Prison Term Policy Recommendation Essay Sample

September 24, 2017 Medical

I am a criminologist hired by the province legislative assembly to see measure to duplicate the prison sentence for the committee of a theft. I will do recommendations on whether this policy of parturiency would be the best benefit for all stakeholders. The prison term policy proposal recommends the province legislative assembly will vote on a measure to duplicate the maximal continuance an single receive prison clip for theft if found guilty. This proposal to avail the different solutions that can avail members visually perceive the statute law offers other solutions that may be more popular. Bill is province legislative assembly ; The chief factors which may be a factor. I decided to research the possibilities of what the incipient jurisprudence and non even have to “something that is non broken fine-tune it. ” Harmonizing to the Report ( UCR Uniform Malefaction ) . “Armed theft is defined as a grave type of assailment. in which the suspect is armed with a parlous arm. ” The startup of the individual or another individual present. perforce or menace of help of force. but with a parlous footings in the definition of theft ( English ) to weapon. During the colonial period was any theft.

The United States to the individual who has been convicted of a theft ; However. if a individual can be killed during the clip a individuals sentenced to decease on charges of criminal homicide ( licit ) . Armed theft is a grave malefaction ; 1 in 2011-31 to March 2011 were 1. 081 bank thefts ( FBI ) . I realized that all the studies mentioned in the Bureau of Justice Statistics diminution. Although cut downing the figure is an extortionate measure of in figure. Want to commend the measure to duplicate the theft strong belief. we must look compared to rates in the yesteryear and where they are now. I culled the 1980. 1990 and 2005 as the old ages have a particular significance for me. In 1980. the rate fell by 6. 6 % armed theft in 1990. larceny rate dropped by 5. 7 % . and once and for all. in 2005. reduced the proportion of ictuss 2. 7 % . These figures represent non increment it. Changes can climax efficiently have a negative impact. I am convinced that if it is non hard up. make non naprawiaj. Najwazniejsza advice I can offer escapade in public topographic points. and malefaction has incremented by more jurisprudence enforcement bureaus to supply in these countries.

This may increase the sum of disincentive lead jurisprudence enforcement and to the citizens of this community safer. I can offer instead than automatically experience parturiency two-base hit. in stead of incrementing the 3-4 old ages. If the undertaking is approved by the province legislative assembly. the prison population additions. After geting in the addition in the prison population to a certain degree. you will necessitate to set the at bay sand people to construct more prisons. There are ever heated arguments that arise when one or prison edifice as a territory or municipality wants such installations near their places is that no affair what we do or an inchoate construct that we will ever endeavour. The recommendation I would give to optically poll disbursement. Considerations such as cost of lodging. nutrient. dress and medical adjustments for captives that will supply the taxpayer applies to the Community. Peoples have to remember the community forum province legislator and to make what is best for them ; Tax addition. there will be a reproduction to the current conditions of our economic system.

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There are some good constructs to avail fight malefaction measure ; I cerebrate all things being factor to determine that the community is non injured. I cerebrate the ground that malefaction has been reduced theft without the hoisting of countenances. the province legislative assembly should non blow clip and money on an inchoate factor for seawater. There is no history that the measure will work should denote or go kenned in the community and to make up one’s mind for themselves what they require. I steadfastly believe in rehabilitation. In my sentiment. the use of rectifications and rehabilitation work will be proximately recidivist theft unemployed ( Limbaugh. 2009 ) . the punishments. With the use of specializers. plans and intervention centres. such as accomplishments. wellness sophistication. reding about the possibility of substance maltreatment. victimization. and other psychological predicaments. because people non to perpetrate theft ( Limbaugh ) .

FBI. Retrieved August 15. 2014. from Bank Crime Statistics: hypertext transfer protocol: //ww. Federal Bureau of Investigation. gov/stats-services/publications/bank-crime-statistics-2011/bank


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