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October 8, 2017 Commerce

PepsiCo is one of the most successful drink and bite nutrient concern in the universe. PepsiCo started on 1965, during that clip Pepsi-Colas CEO and President Donald M, Kendall approached Herman Lay, Frito-Lays Chairman and CEO with a proposition of unifying the two company in supplying nutrient and drink with complementary merchandises that would give a lesser chance for cost sharing, joint selling and cognition and accomplishment transportation ( MightyStudents, 2010 ) . PepsiCo trade names are available in about 200 states and districts. Its expertness is to make different nutrient and drink merchandises that would comfort the gustatory sensation of its consumer.A PepsiCo is a universe leader in convenient nutrients and drinks, with grosss of about $ 57 billion and over 294,000 employees ( JobsGlobal Online, 2011 ) .

The reinvention of different merchandises, the debut of new merchandise, enlargement into international markets and cagey advertisement runs are the primary focal point of PepsiCo Inc.A PepsiCo ‘s considerable selling expertness could be leveraged in the selling of fried poulet, pizza, and Mexican fast nutrients.

The company ‘s current operating locations, central offices and current initial public offering stock market.

Pepsi-Cola North America, headquartered in Purchase, New York, is the refreshment drink unit of PepsiCo Beverages and Foods North America, a division of PepsiCo, Inc. PepsiCo Beverages and Foods North America besides comprises PepsiCo ‘s Tropicana, Gatorade and Quaker Foods concerns in the United States and Canada.

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Brand Pepsi and other Pepsi-Cola merchandises account for about tierce of entire soft drink gross revenues in the United States, a consumer market numbering about $ 57 billion. Outside the United States, Pepsi-Cola drinks are available in approximately 160 states. Today Pepsi-Cola merchandises account for about a one-fourth of all soft drinks sold internationally ( Global Finance, 2011 ) .. The company has besides established operations in the emerging markets of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, India and Russia, where Pepsi-Cola was the first U.S. consumer merchandise to be marketed. Pepsi-Cola provides advertisement, selling, gross revenues and promotional support to Pepsi-Cola bottlers and nutrient service clients. This includes some of the universe ‘s best and most recognized advertisement. New advertisement and exciting publicities maintain Pepsi-Cola trade names immature.

Performance and accomplishments

PepsiCo current public presentation and accomplishment is Conserved more than 12 billion litres of H2O through efficiency betterments within PepsiCo operations as compared to the 2009 baseline. Achieved a 16 per centum decrease in per unit usage of energy in drink workss and a 7 per centum decrease in bite workss in 2010 compared to a 2009 baseline. Introduced the first to the full compostable Sun Chips bag, which is made with 100 per centum renewable plant-based stuffs. Increased the per centum of executive places held by adult females globally to 30 per centum. Reduced concentrated fat by more than 50 per centum in U.S. Lays and Ruffles potato french friess. PepsiCo ‘s success is the consequence of superior merchandises, high criterions of public presentation, typical competitory schemes and the high unity.

The Macro-environment analysis of PepsiCo Company.

Political Factors:

The production distribution and usage of many of PepsiCo merchandise are capable to assorted federal Torahs, such as the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, the Occupational Safety and Health Act ad the Americans with Disabilities. The authorities plays a function within the operation of fabricating these merchandises in footings of ordinances. There are possible mulcts set by the authorities on companies if they do non run into a criterion of Torahs. The concerns are besides capable to province, local and foreign Torahs. The international concerns are capable to the Government stableness in the states where PepsiCo is seeking acquire into developing markets. The concerns are besides capable to de revenue enhancement policy in each state they are runing. They besides have to follow with federal, province, local and foreign environmental Torahs and ordinances.

In political stableness, whenever the Government Is Considered to Be Stable, the concern will turn. If there is political stableness in the state the policies and schemes made by Pepsi can be consistent to be implemented. Foreign companies are besides acute to put in those states which are politically stable where they have no fright of diminution in their market portion or close down due to sudden alteration of authorities.

In assorted economic system authorities and private sector both plays their function in developing the economic system of the state. Investing by foreign companies like Pepsi is more likely to boom in assorted economic system.

Economic Factors:

The cardinal elements taken into consideration are the chief market hazards, which PepsiCo is exposed to rising prices rate, involvement rate, and foreign exchange rate. These are specified as:

The major economic issue confronting PepsiCo and its subdivisions is the lifting input costs ofA their concerns due to structural rising prices. A Agricultural, energy, and some metal industries are traveling through periods of steady rising prices. A Because PepsiCo relies on these industries, rising prices costs must be factored into their cost equations. A In rising prices rate, if the state faces inflationary tendency in the market, the monetary value of the Pepsi will finally increase which will take down its demand.

