PreCalc in everyday life

December 1, 2017 General Studies

The water fountain, the fountain that provides us water comes out to us as what we call mathematically parabolas. Parabolas are Just another fancy term for arch. With the decrease in speed of the water flow it allows us to drink without being darted in the face by cold water in which the fountain should provide. It comes down to angle of depression and how far they set the length of the base to where it doesn’t go pass the necessary point. Article 3: http://www. Dillydally. Com/article/20121226/entitle/712269696/ This article relates o Pre-Calculus and Algebra 2 in almost every way.

A class of students asked why it was possible to ride a bike, and they were fascinated that whoever invented the bike used circular wheels. Some mathematician’s got intrigued and wanted to try something new. They came up with a square wheeled trite. A square can roll across a sequence of linked inverted categories. A catenae is the curve describing a rope or chain hanging loosely between two supports. At first glance, that may look like a parabola. This corresponds to the graph of a function called the hyperbolic cosine.

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Article 4: Billionaires battle to collect vintage warlords This article relates to Pre-Calculus because it talks about how people in war debate on using these airplanes due to the amount of equipment they can hold. You can find the area and mass to determine how much it can hold and carry. They talk about reconstructing the airplanes to an absolute obsessively original condition and then fly them. Article 5: Sprint Cup This article talks about the MASCARA race and it uses math because it explains the distance of the track and how long it would take to complete one circle.

The race distance is 400 miles, which is 400 laps. And the size of the track is 1 mile. They are comparing the time it takes from specific racer drivers. They do that by using the distance and speed. Reflection: A lot of students who are in math classes’ hate and dread it because they don’t think it’s any way beneficial. Overthrowing and spending hours trying to figure out a couple of problems also makes me dislike math. Although in doing this project I can see how math is a necessity in some real world Jobs and solutions.

Whether we like it r not I think students, including myself, should pay more attention and be willing to learn as it will help somehow in the future. Reading mathematically can be beneficial because it can give us a legit reason to why things are. I learned that math is actually used in our everyday life. They use math to construct buildings, plan out landscapes, and all sorts of other things. I noticed that a lot of things dealt with the same kind of things, whether it be angles, degrees, or space. Those elements are important and bring everything together.

Math also can be used in the simplest things such as food items. They use it by seeing how many servings per Calorie, fats, and sodium that is in one container. If we didn’t use math in stuff such as that or landing airplanes and determine speeds of things we would be a mess. This project was easy yet difficult at the same time. It was pretty difficult to find articles that even dealt with math or used it, because usually people don’t come out and say how they used it. So to find the articles then describing how they used math specifically was pretty challenging.

The easy part was to read and the reflection. I know math ties into many things but finding articles on them that were current was a little tricky. There are some benefits of taking higher levels of mathematics. You will be advanced and know how to solve the more complicated problems Just like the complicated real world situations provide. When you know how to use math correctly you can find answers to your possible questions about something. You can figure how long it would take you to do something, how much something would cost, or even how much you need to save.


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