Prejudice – Montan 1948 & Snow Falling on Cedars Essay

September 7, 2017 Communication

The conventions of the construct. ‘prejudice and hatred are ne’er right in a merely society’ are explored in Larry Watson’s 1993 fictional novel. ‘Montana 1948’ and besides in the movie. ‘Snow Falling on Cedars’ . directed by Scott Hicks. Specifically. the two composings delve into this impression by chiefly concentrating on the biass that are placed on those who are non of the Caucasic race. For illustration. in ‘Montana 1948’ the Indians are discriminated against and American-Japanese citizens are victimized in ‘Snow Falling on Cedars’ .

These biass are likewise portrayed in both texts ; nevertheless there are besides some contrasting characteristics. Changing techniques such as altering from present to past text to underscore the uninterrupted usage of memory. assorted panning shootings and most significantly. duologue. are all used to convey that bias and hatred are ne’er right in a merely society. In ‘Montana 1948’ . written by Larry Watson. we are immediately introduced to David. the storyteller of the narrative.

David instantly reveals that the narrative will be told as a memory ; he establishes this in the first sentence of the prologue. “From the summer of my 12th twelvemonth I carry a series of images more graphic and permanent than any others of my boyhood and unerasable beyond all attempts the old ages make to wipe out or melt them” . This is written in past tense which immediately shows the audience that narrative is a memory of David’s.

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The sentence besides creates an component of enigma as David references he has attempted to bury the summer of his 12th twelvemonth. After outright set uping the importance of memory in this novel. Watson so begins to weave racial biass which are the other cardinal characteristic in the composing. “A immature Sioux adult female lies on a bed…” is the 2nd sentence of the prologue and by utilizing the word ‘Sioux’ makes the audience aware of the implicit in racial issues about to go evident. As the narrative continues. we are made cognizant.

We find that the narrative is set in a little community. Bedrock. which has a nearby reserve filled with Sioux Native Americans. The narrative is set in 1948 and is told from David’s position ; nevertheless this invariably changes from nowadays to past tense. which emphasises that the composing is a memory. With this fluid. changeless transition. the narrative is given more depth and the audience is provided with more information to genuinely understand every facet of the focal narrative.

Language used in the text ; chiefly colloquial within the characters’ duologue portray the issues of bias. We are given the feeling that David likes the Indians and thinks of them as peers ; particularly since David negotiations of his love for Marie and his fancy of Ollie. However. non everybody feels this manner. **We are besides made aware of the Indians position within society due to the linguistic communication and duologue used throughout the text. “My father did non like Indians” . “We want them white” and “little squaw” highlight such linguistic communication conventions.


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