Interest rate on PepsiCo ‘s debt every bit good as it short-run investing portfolio: PepsiCo can pull off its overall funding schemes in term of equilibrating investing chances and hazards. The company is utilizing involvement rate and currency barters to efficaciously modify the involvement rate in order to cut down the overall adoption costs

Foreign exchange rate and other international economic conditions, runing in international markets involve exposure to motions in currency exchange rates, which typically affect the economic growing, rising prices, involvement rate, authorities actions and other factors. Once these alterations occur, they will do PepsiCo to set its funding and operating schemes. Changes in currency exchange rates that would hold the largest impact on interpreting PepsiCo ‘s international operating net income include Mexican peso, British lb, Canadian dollar and Brazilian existent.

Social cultural Factors:

Consumers today are non every bit much joyous to cola merchandises as they were earlier. Age and ethnicity are two chief features that affect consumer penchant for soft drinks and alternate drinks. With age, wellness concerns go more of a factor when taking a drink. To exemplify, some surveies show that Cola merchandises or soft drink in general may do kidney rocks and other related diseases. In contrast to older consumers, younger consumers peculiarly teens and those in their mid-twentiess have less attending spans for merchandises and are more likely to prefer merchandises that seems to be fun and different.A

Age and ethnicity are two chief features that affect consumer penchant for soft drinks and alternate drinks. With age, wellness concerns go more of a factor when taking a drink ( PepsiCo, 2006 ) . The demands of different age groups are different. PepsiCo should aim that age group that consumes it the most and do promotional schemes harmonizing to their behaviour. So their chief mark is the immature coevals.

The societal environment within nutrient services markets are altering significantly. A A new demand for healthy nutrient and drinks coupled with a push towards green operations and environmentally-friendly company direction has changed the societal playing field within most markets. A With this in head, PepsiCo have successfully adopted new ends and produced new merchandises in order to run into this more health-conscious market.A

PepsiCo and furthermore Pepsi is capable to the lifestyle alterations, because of it bases her advertisement runs in a concrete sort of people with an particular life style, it is for that PepsiCo has to pay a particular attending on the lifestyle alterations. Particularly in the United States Pepsi drinkers are much defined, there is a sort of people who drinks Pepsi another sort who drinks Coca-Cola ; it is for that they have to pay attending to the societal mobility for non losing a possible market.

Technological Factors:

PepsiCo and its subdivisions utilize engineering in order to prolong company growing, maintain up with the demands of its sustained growing, and execute expeditiously. A PepsiCo ‘s bringing systems provide a strong competitory advantage. A In peculiar, their most powerful distribution system, Direct store-delivery ( DSD ) allows them to provide all of their retail merchants and customer-distributors with up-to-date stock. A ” Direct store-delivery allows us to make maximal entreaty and visibleness for our trade names and back up in-store publicities. A DSD works good for popular merchandises we restock frequently, because it allows us to administer new merchandises rapidly. A Our DSD system reaches 100s of 1000s of retail mercantile establishments this manner, from neighborhood convenience shops to large-format supermarkets ” ( Annual Report, 11 ) .

Through research and development quality of the merchandise can be improved or better techniques or machinery can be developed which can increase the production. When engineering is advance the supply of the merchandise addition hence the company experiences growing in their concern.

Some factors that cause company ‘s existent consequences to differ materially from the expected consequences are as follows: The effectivity of company ‘s advertisement, selling and promotional plans. The new engineering of cyberspace and telecasting which use particular effects for advertisement through media by make some merchandises look attractive. This helps in merchandising of the merchandises. This advertisement makes the merchandise attractive. This engineering is being used in media to sell their merchandises. Introduction of tins and plastic bottles have increased gross revenues for PepsiCo as these are easier to transport and you can bin them one time they are used. As the engineering is acquiring advanced there has been debut of new machineries all the clip. Due to debut of this machineries the production of the PepsiCo company has increased enormously so it was few old ages ago.

Legal Factors:

In elements with alterations to statute law, Waste Management and Public Concerns of turning environmental consciousness are taking to increasing statute law. The company ‘s operation is affected by federal legislative proposals that address the four aims. First, minimise the measure of boxing stuff come ining the state ‘s solid waste system. Second, minimise the ingestion of scarce natural resources. Third, maximise the recycling and reuse of packaging stuffs. Fourth, Protect human wellness and the natural environment from inauspicious effects associated with the disposal of packaging stuffs.

Laws Formulation in order Government has given transcript rights to PepsiCo by Pepsi merchandise, so that another company can non sell their merchandise by the name of Pepsi. The states where Torahs are formulated, the schemes and activities of the company are different.

This is one of the most of import factors that a company needs to see while get downing, set uping and spread outing operations in any state. Legal Environment is of import because a company needs to corroborate to the Torahs of the land and transport out its operations consequently. While political environment is of import as it can play an of import ratting sentiments sing the company. This is the ground why PepsiCo operates in India in coaction, ab initio it started its operations in India with Punjab Government and so it started its operations in the carbonated and non-carbonated drink section n coaction with RKJ group in India.

Environment Factors:

This plays an of import function in finding the acceptableness of the merchandise harmonizing to the environment norms of the market and the consequence the company has on each of these. In the country of Environment, PepsiCo Foundation seeks plans that protect H2O beginnings and make better usage for bing H2O, in order to assist minimise the turning H2O crisis that is faced by 1000000s of people around the Earth.

