their concern operations. These are non merely influenced with big concern but besides little concern every bit good. Furthermore, the research which has been done can be used as their guidelines for their hereafter mentions

The aim of this assignment is to carry on a study about a research on the sweet confectionary fabrication company which is known as KikiLala where it is located in Batu Pahat, Johor.It is be aftering to widen its biscuits concern merchandise line and their new merchandises are targeted to be marketed non merely in the local market, but besides to the Middle East states in order that the new biscuits are good accepted and at the same clip wish to carry on a qualitative research survey for this intent. As a selling director, I have been given a undertaking to come out with a qualitative research methodological analysis that can be used to carry on qualitative surveies and comes out with consequences whether the merchandises will be accepted or non.

2.0 What is Qualitative Research?

Qualitative research seeks out the why, non the how of its subject through the analysis of unstructured information.The things like interview transcripts, unfastened ended study responses, electronic mails, notes and feedback signifiers. It doesnt merely rely on statistics or Numberss which are the sphere of quantitative research workers.

Qualitative research is used to derive insight into people ‘s attitudes, behaviours, value systems, concerns, motives, aspirations, civilization or life styles. Its used to inform concern determinations, policy formation, communicating and research. Focus groups, in-depth interviews, content analysis, rating and semiologies are among the many formal attacks that are used but qualitative research besides involves the analysis of any unstructured stuff which is besides including client feedback signifiers, studies or media cartridge holders. However roll uping and analysing this unstructured information can be mussy and clip devouring utilizing manual methods.

The strength of qualitative research is its ability to supply complex textual descriptions of how People experience a given research issue. It provides information about the human side of an frequently contradictory behaviours, beliefs, sentiments, emotions, and relationships of each and every person. Qualitative methods are besides effectual in placing intangible factors such as societal norms, socioeconomic position, ethnicity and faith.

3.0 Qualitative Research Methods

There are several methods with have been used towards this methods. The three most common qualitative methods which are explained in item in their several faculties are participant observations which are related to in-depth interviews and focal point groups. Each method is peculiarly suited for obtaining a specific type of informations.

3.1 In-Depth Interviews

In-depth interviews are similar to group treatments but normally merely one individual but sometimes two is interviewed at a clip. Besides, the interview is by and large conducted by a research worker and projective techniques may besides be used. Qualitative research is designed to uncover a mark audiences scope of behaviour and the perceptual experiences that drive it with mention to specific subjects or issues. It uses in-depth surveies of little groups of people to steer and back up the building of hypotheses. The consequences of qualitative research are descriptive instead than prognostic.

Qualitative research methods originated in the societal and behavioural scientific disciplines: sociology, anthropology and psychological science. Today, qualitative methods in the field of marketing research include in-depth interviews with persons, group treatments, diary and journal exercisings and in-context observations. Sessions may be conducted in individual, by telephone, via videoconferencing and via the Internet.

3.2 participants observations

Participant observation is another qualitative method with roots in traditional ethnographic research whose aim is to assist research workers larn the positions held by survey populations. As qualitative research workers, we presume that there will be multiple positions within any given community. We are interested both in cognizing what those diverse positions are and in understanding the interplay among them.

Qualitative research workers accomplish this through observation entirely or by both detecting and take parting, to changing grades, in the survey communitys day-to-day activities. Apart from that, observation ever takes topographic point in community scenes, in locations believed to hold some relevancy to the research inquiries. The method is typical because the research worker approaches participants in

While in these community scenes, research workers make careful, nonsubjective notes about what they see, entering all histories and observations as field notes in a field notebook. Informal conversation and interaction with members of the survey population are besides of import constituents of the method and should be recorded in the field notes, in every bit much item as possible.

3.3 Direct Observation

Direct observation is distinguished from participant observation in a figure of ways. First, a direct perceiver does n’t typically seek to go a participant in the context. However, the direct perceiver does endeavor to be every bit unnoticeable as possible so as non to bias the observations. Second, direct observation suggests a more degage position. The research worker is watching instead than taking portion. Consequently, engineering can be a utile portion of direct observation. For case, one can videotape the phenomenon or observe from behind one-way mirrors. Third, direct observation tends to be more focussed than participant observation. The research worker is detecting certain sampled state of affairss or people instead than seeking to go immersed in the full context. Finally, direct observation tends non to take every bit long as participant observation. For case, one might detect child-mother interactions under specific fortunes in a research lab scene from behind a one-way mirror, looking particularly for the gestural cues being used.

3.4 Projective Techniques

Projective Techniques are indirect and unstructured methods of probe which have been developed by the psychologists and utilize projection of respondents for deducing approximately underline motivations, impulses or purposes which can non be secure through direct inquiring as the respondent either resists to uncover them or is unable to calculate out himself.

These techniques are utile in giving respondents chances to show their attitudes without personal embarrassment. These techniques help the respondents to project his ain attitude and feelings unconsciously on the topic under survey. Therefore Projective Techniques play a of import function in motivational researches or in attitude studies. Projective techniques involve inquiring topics to construe or make full in ocular stimulations, complete sentences, or describe what associations peculiar words bring to mind. Because of the leeway provided by the trials, topics project their ain personalities onto the stimulation, frequently uncovering personal struggles, motives, get bying manners, and other features.

Compared to the more nonsubjective questionnaire-type personality appraisals, projective trials are hard to hit, and inquiries are frequently raised about their grade of dependability and cogency. In most instances, non adequate research has been done on such trials to find scientifically how effectual they really are in measuring personality. Consequences of the Thematic Apperception Test obtained by different scorers have proven comparatively dependable when specific characteristics such as aggression are measured. However, the dependability of the Rorschach trial, which has besides been researched, has by and large proven unsatisfactory because trial consequences are dependent on the psychologist ‘s judgement.

4.0 Decision

This integrative attack therefore requires a research squad with expertness in both types of methods. Using multiple attacks can besides be time-consuming, labour-intensive and expensive. Another obstruction, which will probably alter as societal selling additions in use, is that uniting multiple methods is still non widely accepted as a feasible research scheme — at least in mainstream public wellness circles. As societal sellers demonstrate that such research is necessary to to the full understand and turn to many health-related issues, the research norms and scientific tenet sing appropriate methods may switch to a new and more integrative paradigm.

By leting theories to organize through what people say and do, qualitative research can non be easy accused of enforcing its theories upon people. Equally by maintaining elaborate records of what is said and of what happens qualitative research does non cut down the complexness of societal life to easy manipulated equations.. For illustration, many so called nonsubjective facts of mundane life are revealed as being socially constructed. That is to state, if a kid is categorized as holding particular demand that can either be treated as an nonsubjective fact which requires no farther probe or it can be treated as a societal procedure necessitating account.

In decision, quantitative research methods are really different schools of research. On the surface it seems that quantitative research trades with merely numerical research and

qualitative research concerns the quality of research.Throughoutthis Quantitative, research workers seek to supply replies in a balanced scientific manner. They do non do premises from their findings. The fact that qualitative research is non a difficult scientific discipline leaves it unfastened to unfavorable judgment from quantitative research workers. Both when carried out right provide good research. This combination of attacks is necessary because of the broad scope of informations needed to develop effectual communications. However, the potency for jobs exists when trying to unite such divergent research paradigms. One may stop up non making either type of research well.



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