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During the 2004 presidential election. John Kerry offended tonss of military households. both the enlisted work forces and their relations. with a faux pas he said was directed at President George Bush. The campaigner for president claimed that most American soldiers joined the armed forces because they had no better options. that the economic system made them make it. While that may be the instance for some soldiers. the world is that a great many soldiers join the armed forces for more than merely the aid with school or the payroll check.

Particularly after the September 11. 2001. onslaughts on the Pentagon and New York City. nationalism was a primary ground for fall ining the military as was the desire to see the universe and serve their fellow adult male. Even for the soldiers that join the armed forces for economic grounds. the service is more than merely a payroll check and deserving of far better than the malicious words of an also-ran like Kerry. Jonson Mahathath is a United States Marine stationed at the Marine Recruiting Station in Louisville. KY.

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Mahathath. 21. will be the first to acknowledge his primary ground for fall ining the Marine Corps was the chance. “I grew up in the center of Missouri where the economic system is bad. truly bad. I knew that if I wanted to acquire out of there and hold a life of my ain. the Corps was a manner out. ” he said ( personal interview. May 12. 2008 ) . But that is merely half the narrative. Mahathath said that since fall ining the Corps he has developed a newfound regard for military mans and himself. When you choose to be a Marine. you know that you are perpetrating to being portion of one of the finest combat forces in the universe.

You know the strength of character required to do it through boot and you know that a fellow Marine will ne’er go forth you behind. Try happening that sort of friendly relationship and trueness anyplace else. ” he said. Indeed. after functioning his first circuit. Mahathath will probably reenlist. non because of the economic system. but because of his dedication to the Corps. “This is a closer household than the one I was born into. ” Mahathath said.

Some people join the military to pay for their instruction and so detect other grounds for their military service. Rebekkah Henderson Thomas is one of those people. Thomas joined the Army Reserves to pay for her college instruction. but when the soldiers around her were deployed for war responsibility. Henderson felt the call to action. “I felt like I was rip offing. like I wasn’t a existent soldier. Here were all these people I trained with. traveling off to war and I was still here. I needed to be deployed. to carry through my committedness. ” Thomas said ( Gunnin 2008. p. 1 ) .

Thomas could hold served her full committedness to the armed forces without of all time seeing combat. but her dedication to maintaining her curse of service made her long for more. At the clip she was deployed. Thomas left behind a two-year-old boy and an ex-husband. Bing off from her boy will be hard. but she gave her word and intends to maintain it. she said ( Gunnin 2008. p. 5 ) . Airman Richard Burnell wrote in an Air Force Press Release that he joined the armed forces for selfish grounds. “To be rather blunt. my initial ground for fall ining the armed forces was selfish.

I enlisted Aug. 15. 1985. because I was diffident what I wanted to make with my life. I believed the armed forces would supply me a healthy environment in which to make up one’s mind. ” ( Burnell 2003 ) . But the determination to fall in the armed forces is non what made him a soldier. or in this instance. an aviator. “I became an aviator because my squadron commanding officer gave me duty that exceeded my assurance. He believed I was capable of things that I did non believe I could make. My desire to non allow him down motivated me to accept the challenges he proposed. ” ( Burnell 2003 ) .

Basically. he wrote. he joined the armed forces to assist him happen a way in life and the armed forces non merely provided it. it exceeded his wildest dreams. The grounds so why a individual joins the military can be as broad and varied as the subdivisions of the service. but to claim as Kerry did that people do it out of economic despair is to undervalue the entreaty and worth of the American military. Yes. it can be merely a occupation to some people. but the old ad platitude is true every bit good. it’s more than merely a occupation ; it’s an escapade. It’s a household and a manner of life.

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