Prevention Of Elderly Abuse Neglect And Exploitation Essay

July 18, 2017 Medical

There is a turning concern over aged maltreatment. disregard and development as it has been recently estimated that its happening has increased over the past few decennaries. The first reported estimation of aged maltreatment stated that about 3 % of aged persons in the United States have been abused ( Pillemer and Finkelhor. 1988 ) . which may be equated to about 2. 5 million aged persons.

Aged maltreatment is closely linked to medical jobs such as physical hurts. mental wellness upsets. hapless direction of chronic unwellnesss and disablements. The effects of senior maltreatment have been determined to be damaging. Most of the abused aged people are frequently brought to the exigency room for immediate medical attending for physical hurts. A recent survey conducted by Shieldset Al. ( 2004 ) over a 10-year period has indicated that more than 50 % of deceases among the aged are due to murderous Acts of the Apostless. while a 25 % of the deceases were perchance due to aged disregard.

Amidst the increasing figure of aged persons being abused and neglected. there is an inadequacy of reaction amongst medical practicians. including doctors and clinicians. It has been estimated that merely 2 to 10 % of instances of aged maltreatment are really reported to the appropriate governments. These instances of aged maltreatment affect physical and psychological maltreatment every bit good as fiscal development.

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Disregard is besides another status that an aged person goes through yet is left unable to describe such adversity to the appropriate bureaus concerned. Specific hazard factors have been determined to be strongly associated with aged maltreatment. including populating with other people. every bit good as damage of the aged individual’s functional ability. In add-on. depression and inordinate intoxicant ingestion besides strongly act upon the happening of aged maltreatment.

A promising bar scheme for aged maltreatment. disregard and development would so be to enforce compulsory coverage of instances of maltreatment in tandem with one-year or semiannual monitoring of the conditions of an aged person. Such compulsory act of describing would therefore set the people who are responsible for the attention of an aged person to be responsible for any physical. mental. societal or fiscal loads that the aged person would see.

The people involved with the attention of the aged person would include the kids of the aged individual. every bit good as the doctor. counsellor and healer of the aged individual. It would besides be good if the sum of clip spent by each individual with the aged person were determined. so that it would be easier to find who spends the most clip with the aged person. Another method that could be incorporated into the compulsory coverage of aged maltreatment is to carry on interviews with the aged person in order to find if he has succumbed to memory loss or non.

If the aged person is still cognitive plenty to interactive with the questioning officer. it would be helpful to inquire the aged person if he is cognizant whether he still keeps some of his fiscal resources in his bank or some other topographic point. It would besides be helpful if the aged single knew about how much money and other valuable points such as jewellery. existent estate belongingss and cars he has so that there is an estimation of the resources the person has.

The comprehensive interview of the aged person should therefore be conducted every twelvemonth in order to supervise how the aged individual if making as clip goes by. In add-on. the interview will besides supply the societal worker or any other questioning functionary of the authorities to find that conditions of the topographic point where the aged person is populating. The medical records of the aged person should besides be checked every twelvemonth in order to find whether the physical and mental status of the aged person has been maintained or is deteriorating. Should the status of the aged single be deteriorating. the chief cause of this alteration of status should be investigated in order to forestall farther harm to the physical and mental wellness of the aged person.

The intense monitoring of aged person may be boring. dearly-won and time-consuming. yet it protects these senior citizens from farther maltreatment and disregard. Time has shown that compulsory coverage of aged maltreatment is non every bit effectual as expected because most of the medical professionals do non take part or are non serious plenty in describing such conditions and the aged people will go on to endure. The tandem execution of compulsory coverage of aged maltreatment with regular monitoring of the conditions of an aged single therefore seems more executable in protecting the wellness of aged persons.

In add-on. the regular monitoring of aged persons lessens the load of doctors in describing maltreatment and disregard of these senior citizens. This proposed bar scheme besides provides a manner for aged persons to talk out for themselves if they still can. It is really helpful and edifying if the aged persons are given the chance to show their concerns. issues and jobs with respects to their senior lives. Should this proposed scheme be tested and subsequently implemented. it may be possible to salvage more aged persons from unneeded hurting. depression and development. These seniors deserve to pass the remainder of their lives in peace and harmoniousness.


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