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December 6, 2017 General Studies

Access to a computer with Microsoft Excel (or comparable spreadsheet program) to complete some homework assignments. For students who like bedtime reading: A Random Walk Down Wall Street Seventh Edition, by Burton Gordon Milkier, W. W. Norton & Company; Paperback – June 2000. An advanced treatment of the material we cover is given in Financial Theory and Corporate Policy, by Thomas Copeland and Fred Weston, Addison Wesley, 1992. Readings: You are expected to do the assigned readings before each class. Time does not allow all topics to be covered in detail in the class room. Therefore, the readings are necessary.

You are responsible for all material covered in assigned readings, whether or not we have time to cover it in class. Reading ahead is expected as it will aid your understanding of material presented in class. Re-reading after class is encouraged as it will help solidify the concepts Just presented. Attendance: Attending class and GAS’ sessions will help you learn the material, aid class discussions, and benefit your fellow students. Please attend all classes, and be in your seats, ready to work at the beginning of class. Of course, a few students might miss class on rare occasions due to illness or family emergencies.

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This is to be expected. Attending part of a class (arriving late or leaving early) is not an option. Attendance of the SSI session is mandatory. In-class participation: I am going to use Towpath software for in-class attendance taking and participation facilitation. Towpath works on PDA devices (phone, Android, etc. ) and portable computers and is required for this class. Preparation: The median student will spend about 10 hours per week (2 hours per day) studying finance outside of class. Time should be spent doing problem sets, practice problems, preparing case studies, reading the textbook, and reviewing class notes. Adds: Your overall course grade will be based on: homework (from Imbalance), two midterms, and a final exam. There will be no regarding. Cases + Homework: Attendance SSL section Mid-term (each): Final Exam: Total 20. 0 % 10. 0% 17. 5% 35. 0% 100. 0 % sections: SSL-run sections are provided to help students review the course material on a weekly basis. You need to attend at least 10 out of 13 sessions to get full credit. (You get 0. 5% for each GAS’ session) This is an excellent time to ask questions outside the classroom. Mid-term: There are two in-class midterms on October 2 and October 30, 2014.

All students must take the exam at these times – no exception. Each midterm is worth 17. 5% of the course grade. Final exam: There is a final exam in this course, on DCE 16, 2014, 8-11 a. M. For lecture 2, and DCE 17, 2014, 8-11 a. M. For lecture 1 . All students take the exam at this time – no exceptions. Page 2 homework: cases: To learn finance, we suggest you do a large number of problems. Doing problems has been proven to be the best (only) way to learn finance. The assigned homework (see peace and MEL) have to be completed by the due date. The two lowest scores on the emperor will not enter your homework grade.

Students are required to complete and hand in 3 cases during the semester. Cases should solved in groups. A group should consist of 4 students (You get a 10% point bonus if you form a group of 4). In exceptional cases, we allow group sizes of 3 or 5 students. Cases will be discussed in class and students should be ready for cold calling. Cases are available together with the book or from Study. Net additional problems: I will provide a list of suggested questions from each chapter. Grade options: cheating: Students have two (mutually exclusive) options: 1 .

Drop the low mid-term score, and have the high score count for 30% of the final grade. 2. Drop Case+Homework and Attendance SSL section and having the final count 70% of the final grade. NOTE: Midterms’ participation is mandatory. If you do not attend the midterms and also miss the final you cannot opt for an “incomplete! ” The most beneficial option is automatically invoked at the end of the course! If you are caught cheating in one exam (midterm or final) you will automatically fail the class. No excuses! Ethics and etiquette: Students who take this class are bound by the Has code of ethics.

For reference lease see: http://www. Has. Berkeley. Deed/undergrad/thicketed. HTML. Nothing less than strict adherence will be accepted. In certain situations (cases) students may work together in small groups of no more than five. In the case of homework problem sets, each student is still responsible for submitting, understanding, and being able to complete the case on his or her own. We ask students to refrain from behavior that has been demonstrated to interfere with a positive classroom experience.


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