Private High Schools

August 6, 2017 Physics

STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM This study compares the NCAE results of the students in science-oriented high schools and private high schools in Naga City in school year 2010-2011. Specifically, this comparative study attempted to answer the following questions: 1. Which of the two perform well based on the NCAE result? 2. What are the factors that affect the similarities of the NCAE results in the science-oriented schools and private schools? 3. What are the factors that affect the differences of the NCAE results in the science-oriented schools and private schools?

SCOPE AND DELIMITATION This study was interested in looking into the NCAE result of the science–oriented high schools; Naga City Science High School and Camarines Sur National High School (Science Oriented) and private high schools; University of Nueva Caceres and Naga College Foundation, in Naga City. This study was limited to the results of NCAE of the students in the school year 2010-2011. The respondents of this study were the students belonging to the top section of the abovementioned schools. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY This study was conceived to benefit the following:

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Department of Education – After examining the results of this comparative study, this agency may further support some improvement in the curriculum, both in science-oriented high schools and private high schools in Naga City, together with the curriculum designers. Curriculum Designers / Curriculum Planners–To this group of educators, this study could help them to improve the curriculum of the science-oriented high schools and private high schools and used this as a guide in developing an effective curriculum based on the performances of the students at present.

Administrators – The results of this study will provide the school administrators to find ways to improve the teaching-learning process in their school. This will also help them to use the appropriate methods and strategies in teaching to address the need for better learning. Teachers – This will help the teachers to use other strategies and methods to improve the students’ learning ability to attain quality education. Other researchers – This study may serve as a reference of other researchers who wish to know the result of the NCAE of science-oriented high schools and private high schools in Naga City.

Guidance Counselors – Through the result of this study, the guidance counselor may gain more insights in providing guidance as to the course or vocation students should pursue. Parents–The result of the research will make them motivated to exert more effort in guiding their children in their career choices. Students- knowing the result of the research, help the students to realize the significance of the efforts of their teachers to become more skillful citizens, and to be inspired to meet the needed qualifications for the courses or vocations they intended to take after graduation.

DEFINITION OF TERMS NCAE – This refers to the acronym National Career Achievement Test. NCAE is a test taken by high school students in the Philippines that determines their strengths in different career fields. The purpose of the NCAE is to help students determine which courses they should study in college and what sort of career they are best suited for. Private Schools– This refers to the schools which are funded by their own resources. A private school can theoretically be part of another entity.

It is either a secondary or elementary school run and supported by private individuals or a corporation rather than a government or public agency. Science-oriented Schools – it refers to the technological secondary school that is more focused on science-oriented subjects (technological focused; Integrated Science, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology) and students are expected to study in faculty of Science, Engineering and Medical Sciences at higher institution.


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