Premier Inn

August 26, 2017 Marketing

CASE STUDY Premier Inn Benchmarks its Brand Reputation in Social Media Background • Premier Inn was aware, through industry research, that 70% of customers have either booked online or used online web sources in their selection of hotel. A significant proportion of customers have used the comments of fellow consumers on social media sites to guide their choice. Problem • Premier Inn objectives were to benchmark its brand reputation in the social media and to ascertain the patterns of choice in hotel bookings by consumer contributors.

It also sought to identify the online sources where discussion was most intense in order to focus its online communications and marketing programs and to spot consumer “brand ambassadors” with whom to engage. SWOT ANALYSIS Strength: -The company will be able to identify the sites that featured the brand most prominently and can set arrangements needed to these sites so that their brand will be close to the social market.

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They can also monitor the evaluation and with that the company will know if their communication programs are still aligned with the issues that consumers see significant. Weakness: – Opportunities: -The persistent positive and negative messaging was isolated to identify the criteria used in making a choice of hotel and these criteria would be applied to the coverage to identify opportunities for Premier Inn to engage with the audience through press and promotional activities. Threats: Solution Due to the immense number of blogs, forums and other social media a two pronged strategy was developed by Durrants (supplier). 1. An online social media monitoring dashboard was developed to conduct an initial automated review of coverage and to identify topics of discussion around which user posts were clustering. 2. This work was supplemented by human analysis of coverage by Durrants to eliminate “noise” (filtering out the spurious and mundane topics) and apply human judgment to the topics that were substantive and significant. CONCLUSION: By the use of these media monitoring and planning service they will be able to understand what the consumer says about the company it also enables them to engage, inspire and influence the conversation for the benefit of their company RECOMMENDATION: • Other companies may also use this kind of device in order for them to have fast, accurate and reliable information and to be backed up by exceptional consumer support. The service is most effective solution available offering a combination of automated monitoring, human analysis and authored reporting.


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