Product Management and Samsung Essay

October 7, 2017 Management

From Gallop to Run – Samsung started in 1939 in South Korea.

– In 1960 they started bring forthing reckoners and black and white tv’s by copying other trade name engineering.

– In 1993 Samsung unveiled a ‘new direction. ’

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– Their end was to dethrone Sony as the biggest electronics consumers trade name.

– Samsung wanted all it’s merchandises to go through the ‘Wow! ’ trial. – The interbrand list ranked Samsung in 2012 at the 19th topographic point

– However the 2012 list ranked Samsung on the 9th topographic point.

– A quotation mark from the interbrand web site is: ”Samsung is one of the biggest successes of 2012. marked by a meteorologic 40 % rise in trade name value. ”

– Samsung reached it’s end to go more celebrated so Sony. with Sony remaining 30 topographic points behind Samsung.

– Samsung has programs to travel further in developping nomadic devices which can link to home devices. Samsung Technological History Key individual: Lee Kun-hee From Copycat Brand to Product Leader Hiring of new interior decorators New merchandises

– beautiful
– sleek
– fashionable

Lifestyle plants of art“
New reading of electronic usage Strategy Change of scheme =

Expensive and fashionable = merchandise Is Samsung’s merchandise development procedure customer-centered? Team-based? Systematic? Samsung’s merchandise development procedure is team based. They develop a batch of merchandises at the same clip. All the merchandises are developed by specialised squads of interior decorators who make the merchandise from start to complete. However they have combined their attack with the client centered attack to derive a competitory border by acquiring new merchandises to the market faster. This is likely why BusinessWeek places them higher on their list of most advanced company’s every twelvemonth. Samsung’s technological History „New management“ New end Change of mark group

High-end user High probes

– Wholly new merchandises
– Made to work out costumers’ jobs
– Wow consequence

Team based
– 1 squad of designers/developers from start to complete
– A small spot late on the market but with better quality than rivals
– High quality

– Collects thoughts from clients. employees etc.
– Advanced merchandises.
– Small choice out of many thoughts Product Life Cycle and challenges for Samsung
– Short PLC – Freshest inventions
– Must be faster and better than the remainder
– Stay focused on the demands. wants & A ; demands of the client Questions? Will samsung likely achieve its ends in markets where it does non rule such as smartphones?


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