Pride of Asia


Samsung Electronics Co. , Ltd, is a planetary leader in digital media and digital convergence engineerings, Samsung is the universe largest company holding the highest trade name value. Samsung is runing in more than 50 states in the world.The caput office of Samsung is in the capital of Seoul, South Korea.The president of the Samsung group is Mr KUN HEE LEE. The name of Samsung literally means tristar in Korean. Nowadays Samsung invests in the buldings foundation and concrete sector under the samsung brand.The word Samsung electronic is written in white on a bluish background.It represents stableness, dependability and heat. Samsung makers electronic goods such as TVS, computing machines, notebooks, rinsing machines, microwaves, usb devices Mobiles, liquid crystal display, cameras, cadmium participants etc.The other production of Samsung groups is in building sector such as in existent estate but it specializes in electronic log, electronic pipe, tubing pipe, telephone log ( which all are made by concrete and Fe ) .Samsung is the highest trade name holding the medium cost value. Most of the Samsung electronic company had been moved in China and other Asian states for illustration Vietnam, the Phillipines, and India. The grounds behind its transportation were low labor and natural stuffs costs. The said Asian states are manner much cheaper than US, Canada and UK.

Samsung is the 3rd largest South Korean company which was established in 1969 as the flagship company of the Samsung group or Samsung corporation. Samsung achieved fast growing through exports. Samsung decided to venture into the telecasting market. It started production of black and white telecasting sets for the local markets in 1972. However, Samsung realized that it can go a planetary trade name. They searched and analized the planetary market chances and challanges with the aid of clients and employees feedbacks. Samsung decided to alter the construct of its trade name.It had to alter the perceptual experiences of consumer with a new trade name image. During the Olympic Gamess in Seoul, South Korea in 1988, Samsung decided to go an official patron for the radio engineering in order to tie in its image with planetary athleticss trade name. Through the aid of publicity and physical grounds Samsung is presently recognized as a worldwide trade name. Every state particularly the member of olympic games so, now knows about the trade name. In this manner, Samsung was successful in altering the construct of its trade name image and now has a good client base. Nowadays, Samsung has 25 production base worldwide and more than 50 gross revenues subordinates in about about 50 states. Their planetary scheme involves eight chief parts Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Africa, and Middle East, China, North America, Europe and Latin America

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The trade name vision of samsung is to wholly different and alone from other trade names like: Sony, LG and Panasonic. Leading the digital convergence revolution is the vision of the Samsung brand.This instance survey is wholly based on the electronics side of the Samsung trade name. The word Samsung is written in Korean linguistic communication

Operation direction

Operation direction is the direction procedure to merchandise and distribute procedure and service.Basically, in the procedure of operation direction includes creative activity of merchandises, development of production and distribution. All the operation of the organisation has been managed by the operation direction.As an operation director ; we have to pull off the purchase quality and measure control, storage, logistic and rating. Operation direction depends on merchandise and service. It is combination of merchandise direction and service direction.

Strategic direction is the combination of managerial determination and action that determines long scope of public presentation of employers. Operation direction is the most of import for every concern and it determines the success of concern. After the SWOT analysis any company has to do separate and alone operation strategic of company. We know that competition in all domestic and international market has appeared to be new markets challenge and new stage. Whenever public presentation of company, company trade name and merchandise quality are going more of import to the client and consumer so merchandise monetary value. The merchandise development and publicity strategic is the kernel of competitory advantage.

After the market analysis, swot analysis, the operation direction capablenesss of Samsung electronics in vital of the of all time stiffening competition in the electronics employers.

Role of operation director of Samsung electronics

The function of operation director of Samsung electronics are follows:

  1. Responsible for pull offing the twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours concern activities with supply concatenation, gross revenues and Chanel selling
  2. They will be single Responsible for pull offing programs, stack degrees, and sell through stock list at different histories.
  3. There are besides responsible for working direct finance and supply.

Operation direction schemes and Analysis

Operation direction is the procedure of direction of the any company which manage the all internal factors. It is like a span of the employers and costumiers. It manage finance, selling, employers accomplishments, public presentations of company every bit good employees, employees insurance etc.It ‘s besides manage the merchandise capacity, costumier demands and satisfactions. It creates and pull off the regulation and ordinance and the understanding between employers, employees every bit good costumier.

Operation direction is the field which direct concern and trades with the production of goods and services. Operation scheme is the functional scheme ; it should assist and supply the usher line and route to operation and direction for any company. It is guided by the concern strategic

The end of operation direction of any company is to do more money, and aims are cost, quality, bringing, flexibleness and client satisfaction. Samsung electronics have focal points on five concern countries they are semiconductor, digital media, digital applications, liquid crystal display and telecommunication web, the globalization and new tendencies of concern operation public presentations of Samsung electronics in last 10 old ages, It means ( from 1993 to 2003 ) we found that there were wholly alterations within the employers that lead successfully developments.

