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July 4, 2018 Music

Poetry “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate. ” This line is from sonnet 18 and it is one of the best known of William Shakespeare’s 154 sonnets. William Shakespeare is the man who created beautiful poetry and he influenced people to create their own. In today’s modern day society, whether it’s widely read or not, poetry has the ability to be considerably moving and to truly touch people. Poetry is relevant and interesting in today’s society because it expresses a great array and depth of people’s feelings, it makes the reader connect with the poem, and it has a unique value.

Also poetry is second-hand in music because in most hip-hop songs the words rhyme and create a rhyming couplet. Pursuing this further, poetry is a very powerful thing and it should be included in today’s up-to-date society. Unquestionably, all poems express feelings and emotions that the writer has dealt with throughout their life. Poetry expresses emotion in a form that delights the reader in one field and a feeling of sorrow in another. No other type of writing has the power or capability to arouse that much emotion other than poetry.

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Every living creature has feelings, but everything has its own way to express it. One way humans express their deepest feelings is through using their language to write and compose poetry. Reading poetry can help see through the eyes of the writer and see what they are experiencing. “This power rises from within, like the color of a flower which fades and changes as it is developed” (Shelley). This quote says that people have the ability to express themselves and that is very important in life. Poetry can make it easier to step into the shoes of someone else and learn about their personality.

Without poetry, people would not be able to express their feelings and emotions and show people their real personality. Also poetry can help people by using it to release tension or stress that they need to get rid of. After a rough day at school, reading some poetry is a good way to get rid of the tension that is caused from problems such as taking a hard test or getting a lot of homework. Poetry helps soothe the mind and gives the mind a respite. Poetry uses the five senses to create a peaceful and pristine image using just words.

One example that uses the five senses is, “All overgrown with azure moss and flowers/ So sweet, the sense faints picturing them” (Shelley). This quote uses the sense of sight because the image is so beautiful that your sense of sight faints. This style of writing can be very calming and comforting when read in a quite environment. Poetry is just like a car wash for the mind and soul; it freshens the soul and gives the mind a brand new start. Without poetry, there is one less way to get rid of stress and release tension. In addition to being used as a stress reliever, poetry is used to compose music.

Just as in poetry, music also shares a basic element known as rhythm. In poetry there can be many different kinds of rhythm at the same time. Individual lines include unstressed and stressed syllables which is called a meter. There is also a rhythm between lines when metric patterns are repeated. In music, cadence is the beat of the music and the beats give the music its regular pattern. Poetry and music also display emotion and expression in their amazing works of art. Rap is made up of rhyme, rhythm, alliteration and many other poetic attributes.

It is the most alike to poetry, however it is still music. Music without words is poetry, but not in the general state. Without poetry there would be no music because they are very similar and one can’t live without the other. Another reason why poetry is relevant is because it is much more entertaining to read compared to reading a book. Furthermore, poems are much more interesting to read instead of reading a long, boring book. Book plots and characters can be remembered for a limited period of time but poetry is one of the only forms of literary language that can be memorized.

In the world of poetry, all of the rules that are applied to writing books are ignored and a piece of art is created that is completely unique. Poetry is such a short form of writing that the reader can think about the poem for hours without having their nose buried in a book. Poetry uses three ideas that are important to the text; mindful imagery, emotions, and language. Without these three things, poems would not have descriptions that use the five senses to create an image and people would lose interest in reading it. On the other hand, some people believe that poetry is irrelevant and this is why they are wrong.

Some people might say that poetry is irrelevant and it is a waste of time. They might say that poetry is irrelevant because they believe it is boring to read and there is more people writing poetry than there is appreciating it. Poetry is relevant because it is much shorter and easier to read compared to reading a book. Poetry is very exciting to read because it expresses the feelings of the writer and puts the reader in the writer’s shoes. Poetry is enjoyable to read if you can understand and comprehend what is happening in the poem.

Reading poetry is a surrogate form of reading and it is read by many people. Therefore, poetry is relevant and important in today’s society and should be respected more. In short, poetry is very relevant in today’s fast-paced, technological society for many reasons. Poetry is a way to let people express their emotions and show what their personality is like. Reading poetry is a salutary method to reduce stress and can relax the brain when it is overloaded with too many problems. Also poetry is a way to create a rhythm and there would be no music without poetry.

Lastly poetry is much more entertaining to read compared to reading a long, boring book. Poetry is an aberration because it is much better than the standard. If poetry was never taught again in schools we would most importantly lose a vital language from our past. Poetry is only as relevant as the message of the poem, depending on how well it has been written. Works Cited Shelley, Percy Bysshe. “Ode to the West Wind. ” Mcdougal Littell Literature. Evanston: Mcdougal Littell, 2008. 850-52. Print. Shelley, Percy Bysshe. “A Defense of Poetry. ” Mcdougal Littell Literature. Evanston: Mcdougal Littell, 2008. 857. Print.


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