Post-modernism respectively. It is important representing a

April 4, 2019 Architecture

Post-modernism is a concept which occurs in design, literature, philosophy and in visual arts. It was used in painting and literature in 1880s and 1940s respectively. It is important representing a strand of the late 20th century architecture and cultural heritage. (Stephenson 2017). Charles Jencks, an American cultural theorist, defined the concept as a double-coded language which includes modern and something else. The part of something else according to the writer is inclusive of architectural history, techniques of collage and color, and a greater awareness of building’s context. Post-modern classicism is one of the largest movements which breaks the established architectural style and tends to mix a range of different styles.


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Ways in which theory influenced the building

Charles Jencks focused to revitalize the technology’s modern commitment, servicing and abstraction. The emphasis of postmodernism is a building’s function and program, structure of decoration, isotopic spaces and slick surface (Elleh 2016). By inclination and philosophy, postmodernism is complex but not protected from criticism and judgment structures. Historicism, radical eclectism, straight revivalist and modern classicism are crucial trends affecting the scheme of postmodern.

The pumping station in the Isle of Dogs designed by British architect John Outram which was completed in 1988, commonly known as the Temple of storms was designed with in mind the classical Grecian temple. However, the design results into concerns such as the edifice may not be fit for the project’s proposal. Functionality was the major concern in the designing the Pumping station as the client considered everything else otiose because it was only to be visited by applied scientists in their weekly check (Kubiak 2016). Outram ignored various possibilities and decided to go ahead with the plan applying the sculptural architecture which he always had in mind.

Just like most postmodern classical architectures, the Pumping Station was designed to look like a “goddess walking out of the river” which columns looked like brace of legs. The columns of structure are aesthetic and outsize columns represent the hardiness and stableness of the edifices. The location of Pumping Station is known for its frequent flooding and the Pumping Station is built to deal with water. Therefore columns having diameters of 3m were considered appropriate. The edifice designed for holding a lifespan of hundred old ages in the environment was considered unfavorable (Punter 2017). The entire building is constructed with extended use of brick both externally and internally in order to ensure enough strength. The internal and external parts are cladding to show a visual aspect which are in contrast to traditional structure.


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