Problems faced by countries with low economic growth

The economic growing is an addition in gross domestic merchandise ( GDP ) by step the sum of income and merchandises that happening over some clip period.

How is the economic expert specifying the economic growing? The economic experts define the economic growing as an addition in existent gross domestic merchandise ( GDP ) measured on per capital and the agreement for rising prices. Furthermore, as an economic expert, they will look carefully at comparings of GDP per capital between the states that are perfectly different economic constructions and cultural values.

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“ Growth begins when we begin to accept our ain failing ” said by Jean Vanier. It means that if the people want to growing up the economic for their state, the people have to cognize about the state failing and happening out the solution together to work outing the state ‘s jobs.

This assignment is traveling to discourse about the state with slow economic growing and what are the job faced by them and what are the solution to work out these jobs.


Economic growing

The economic growing is an addition in gross domestic merchandise ( GDP ) by step the sum of income and merchandises that happening over some clip period. When the economic growing is increasing, it will convey many advantages.

The advantage of economic growing is bettering the life criterions. Furthermore, the positive effects on authorities fundss because of authorities benefits and increase employment chances are besides the advantages. At the motion, the people will non be unemployed and have a stable life. The last advantage is bettering the assurance of houses and consumers which may take to an addition in investing.

State with low economic growing

The state which is in a slow economic growing is Vietnam. In Vietnam, the people are increase the economic growing with agricultural, subsistence, and village-oriented. The beginnings of economic are come from many sector, such as agribusiness, fishing, forestry, excavation and minerals, Industry and fabrication, energy and tourer. The below are table show about the Vietnam GDP from 2003 to 2010.


GDP – existent growing rate


Percentage Change

Date of Information


6.00 %



2002 est.


7.20 %


20.00 %

2003 est.


7.70 %


6.94 %

2004 est.


8.50 %


10.39 %

2005 est.


8.20 %


-3.53 %

2006 est.


8.50 %


3.66 %

2007 est.


6.20 %


-27.06 %

2008 est.


5.30 %


-14.52 %

2009 est.

From the sixteenth century, the Confucianism was losing its influence in Vietnamese society. The money economic system was develops on a negative ways. The early commercial ports such as Hoi An were forced and foreign states with their different civilizations and their invasion aspirations were seen as a theat. Finally, this policy led to a grade of stagnancy in the Vietnamese economic system and eventually Vietnam becomes the Gallic settlement.

Until Gallic colonisation in the mid-19th century, Vietnam ‘s economic system had been stationary with agricultural, subsistence and village-oriented. The Gallic coloniser is knowing developed otherwise. The import and export have been divisions into the North and South in 1954. The South is for agricultural and the North is for fabricating. Besides that, the development of exports the coal is from the North and the rice is from South. The Gallic do this is to excite the internal commercialism.

During the twelvemonth 1954 to 1975, the 2nd Indonesia war was earnestly affected the Vietnam ‘s economic system. The Vietnam economic system drops earnestly and worsened by the state ‘s 1.5million military and citizen deceases and its later about one million of refugees, including 10s of 1000s of workers who are intelligent and can assist to better the economic system of state.

After that, the authorities set up a Second Five-Year Plan start in the twelvemonth 1976 to 1980. The program they want to accomplish between the twelvemonth are increase the mean one-year growing rates of 16 to 18 per centum in industry sector, 8 to 10percent in agribusiness and 13 to 14 per centum in national income. Furthermore, they besides aimed to unite the North and South once more. In the terminal, the programs purposes were non achieved and the economic system remained dominated by small-scale production, low labour productiveness, unemployment, lack stuff and technological and deficient and consumer goods. By following, the Vietnam Third Five-Year Plan was begun in the twelvemonth 1981 to 1985. This program is to consist between ideological and matter-of-fact fractions. They emphasized the development of agribusiness and industry. Attempts were besides made to set down the power of authorities while planning and better the managerial accomplishments of authorities functionaries.

