Pretty Good Privacy

PGP – Its suitableness, easiness of usage and exposures.

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This papers will discourse and analyse the potencies of PGP as the solution for our corporate demand to use a cryptanalytic security system to supply protection for paperss being sent in concurrence with assorted Internet communications. It shall reexamine the pertinence of PGP for use within that context and will be analyzed utilizing the following standards to make a finding of its suitableness:

  1. Security

This shall analyse every bit good as comparison the grade of security PGP provides comparative to other cryptanalytic solutions across all cost variables.

  1. Applicability

The intent of put ining a cryptanalytic platform is to supply the house with the possible to use this resource across a wide spectrum of applications, Internet platforms, computing machine systems and runing system types.

  1. Ease of Use

PGP’s pertinence in footings of easiness of usage represents an of import consideration with respect to its grade of trouble in larning, using, installation and administering it among our staff, clients, sellers and other associated utilization finishs.

  1. Problems

Research shall be undertaken to bring out any small and good known jobs sing the use of PGP and the grade to which these facets represent either a possible hinderance or consideration which should be addressed and or considered.

  1. Vulnerabilities

The exposure to PGP in footings of onslaught, interception, unauthorised use and other countries shall be evaluated.

  1. Cost

The cost of geting PGP as a security encoding option along with its overall recommendation for usage shall be addressed.

Analysis of PGP

PGP, which stands for Pretty Good Privacy’ , is a public cardinal encoding plan written by Phil Zimmerman in 1991 (, 2005 ) . Simply put, PGP is a cryptanalysis plan that protects information from being read either while in transmittal or if it is intercepted by using encoding to turn text into an indecipherable format which is called cipher text ( webopedia, .com, 2006 ) . In order to read the encrypted file one must hold entree to the secret key or watchword which permits the file to be decrypted into apparent text from its cypher text format (, 2006 ) . Simply put, cryptanalysis is an algorithm, besides termed cipher that is a mathematical method utilized in the encoding and decoding procedure (, 2006 ) :

  1. Security

With today’s computing machines, any encrypted file can be broken, nevertheless the algorithm utilized in PGP is 128 spot cardinal which means based upon the known calculating power available and until a following discovery criterion that is on the order of 1,000 times more powerful that anything yet devised, it is projected that non even 1 billion computing machines at the rate of 1 billion cheques each 2nd are able to interrupt today’s encoding codifications utilizing the 128 spot standard that PGP operates under. ( Kessler, 1998 ) . Schneier ( 1996, p. 587 ) stated that PGP is “… the closest you’re probably to acquire to military-grade encryption…” , The PGP methodological analysis represents a intercrossed cryptosystem that the application compresses to salvage transmittal clip every bit good as farther strengthen the cryptanalytic security (, 2006 ) . The plan, PGP, following creates what is known as a session key that represents a one clip generated secret key for that transmittal that is created by the random motion of the user’s mouse and keystroke types (, 2006 ) . After the information has been encrypted the session key is encrypted into the public key of the receiver and transmitted with the cypher text. Once received, the recipient’s procedure works in contrary to decode the message via the impermanent session key.

The PGP system utilizes public and private keys in its methodological analysis and the benefit of holding this double system is that the private cardinal represent the mode in which the receiver opens the papers. The PGP system besides permits the use of digital signatures which enables hallmark and informations security and besides provides for what is known as non-repudiation. Non-repudiation means that the receiver can non subsequently claim they did non have the transmittal. This facet of PGP, which is besides present in other rival encoding systems, provides the security of cognizing that our transmittals are being received and utilized by the intended receivers. The PGP system uses the asymmetric key algorithms whereby the transmitter and receiver utilize different keys in the encoding and decoding procedure which is the highest step of security.

