Product concept

December 9, 2017 Management

Burger mania will offer a customize burger, a combination of vegetables and meat patties based on personal preference of individual. The burger will be a source of fun and meet satisfaction of craving individuals. The burger mania will also provide a refreshing fruit Juices that compliment the taste of the buyer. Target Market Burger Mania will be located in Alabama Town Center 2nd floor. The target market are group of individuals who pass by the area. Why Burger mania? Nowadays, a customized product is more appealing to masses. Burger mania is following the trends to fit in the market.

Here in Philippines, a customized burger is not yet well known, as its unique varieties of ingredients that customers are able to pick. Aside from the products are unique, it also offer healthy and nutritious fruit drinks. Special feature Burger Mania, an only customize burger restaurant within the area which provide a healthy variety set of choices and makes its ingredients fresh every day. Good quality fresh ingredients that satisfy and blend to the taste of every customer. Burger Mania has a great atmosphere to keep the patrons be comfortable and it can serves as their nag-out spots.

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Apart from these features, the prices are affordable. Management Team Burger Mania is privately held partnership. It is founded by the four owners, all of them hold director positions. All of them had no experience in any business. Ma. Eleanor Ditz, Darlene Ruth Berries, and Kristin Ivy Catherine Landau are purely Filipino and Dan Mark Truing is Vietnamese. Product Eleanor Ditz, Darlene Ruth Berries, and Kristin VIVO’ Catherine Landau are purely Eleanor Ditz, Darlene Ruth Berries, and Kristin Catherine Landau are purely


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