From 1970 to 1990, the Vietnam becomes a member of Comecon and trade with the Soviet Union and its Alliess. After the disintegration of the Comecon, Vietnam was forced to freedom trade, devaluate its exchange rate to increase exports and embark on a policy of regional and international economic capitalisation.

In 1986, Doi Moi reforms a centralised economic system to a ‘socialist-oriented market economic system ‘ . In the twelvemonth 1990, the concern and agricultural is success and apparent after reforms under the Doi Moi and the economic system was turning at an one-year rate of more than 7 % , and the poorness was decrease about halved. The GDP fell in 1998 to 1999 because the authorities still holds a tight rein over major province sectors of the economic system.

Vietnam had a mean growing in GDP of 7.1 % per twelvemonth from 2000 to 2004 and the GDP growing in 2005 was 8.4 % . On 7th November 2006, Vietnam became the World Trade Organization ‘s ( WTO ) 150th member. Vietnam ‘s entree to WTO was intended to bring forth an first-class economic growing to Vietnam, to guarantee the continuance of unfastened reforms and create options for trade enlargement. The serious challenges were besides provided to Vietnam to increased foreign competition.

The jobs faced by the state

Vietnam is confronting many jobs in their state. The first job is population. In Vietnam, the population is around 80 million, is the 2nd largest state in Southeast Asia after Indochina. After the Vietnam War, the population is lifting quickly. Increasing population denseness, force per unit area on ageing substructure and declining environmental harm prompted a policy of using does non promote a households have more than two kids. Although the population is slow down, but the old high rate of immature population have make the strains on the instruction system and labour market.

The 2nd job is poorness, the poorness is still appear in the rural countries. The increasing of metropoliss richness has cause the migration from the hapless rural states into the metropoliss and provides the societal jobs at that place. The wage for the low-skill occupations is really less and the unemployment rate is high.

The 3rd job is Health. Most of the infirmaries are in antediluvian colonial edifices. In the infirmary, there are merely consists a basic equipment and the medical staffs are deficiency of accomplishments and experience. Furthermore, the hapless people who are ill refused for intervention and medicine because they do non hold money to pay.

The 4th and is commanding smuggling. Smuggling now is earnestly in Vietnam. Smuggling is on a monolithic graduated table, largely between Vietnam and China. About a one-fourth of Vietnamese ‘import ‘ may be come ining the illicitly across its long, porous boundary line with its mighty neighbor.

The last job is pollution. The vegetation and zoology and the home ground destroy are non merely menace by the pollution. The vegetation and zoology destroy besides caused by poaching and illegal logging particularly in the hapless rural countries. This job do the people can non hold a good criterion of life.

Recommendation to the state

Peoples are a good thing to the state but the population growing is still need to hold a bound. About the population job, the authorities can reform revenue enhancement in a manner that encourages twosome to hold no more than two kids. The twosome still be able to hold, but the revenue enhancement codification would no longer subsidise more than two.

The 2nd job is about poorness. The poorness was happened because the people are deficiency of cognition. So, the authorities and citizen demand to give the best instruction to the kids. When the kids are turning up, they will hold the cognition and develop the state to diminish the poorness per centum. The authorities can besides increase the revenue enhancement of the rich people and utilizing the revenue enhancement to pay for the hapless people and some societal activities.

The 3rd job is about the wellness. In Vietnam, there are consists merely the basic equipment and some unprofessional staff in the infirmary. For this job, the authorities needs to supply the modern equipment, some medical specialty and increase the cognition of every staff. Furthermore, the monetary value for the intervention must be able to pay by some hapless people.

To command the smuggling, the authorities has to beef up the jurisprudence like increase the sum of mulct and send to imprison about 50 old ages. The lector besides needs to give some address to the new coevals to do certain they will non affect in the negative activities.

The pollution in Vietnam is really earnestly. To work out the job, the citizens have to collaborate between each other to works the tree to better the criterions of life. Furthermore, authorities besides needs to beef up the jurisprudence to halt them to go on illegal logging and poaching.




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