  1. Applicability

The PGP system can be utilized to direct any type of text from any type of plan and can be decrypted by the receiving system provided they have the corresponding application plan or one that can read the plan codification. This means that the system, PGP, can be utilized with all of the company’s plans ( wikipedia, 2006 ) :

  1. electronic mail

PGP works with all major electronic mail plans, such as:

  1. Microsoft Office Outlook
  2. Outlook Express
  3. Eudora
  4. Development
  5. Cur
  6. Mozilla Thunderbird
  7. Apple Mail
  8. And other major electronic mail plan applications
  1. Microsoft Word
  2. Excel
  3. All Adobe plan
  4. All of our technology and architectural plans
  5. every bit good as other applications

Another advantage of PGP is that is operates on both IBM compatible and Mac computing machines and all of the major runing systems ( , 2005 ) :

  1. Windows
  2. Unix
  3. Microsoft disk operating system
  4. OS/2
  5. Macintosh
  6. Amiga
  7. Atari
  1. Ease of Use

The demands for PGP in footings of the receiver are none as the transmitter is the side of the transmittal that has to the PGP application on their computing machines to code the message and fix the file for directing. The methodological analysis in fixing a file merely requires that it be selected by the PGP application plan to be encrypted. The use works in the same mode as any application plan in that it utilizes mouse choice and the plan can be learned by anyone as there are no grade of trouble, particular cognition or other inhibiting factors associated with acquisition and or utilizing the plan. The receiver besides does non necessitate particular instructions, a larning curve or other cognition to open the PGP bundle therefore doing its installing and usage simple ( wikipedia, 2006 ) .

  1. Problems

There is ever the potency that person may hold found a methodological analysis for interrupting the cryptanalytic codification, nevertheless industry experts indicate that this would take a authorities bureau such as NASA or an tantamount to carry through this undertaking and that the likeliness of an single holding the resources and necessary calculating power is virtually impossible. In add-on, since our company represents one of 1000 of users of PGP the likeliness of anyone with that type of demand for encrypted information would be assailing our system ( wikipedia, 2006 ) . There has been identified interoperability issues sing the usage of PGP version 2X, nevertheless, since we will be using the OpenPGP compliant system, such concerns will non impact the house (, 2006 ) . Potential legal issues associating to anterior versions of PGP have been efficaciously eliminated by our choice of the OpenPGP version ( wikipedia, 2006 ) .

  1. Vulnerabilities

Users of a public key system are vulnerable to believing a forgery certification is a existent enfranchisement. We will be using the Certification Authorities recognized certification proof system and as an added step of security we will mass e-mail our clients, providers and sellers informing them of this. The aforesaid step is non a security job, merely a measure to further rise our ain security protocol. We will use the direct trust theoretical account as our users will be informed the keys and system has come from our company. This will besiege the web of trust issue where anyone can move as a attesting user and we shall besides use the complete trust method every bit good as the valid system for the same grounds. Our associations will be informed of our use of PGP and push in directing electronic mails and messages they will cognize it hold come from our company, therefore we shall maintain the proof and trust rings closed.

The issue of plug-in applications attached to e-mail plans can potentially weakened the PGP security, therefore in prosecuting the system all authorized stopper in non cogency by the company shall be removed ( wikipedia, 2006 ) .

  1. Cost

PGP is free to use and we have downloaded our version from the authorised and approved web site at MIT ( Massachusetts Institute of Technology ) and there is no fee for corporate usage (, 2005 ) . The other most popular viing version is offered by GnuPG and it does non hold a feasible graphical interface ( wikipedia, 2006 ) . Other version as provided by Hushmail, Veridis, Authora, EasyByte, Cryptocx and others offer no advantages over the version we evaluated, moreover, PGP is recognized as the industry criterion ( wikipedia, 2006 ) .


As a free distribution security plan PGP is the highest signifier of security available short of specialised military encoding plans whose cost is non known and which are unavailable for private or commercial usage. The system is easy to utilize, plants with any file and requires no acquisition or direction curve. The PGP system is compatible with our company computing machines and does non necessitate any administrative clip or attempt. The jobs associated with the merchandise are virtually non existent in footings of their possible consequence in our usage manner and exposure issues as represented by email circuit boards has been addressed herein. The choice of an OpenPGP bundle every bit good as the use of a direct trust theoretical account combined with a valid system efficaciously heightens our protection from any possible failings in these countries without making any added trouble of usage variables.

The PGP system works seamlessly, with no larning curve, station disposal and works within our computing machines system model. The analysis and research has non uncovered any issues that are debatable and therefore the pick to use PGP as our security option is extremely recommended.

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