Pre Writing Story

Each poem, like sixteen characters, can expand to a full article that is more than one thousand characters. It’s unbelievable. But we can just know the meaning of the full story from those 16 characters. What kind of writing frustrates you and why? I’m always frustrated by the ancient English poem like Beowulf. Personally speaking, it may because, as an outsider from a different culture, I still need to read more materials about the time to get familiar with the context and the background information of the poem.

Also, the translation of the words from old English is another obstacle to me. In a nutshell, the ancient English poem ally frustrates me and it usually takes me tons of hours to finish reading it. What kinds of writing do you do every day and why? Actually, am not use to write everyday. But always write some diaries and keep my accounts in the laptop. I write diary because it never fails to help me releases my emotions and stress. Sometimes, something bad happens, write it in the diary so I don’t need to bother others. Onto need to share those negative emotions as well as sad feelings to my friends, which might make my friends also feel sad. Learned to deal with my own feelings and learned how to control my temper in this way. Another reason is because it is a chance for me to know myself better through the thing wrote. Through writing diaries, I notice that can illustrate more clear than before. Maybe it’s because need to think about what I should write and how to write before I start to write it. By the way, always have a good sleep after writing a diary.

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Another thing is that keep my account everyday. I always write the expense and income down in a notebook, together with a receipt attached in the end of my spending. Take yesterdays account for example, here’s the thing I wrote, ‘ ‘Today spent 5. 6 at Zebu to buy a chicken bacon sandwich with average. It is so comfortable and relaxing to take a gap and enjoy some food with several best friends in the late night, especially after a couple of hours studying in the library. I think we should do it again tomorrow. Every week, I will classify my expenses and put them into different categories. It is easy for me to find out how much money I spent in what area. If I spent more than the expectation, I would pay attention to those spending in the following weeks. What kinds of writing did you do most frequently for school? Usually asked to write a creative writing in every English class, like “What will o do if you are the only person in the world now ‘ and “Describe the food that you love, including its flavor, its shape, its smell, etc. Describe the piece of writing of which you’re most proud. It’s a description of the time when I quitted English class. Actually, I went to play soccer with my classmates instead. It was in high school. My English teacher Scorch was so angry about our unexcused absence that she asked us to write an explanation to give every details about our absence. I wrote a story with explanation and made her laugh. Then we survived. Theses the exactly the piece of writing which I’m most proud of.



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