Pre Writing Strategies

TITLE: Pre Writing Strategies Abstract In many setting including the academic setting, it is important for people to be aware of the rules which govern writing in order to ensure that they do not make mistakes. Rules which govern the use of first and second person pronouns should be adhered to when writing academic papers. As one goes through the university he/she is bound to learn more about writing academic papers. In the process of writing, it is important for one to use the proper paragraph structure which includes a topic sentence, the body and the concluding sentence to write about the desired topic and type of paragraph.

Paragraph writing When writing academic papers the use of first and second person pronouns is condemned for several reasons. First, academic papers are expected to be factual and the use of these pronouns is suggestive of personal opinions more than facts. The use of first and second person pronouns also shows personal experience which may not be required in the paper. These pronouns should only be used when one is required to but they should be used minimally and mostly towards the end of the paper. It is however advisable not to use them in academic papers.

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Before joining the University of Phoenix, I was not conversant with most of the academic writing styles but this is no longer the case. This has changed over time because currently I can write academic papers using any of the standard writing styles. I was also not aware of some of the rules which govern academic writing but now I am aware of what I am supposed to do and what I am not supposed to do. With regard to language, the experiences I have had at the University of Phoenix have made me grow in terms of being able to express my thoughts easily through the use of appropriate language.

Being at the University has enabled me to refine my academic writing skills. Paragraphs have specific structures and they are vital in any type of writing because they mostly express specific information. For a paragraph to be appropriate, it needs to have all the desirable parts. These parts will make it easy for the reader to understand the message being conveyed by the paragraph. Paragraphs are shaped by different factors including the purpose, the tone, the audience and the content. Even as these factors shape paragraphs, they generally have three parts.

The first part is usually the topic sentence. This is normally the first sentence of the paragraph and it should convey the overall message of the paragraph. The second part is usually the body of the paragraph and this part is made up of sentences which give more information about the topic sentence. All the sentences which follow the topic sentence must build on ideas which are linked to it. The third part of every paragraph is the conclusion. The concluding sentence should summarize the main points of the paragraph (McLean, 2011).

The topic sentence, the body and the conclusion are essential for a paragraph to be complete. As discussed above, it is important for a paragraph to have all the three parts because if this is not the case, then the reader may elicit undesired responses. If the topic sentence does not coincide with the supporting points the reader is bound to be confused. This will lead to automatic disinterest in whatever else comes after that. This means that the reader may stop reading the paragraph all together.

Such a scenario will also create the impression that the writer did not understand what he was writing about. In the case of an academic paper, if the reader comes across a paragraph whose supporting sentences do not coincide with the topic sentence, he will get the perception that the writer does not understand what he is writing about or that he has poor organizational skills because he may be unaware of the rules which govern paragraph writing. Organizing a paragraph accordingly is therefore important in order to elicit the desired response.

Paragraph three is the evaluation paragraph and the writer has achieved the intended objective to some extent but the paragraph could have been better in some areas. The supporting points are capturing because they clearly bring out the writers thoughts about the movie effects used and these sentences show clear progression. From reading the supporting statements, one gets a clear picture and the intended feeling brought out in the movie. The writer clearly showcases his judgment on the movie and applauds its quality.

The topic sentence could however use some change because as much as the elements discussed are capturing, it is not clear what vice they were meant to enhance. This evaluation paragraph would therefore be more captivating if the vice in question was made specific in the topic sentence. It would also be better if more activity was evaluated in the movie. Scenes where the elements used increase tension need to be evaluated together with how these elements enhance their effectiveness. If these were done then the paragraph would be more captivating. References McLean, S. (2011). Writing For Success. New York: Flat World Knowledge, Inc.



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