Poverty in America Essay

August 12, 2017 Health

Poverty in America seems to gaze at us in every town and major metropolis. Bing a civilization of philistinism and economic success. you would conceive of that we would hold adequate prosperity to see that everyone has a just portion of lodging. health care and money to carry through their basic demands. However. as aggregation home bases and fundraisers of our churches continue to inquire more and more of us. it sometimes feels as if the demand for charity will ne’er discontinue. In fact. in Deuteronomy 15:11 we read that. “The needy will ne’er be missing in the land ; that is why I command you to open your manus to your hapless and destitute kinsman in your state.

” With this is in head. we as Christians can retrieve that charity is a work of God. non an duty put upon us by our ain personal community. Subsequently in the New Testament we read of Jesus stating. “The hapless you will ever hold with you ; but you will non ever hold me. ” This statement once more affirms the demand for charity will ever go on. And logically. as our population grows while our resources go more limited. this statement clearly makes sense.

Yet. with all of the poorness we see. we besides view merely every bit much corporate greed and gratuitous disbursement. If you’ve of all time watched MTV Cribs. you wonder how one film or athleticss star can warrant kiping at dark in a bed that cost more than a half a old ages rent for some households. Granted. we might non ever have the famous persons here on Earth. but should we give them every bit much fear as Jesus. and warrant their increasing outgos? The spread bing between the fiscal extremes seems to be everlastingly turning instead than decreasing.

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Though the Bible admonishes that we should be giving of charity ; in today’s civilization this may intend taking a farther measure and turning off from our fear for amusement. Alternatively of purchasing a ticket to the football game for several hundred dollars. we may see purchasing two months worth the nutrient for the local nutrient larder to carry through this end. We may non extinguish poorness. but possibly halt the growing of the spread between the two extremes.

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