In 2007 Samsung electronics go the universe 2nd largest nomadic phone industries. The success in strategic is direct concern to the different market participants and clients. When we saw the sing Samsung electronics ability of the direction accomplishments and selling direction, merchandise design.Samsung electronics development of DRM merchandises creates impacts to their advancement, When the acquisition of micrometer to do the DRM merchandises straight effects the gross revenues of company.When the some Chinese electronics company besides popular in the worldwide market due to the low cost every bit good as quality, in this clip Samsung director are rather afraid sing the Chinese competiterors.Samsung electronics prognosiss to introduce strategic since these new Chinese company entrywaies and assailing the DARM market shows critical gross public presentations, compared to other Samsung electronics rivals.

They extensive improved R and D to keep cost effectual production and merchandise manage. Their success plane and operation direction ability to do invention through the DRAMS is one of the cost advantage of the employers.The quality of the merchandises and singular clients desired and satisfactions and Samsung trade names image on the worldwide market and original electronics goods is one of the beginning of their premium monetary value. Today there are a batch attacks and system available for procedure invention.

Samsung electronics wants to cognize the trial and desired of diverseness client because they need to develop merchandises that fits diverseness client life manner. In the past Samsung was concentrate the physical design but now a twenty-four hours and the approaching hereafter the user interface will be emphasized more. Samsung is one of the universe ‘s most well-thought-of companies for its designs and quality.


Samsung Company may sell its merchandises consumer and client. Peoples can purchase it ‘s goods direct on cyberspaces besides. Samsung groups have direct sells theoretical accounts and telephone web. They may besides keep the negative hard currency conversation rhythm from this theoretical account. The company should have the payment before when they have to pay for new raw-materials. They may besides utilize merely in clip direction. They should be able to supply their merchandises ( electronics goods ) in the right clip, right topographic points, right cost in the right manner. By the JIT attacks they may do computing machines and other electronics goods merely after client local country orders and the requesting stuffs which are direct concern to client demands and satisfaction.

Samsung electronics should maximize their shareholders value by marketing for balance their fiscal sides. They should emphasis their criterions based engineerings every bit good as client services and client desired. They should offer skims, more guarantee every bit good as guarantee.customer insurances, electronics stuffs insurances.

They should plan and marketing strategic harmonizing to diverseness and different economic, environments, their concern strategic should concentrate on their endeavors concern. They should merchandises their electronic goods on the base on clients desired, demands and demands of times. It means they should alter their design base on the needed markets and new engineerings every bit good as selling policy. If they want to go the universe largest and figure one quality able electronics trade names, so they should follow TOYTA, SONEY, LG and PANASONIC groups besides.

It is better for them, they should fabricate theirs goods as same quality but different monetary values and it means they should concentrate their market non merely high and rich people but besides hapless and medium every bit good like Chinese electronics markets. They may bring forth their merchandises in different quality and different monetary values on the base on their capacity and design. They should direction their enlisting and choice procedure. They must be concentrating their enlisting and choice of employees on flexibleness, diverseness, equal chance, sample choice etc. They should motive their employees on the base on their public presentation and work efficiency. They should better their market and selling policy. They should increase their stockholders every bit good as shareholders.

The standard base, adept employees and best public presentations shows that, they will able to success to go the universe figure one electronics trade name every bit good as Mobile. The procedure design of Samsung electronics is good. The merchandise has so many designs in the base on monetary value and quality and client desired, different diverseness. The supply web design is besides good. Peoples can purchase through the online besides. By the aid of Samsung web site, we can happen out a batch of information of Samsung electronics, about its goods, direction system, and supply concatenation. The company have to have web sites. We can use for the occupation through the online.


Sumsung trade name is celebrated allover the universe because of its service, first-class employees, Innovative dependable merchandise. A responsible attack to concern and planetary citizenship and globlelisation with spouses and clients.

Samsung is taking the universe in progressive way for new coevalss.

The mission of samsung is to be the best ‘Digital electronic company ‘ . It complys with low and ethical criterion attention s environmental wellness and safety. Mentain a clean organized civilization value and regard to client portion holders, steakholders, employees and socially responsiable carbon monoxide oppertative citizens. So It is seeking to be the best trade name in the field of electronices stuffs in the universe by bettering its size, monetary value quality, capasity or power of the devices.


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