Prejudice And Discrimination On Gender Sociology Essay

September 7, 2017 Sociology

Gender favoritism is merely the unjust intervention of people based on their gender. In this fact sheet, I will be speaking about gender favoritism and their grade in different parts of the universe. I will besides portion with you some of the existent life illustrations of gender favoritism that is apparent in the universe with respects to faith, employment, and instruction. Last, I will portion with you the impact of gender favoritism on the society and the solution for this job.


I am composing about bias and favoritism on gender.

Gender favoritism existed since the beginning of clip because work forces were deemed to be the superior gender. However even in modern societies, gender favoritism still exists. Hence I have chosen gender as my subject and I hope to state you more about the issues and jobs with respects to gender favoritism. Besides, I will portion with you the desperate effects that gender favoritism would take to. On top of that, I would give you a deeper penetration to this job and the steps society has taken to battle this job.

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Over here, we have a few common stereotypes sing both genders.

In many civilizations, adult females are deemed as the inferior gender particularly in developing states. Besides, they are non as strong or intelligent as work forces. Furthermore, adult females are seen as the kinder and gentler of the two whereas work forces are supposed to be more temperamental. Last, adult females are considered scolds, speakers, and Spenders.

On the other manus, work forces are deemed to be superior, stronger, and more intelligent. In the yesteryear, all work forces will hold to travel out to work and finally become breadwinners of their household. Hence work forces are normally perceived to be more of import. Other stereotypes include work forces being opprobrious and ruthless and being pre-occupied with doing money. Plus, work forces like to populate like Kings and anticipate to be served by their married womans and expect their family to follow their regulations.

However, we do cognize that in Singapore where pupils receive a high degree of instruction, misss are able to fit their male opposite numbers in footings of consequences. This is true since the top school in footings of PSLE sum is a girls & A ; acirc ; ˆ™ school.


Gender favoritism may be more serious than you think it is. In developing states like China and India, parents sacrifice their girls either by abortion or slaying. With the aid of engineering, it is now easier to find the sex of and the foetus hence sex-selective abortions are going common. In Jaipur, a western metropolis of India, there is a population of 2.3million people and 3500 abortions are carried out each twelvemonth. Families do non desire misss as their progeny because misss are considered a liability. Many Indian female parents do non wish for their girls to endure as they grow older hence killing them when they were babies was thought to be the better option. It takes a batch of money for households populating is such an destitute society to convey up a miss. Girls over at that place do non have instruction nor work hence they will stop up as slaves for the family and go on to populate off the household until they are married off. Statisticss have shown that there is an unnatural gender ration of 927 females to 1000 males due to the violent death of babies and sex-selective abortions.

In China where the one-child policy has been implemented, a batch of parents sacrifice their girls excessively. In 1997, the World Health Organization estimated that 50 million females have disappeared because of the mass violent death and disregard of misss. It has besides explained that sex-selective abortion is the ground for the flooring figure of females that have disappeared in the last 20 old ages.

However, gender favoritism does non merely exist in developing states. In developed states such as America, gender favoritism exists in the workplace. Even today, adult females may be paid less in their salary compared to work forces even though both are making the same occupation. Hence the Equal Pay Act of 1963 was introduced to implement equality in the workplace.

Recently in San Francisco, the federal entreaties tribunal filed a sex favoritism case against WalMart. This case may do the section shop one million millions in damagers and it is the biggest sex favoritism instance in the history of the America.

The case claims that adult females working at Walmart were paid less, given fewer rises and fewer chances for publicities. In general, adult females were seldom given any managerial functions in the company and were frequently given lowly-paid occupations with small opportunity for publicities like cashier occupations. It was reported that one of the female worker was non given the promotion to a managerial place because she was unable to stack 50-pound bags of Canis familiaris nutrient. This was evidently unreasonable but it was unfortunate that work forces have dominated all the managerial functions therefore holding the say in Walmart. Such intelligence will stain the repute of Walmart and may do a dip in their gross revenues.

Gender favoritism besides exists in faiths like the Roman Catholics because merely work forces can go priests and progress to higher places. Whereas adult females can merely be nuns and there are non farther places from at that place.

However as society becomes more modern and civilizations are exposed to one another, gender stereotypes are deceasing down. Womans are going more independent and work forces are get downing to take attention of their places. Their functions are going shared alternatively of separated.


As mentioned above, there is inequality between work forces and adult female in the work force. Besides in developing states, misss are denied instruction because they are females and non because they are incapable.

However in modern states, there are now Torahs to protect females from gender favoritism at the work topographic point. In Singapore & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s context, companies are get downing to implement flexi-work strategies suit the working agenda of pregnant adult females. It is besides illegal for a company non to engage adult female because they are pregnant

Besides in Singapore, the Association of Women for Action and Research ( AWARE ) was formed in 1985 to take gender based barriers. They besides provide educational negotiations and workshops for adult females to cognize their rights better. Womans who face gender favoritism can seek aid from the sections in AWARE such as the followers.


Support groups



Legal clinic

To work out the job of gender favoritism in poorer states, charitable organisations have to raise financess to supply instruction for misss so that they will non stop up as an disbursal to the households. With instruction, adult females can so happen occupations and contribute to the society.


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