Postmodern fictional status. In chapter 13, Fowles

March 6, 2019 History

Postmodern literature relies on narrative techniques such as fragmentation, paradox and the unreliable narrator. Time is often fragmented in postmodern fiction (ex: flashbacks). Postmodernism sees history and fiction as EQUAL (history=fiction, fiction=history). It tends to return to PAST and adapt past forms, mixed with the present.
There are a number of common themes that appear in the postmodern works:
-irony, humour: In “The French Lieutenant’s Woman”, Fowles uses humour to discuss some serious subject ? the mock ending when Mrs. Poultney is sent to a more ‘tropical abode’
-metafiction or “fiction about fiction” is a kind of fiction that openly comments on it fictional status. In chapter 13, Fowles says that the story he is telling is completely fiction, he pretends to know what his characters think. He thinks his characters start to win autonomy and he feels like he has to respect it. He even thinks that everything is embedded with fiction.


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