Product markets needs with appropriate products. Product

Product Departmentalization
Product departmentalization function as a department which in charge of managing the developing, manufacturing, distributing, and selling products. This departmentalization help matching the markets needs with appropriate products. Product departmentalization is divided into personal care, home care, food and refreshment.
– Functional Departmentalization
The functional Departmentalization in Unilever is called corporate executive teams. This departmentalization is based on business function. There are several corporate executive teams in Unilever which are : chief executive, human resource, research and development, supply chain, refreshment, personal care, north america, home care, finance, legal, foods, marketing and communications and Europe.
– Geographical Departmentalization
Geographical Departmentalization has the characteristic to support regional strategies and analyse the company financial performance. For example, different marketing strategies are applied in Europe and Asia consumer markets by Unilever. Geographical Departmentalization is divided into Asia/AMET (Africa, Middle East, Turkey) /RUB (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus), America and Europe.

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