Pro Impact Golf Company Analysis

The name of our company is Pro Impact Golf, established to bring forth service of Driving Range and owned by four spouses. The company will be to the full operated on 1st July 2011. The operation and the chief office are situated at No 10, Jalan 1/70D, Off Jalan Bukit Kiara. We have decided to venture into this concern because of the increasing in demand from public and the growing of this athletics. The concern is projected to be profitable and expected to turn enormously throughout a twosome of approaching old ages. This is because golf is the game played by all group age, childs ‘ aged, male and female and in-between income earner to high income earner.

Our company provides golf scope services. Besides that, we besides provide golf pros ‘ or trainer. We are concern about the clients and we take care everyone of them. We will guarantee every client gets the best service from us. We besides treat the clients as friends.

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Paramount Driving Range mark market is the populace and the community nearby. Our golf scope is suited for all people. Our company has analyzed the strength and failings of the rivals in order to be after our selling scheme. As a new venture, we have a program selling scheme to interrupt through the market in order to set up our concern. The technological alterations are one of the chief menaces that we have to confront with the other rivals. Our rivals may utilize the latest machine or equipment so we have to be prepared to vie with them.

We decide to advance and do known to public our concern through out giving booklet to client around klang valley country. We are traveling to set a streamer at every chief route that is near to Taman Desa Setapak. By utilizing of this publicity, we can pull more clients to come and in future there will be more possible clients.

Our company besides focuses to supply the best service and installations to the client because it is really of import as a tool to turn the concern. Having a good relationship and communicating with the clients is our precedence.

In this organisation, the highest place is General Manager and followed by Administration Executive, Financial Executive, Operational Executive and Marketing Executive. Our company has four workers that are under operation. All forces including direction will hold the benefit that the organisation provides such as medical leave, bonus allowance and pregnancy leave.

Pro Impact Golf hopes to accomplish our end and nonsubjective. With the full committedness and hardworking of the spouses, our concern will spread out to a greater high. In future we wish to be the most and successful company in the athletics industry.



Degree centigrades: UsersdinnDesktopP.I.G.Logo-with-Copyright-Slogan.jpg

Having a logo is really of import and as an image of the company. In other words, logo is a hallmark in a concern.

Introduction TO THE BUSINESS

Pro Impact Golf provides an first-class service and breath pickings experience for golf players and public. The type of the concern is a partnership. There are four members of spouse and they are:

Muhammad Asyraf Bin Saharzam

Muhammad Aizuddin Bin Zakaria

Ahmad Muhaiminzee Bin Ismail

Salasiah Binti Rosli

Pro Impact Golf is located at No 10, Jalan 1/70D, Off Jalan Bukit Kiara. The company will be to the full operational on the 1st July 2011.

We found that this concern potency is really profitable because of the addition in population and the sums of people playing golf at the early age have been promoting. Presents, we can see the growing of the Golf Driving Range concern is because the people in the metropolis has no free clip and they choose playing golf as their chief athleticss, so they can travel to the drive scope at their ain clip.


Degree centigrades: UsersdinnDesktopmaps.jpg

Industry Analysis

Demand in Sports Industry

In the coming 3 old ages, there will be younger coevalss are playing golf. This has made the athleticss industry expands because the demand of public is addition. There are many golf classs that are about 244 golf classs in Malaysia. Golf scope will be the topographic point for novices to get down play golf. The public likes to travel to golf scope that provide good client service and besides provide golf pro ‘s to help them. In future there will be more concern venture in this industry because of the increasing demand and it is profitable. So the rival will vie with Pro Impact Golf. During that clip, our company is ready to supply better service and sensible monetary value.

Industry Future Outlook

The market in this industry will spread out wider because there will be new venture everyday that will seek to vie and supply better service to carry through the clients need. This concern has been take parting by the little and large participants.

In 3 old ages clip, the population in this state will increase dramatically and the economic system will be stable. The standard life of the public additions and more people will play golf and spent most of their excess clip at the golf scope.


Technological Factor

In the following 3 old ages, most of the concern venture will utilize the cyberspace to pass on and besides publicize their golf scope. Pro Impact Golf is be aftering to hold our ain web site and the populace can do reserves through our web site. We will supply information about our company and besides the services we have.

Cultural Factor

The design of driving scope is based on friendly environment and client oriented. We maintain the vegetations and fauna milieus. The milieus of the golf scope must be clean, and the workers must be polite and helpful to the clients. The construction of the golf scope must follow with the Malaysian Golf Association demands. This must obey with the safety and exigency characteristics.

Economic Factor

This athletics industry could assist people that are unemployed. This will assist the unemployment affair lessening. From this factor, the athletics industry will hike economically and besides could lend to the county economic rhythm.

Legal Factor

Our company follows the safety ordinances that Malaysian Golf Association has been provide. The safety ordinances are the tallness of the metal pole should be 50 metres tall and the gauze must be tough and last long to guarantee no stray balls will travel out of the drive scope country and could ache the populace.

Beside that, we besides follow the regulations and ordinances of the safety Domestic Organization Environment that is to supply safety installation to the worker for case.

Seasonal Factor

On the showery yearss, no golf player will play on the golf class. Therefore they must travel to driving scope to maintain go on their golf swing and pattern to hit the balls by utilizing their assorted type of chainss and forests.


The concern program is prepared by Pro Impact Golf. This concern study is confidential and is the belongings of the member ‘s spouse. The intent of doing this concern program is to promote golf players and the populace to play golf at any clip of the twenty-four hours. The company aims to go one of the top participants and positive subscriber to the athleticss industry sponsoring in clients satisfaction and fight. Our company balance sheet will be maintained and concern activities will stay profitable in order to increase fiscal value returns to the spouses. We besides want to do our clients assurance with our top quality services.


Name of the concern: Pro Impact Golf

Logo of the concern: Degree centigrade: UsersdinnDesktopP.I.G.Logo-with-Copyright-Slogan.jpg

Business reference: No 10, Jalan 1/70D, Off Jalan Bukit Kiara

Analogous reference: Lapp as above

Telephone figure: +603-7552525

Fax figure: +603-75522525

Electronic mail: proImpact @

Form of concern: Partnership ( 4 Members )

Date of enrollment: 1st July 2011

Business enrollment figure: 80293458-C

Date of beginning: 1st July 2011

Main activity: Supply Pro Impact Golf


Name of Bank: CIMB Bank

Bank Account Number: 5555-870716-06-2

Equity Contribution: a ) Muhammad Asyraf Bin Saharzam

RM 20,612.00

Muhammad Aizuddin Bin Zakaria

RM 20,612.00

Salasiah Binti Rosli

RM 20,612.00


RM 20,612.00



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