Presentation on Socialisation

September 24, 2017 Sociology

Socialization Presentation

My presentation was on socialization. The country I chose to speak about was deviancy. I chose this as it was the subject that peculiarly interested me and was one that I already had an penetration to and so would experience confident with showing. I gave a brief description of socialization, followed by the construct that deviancy occurs when the regulations of society are falsely internalized or do non go internalized. I so went on to speak about how this happens, analysing different societal influences from both primary and secondary socialization. The chief beginning of information for my presentation was Sociology by Anthony Giddens. I besides used my notes from a talk given by Professor Hutchby which involved socialization and my ain cognition on the subject that was chiefly gained from my psychological science Alevel.

I think that our presentation went really good. We worked good together as a group and the presentation reflected this. We were a comparatively alone group in comparing to the others as we had a huge age scope, a clear difference in our criminological cognition and experience and a difference in our assurance and capableness of public speech production. I believe nevertheless, that we organized ourselves good and compensated for our differences. The seminar group seemed to keep their involvement throughout the presentation and, judging by the inquiries afterwards, it was clear that they had listened and learned from what we told them. Questions such as & A ; lsquo ; does socialisation of all time halt? ‘ and & A ; lsquo ; what do you experience has more significance ; nature or raising? ‘ allowed us to give added strength to our presentation by replying them good ; giving a wide statement and demoing our apprehension in the capable affair. After the seminar our seminar leader, Mathew Kay, held us behind to give feedback. He said that he thought it was a really good presentation and we had worked good. This meant a batch coming from our seminar leader as it was the first official feedback I had been given at university and it was really positive. He did nevertheless, knock us on one of our consecutive slayer slides as it involved a instead in writing image of one of the consecutive slayer ‘s victims and with a image of that strength, seemingly, we should hold warned our audience beforehand.

Despite the presentation traveling good I believe there were facets which we could hold improved in order to heighten it. The first is that we should hold had more meetings outside of the seminar as a squad and by and large had better communicating within our group. One member of our group about did the incorrect subject through hapless communicating and we had n’t done a full and complete tally through of everything before we gave our presentation to the group. This would clearly hold affected our presentation public presentation as it would n’t hold been every bit cohesive as we would hold liked. I besides believe that our administration could hold been better as merely two out of the four members in our group were able to give press releases of their slides at the presentation and I every bit good as another, had to e-mail our slides to everyone afterwards. Although I said everything that was needed in my presentation and held my audiences attending throughout, I still think that if they had press releases so they may hold benefited more from the presentation.

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I enjoyed giving the socialization presentation. It gave me a opportunity to pattern my presentation and public speech production accomplishments every bit good as let me to larn more about socialization, which is a subject that I find really interesting. I think that I am now more confident among my seminar equals and have come to cognize my presentation group. I besides am more confident with the socialization subdivision of this faculty and hopefully will be able to heighten and increase this cognition every bit good as encompassing the other subjects.


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