Poverty is one of the biggest problems of the world

April 2, 2019 Education

Poverty is one of the biggest problems of the world. Even the United States has also been affected by this issue. There are various factors that lead to the poverty in the United States that include lack of affordable education, joblessness, greater than before cost of living etc.
The first important factor that causes poverty is the lack of job skills. The workers do not have appropriate job knowledge and skills. There are fewer wages for the least skilled which results in low productivity. Second important factor that causes poverty is unemployment. The people in the country do not get jobs according to their qualifications and if they get jobs, they face biases and racism. It is a fact that many blacks earn less as compared to white employees. Another important factor that leads to poverty is an increase in single-parent households, particularly the children living with single mothers are more affected by poverty.
There are several welfare policies and programs being used in order to reduce poverty in the United States. For instance, Social Security Program aims at preventing poverty in the country. I think these existing welfare and social security programs are trying to fight poverty to some extent. Different governments have worked to reduce poverty in the country. President Obama has also done a great job in reducing poverty by signing the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. However, some more effective measures should be taken in order to reduce the poverty.
First of all, the government has to narrow down the entitlements of certain programs so that more deserving people can take advantage of these policies. There are welfare policies that let families obtain assistance with the requirement of getting a job within two years. This period should be minimized to one year. Secondly, those who apply for all welfare programs should go by a drug test. It is imperative because the people would then not be able to deceive the authorities and the deserving ones would get the help. Most important of all is education. There should be more emphasis on affordable education. New job skills should be introduced to meet the necessities of the modern world.


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