Potential effects of discriminatory practises on those who use health care services

May 18, 2018 Health

Potential effects of discriminatory practises on those who use health care services:

One way in which someone care be effected in health and social care due to discriminatory practise is marginalisation, this means that people feel that they are being excluded or are not part of a group. In health and social care none should be marginalised this will could lead to upset and distress and in serious cases it could lead to depression as this person wouldn’t feel as good as the others in the group. This might also make them have doubts about their own self-worth.

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Another way in which people are effect is disempowerment this is when a person or a group feels less powerful due to other people/ persons actions. In some cases when groups are discriminated against they may fight back ad challenged the other group or persons opinion and actions.
However in some cases when groups are discriminated and are not able to do not feel that they can challenge the other group this could lead to the group members feeling of less value or depressed and they could lack power which could lead to more health issues. Also if they lack power in their community e.g nursing home they could miss out on outings and events that are an important stimulus especially for older residents.

Discrimination can lead to people losing their self-esteem or self-worth otherwise known as low self-esteem and self-identity. This is very serious is health and social care as a person could come to a health and social care service such as counselling because of low self-esteem if they suffer from discrimination this is very likely to make their problem worse and could lead to serious damaging effects.
The health and social care profession needs to help people re build their self-esteem if it is low or maintain it if it is high, this will enable the person to cope with their situation and allow them to receive any help they need. It is not just people who work in health and social care that may discriminate against individuals it could also be, health organisations, governments, random individuals, media, communities, educational facilities. Discrimination by these types of people can leads to restricted opportunities. This could be something like a
service user in a care home not going on an outing because the organiser or manger of the home doesn’t want them to go because they are different which is overt abuse of power. Or being given a wage which is below the minimum wage this is discrimination and in this circumstance it is unlikely the individual will be able to speak out against this for a number of reasons e.g worried about losing their job, worried about being paid an even lower wage if they speak out against this.
Negative behaviour such as aggression or criminality this could be caused by discrimination however this could also discriminate against others. When some individuals experiences hardship e.g living in poverty, homelessness, death of a loved one, finical worries. They make take their frustrations out on people that try to help such as; police, teachers, health and social care professionals ect.
Health and social care professionals can be verbally or physically attacked. This can be made worse by people with anger issues or drug/ alcohol use. However it is not just health and social care professionals that experience abuse an individual can take out anger and aggression on a loved one which can lead to domestic abuse which a health and social care professional may experience at work.


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