In societal duty, PepsiCo societal duty is to supply its clients with clean and hygienic merchandise so to make this they have increased the usage of disposable bottles. Companies need to be really careful about this issue as people are really sensitive about their civilization and may non digest any violation. This determines the ingredients of the merchandises and the type advertizement and publicities used by the company.

The international considerations

Where do they run?

PepsiCo entered India in 1989 and has grown to go the state ‘s largest selling nutrient and Beverage Company. One of the largest transnational investors in the state, PepsiCo has established a concern which aims to function the long term dynamic demands of consumers in India ( PepsiCo India, 2011 ) .

The group has built an expansive drink and nutrients concern. To back up its operations, PepsiCo has 36 bottling workss in India, of which 13 are company owned. In add-on to this, PepsiCo ‘s Frito Lay nutrients division has 3 state-of-the-art workss. PepsiCo ‘s concern is based on its sustainability vision of doing tomorrow better than today. PepsiCo ‘s committedness to life by this vision every twenty-four hours is seeable in its part to the state, consumers and husbandmans ( PepsiCo India, 2011 ) .

What is/are their internationalization method ( s ) ?

In order to come in the market scene, PepsiCo has been able to utilize joint venture. Joint venture is the term used when a concern company merged to other company for the intent of come ining the international market.A This is an alternate manner of working a peculiar plus such as retail and possible subdivision web to organize an agreement with an established provider of the merchandise.

PepsiCo gained entry to India in 1989 by making a joint venture with the Punjab government-ownedA Punjab Agro Industrial CorporationA ( PAIC ) andA Voltas India Limited. This joint venture marketed and sold PepsiA until 1991, when the usage of foreign trade names was allowed ; PepsiCo bought out its spouses and ended the joint venture in 1994.

With the joint venture method used by the company to come in an international market, PepsiCo has been able to be known in the international market. Hence, it can be said that the method used by the company as a manner of foreign market entry is effectual and appropriate to accomplish the end of the company of holding a strong competitory place in the international market. A The company has used suited market entry manner to guarantee that their merchandises will be delivered to international market.

Discuss the jobs faced by the company in international concern and propose solution to get the better of the issues.


Initially, the India market was extremely disconnected, and the sweeping and distributional systems were outdated. This was farther complicated because PepsiCo was the actuallyA bing jobber of dressed ore, and did non hold entree to the operation of the bottling workss. To add to this job, the company ‘s local market agents were to the full responsible for production and distribution during the initial phases of market entry.

The India authorities exerted tight control over the development of the soft drink industry and was careful to foster domestic trade names. PepsiCo was non permitted to come in into a Joint Venture bottling concern with its local spouses until 1992, and even so it was restricted to a minority stake.A

Pepsi is besides confronting the job refering environmental issues like the supply of natural stuffs to bring forth their merchandises. If Pepsi fails to assist in environmental issues, the state of affairs it had been during World War might go on againA when they about went out of concern because of the deficit of sugar.A A


To get the better of the above job, PepsiCo internalized market minutess through a scheme of long-run investing and, with the blessing of the authorities was able to organize this with an increased control of production and domestic distribution. In the extremely competitory market portion goaded concern of carbonated soft drinks, to presume control of production and distribution is strategically indispensable. This meant that the acquisition of bulk bets in the bottling workss is about a requirement for deriving the control over direction.


Pepsi besides has to cover with such environmental issues like the supply of natural stuffs to bring forth their merchandises. If the environment will supply them a good natural stuff they might hold a more profit.A PepsiCo ‘s dedication and committedness to the environment is stated in their “ Worldwide Code of Conduct ” . TheA ” Worldwide Code of Conduct ” A defines PepsiCo ‘s committedness based on the undermentioned environmental rules.

Developing plans that promote clean air and H2O, energy preservation, and cut down land fill waste. By back uping plans that educate, train and motivate employees to assist the environment. Business is conducted by following with all applicable Torahs and ordinances and provides a safe and healthy environment. Minimizing the impact of our concerns on the environment through methods that are socially responsible, scientifically based and economically sounds, such as recycling and preservation. By collaborating with different organisations and authoritiess to happen solutions to cut down pollution and by back uping environmental policies.

In order to do this foreign operational manner combination a success, PepsiCo should see the most suited and effectual enlargement scheme. It can be said that the spread of PepsiCo is genuinely planetary. The company has 100s of trade names, which can be found in about 200 states and districts around the universe. Market concentration is the consequence of interaction between the market size and a few critical factors. It is said that the industry of Carbonated Soft Drinks ( CSD ) is extremely concentrated. There are three major industries that compete in this concern ( PepsiCo and Coca-Cola ) .

This shows that PepsiCo have a high market concentration. In this mode, the international market entry of PepsiCo is a good enlargement scheme so as to keep its place in the planetary market. In order to guarantee that the market entry combination scheme used by the company will win, the company must be help to see the facets of control and monitoring. In this mode, the company must hold a monitoring squad that will guarantee the profitableness and growing of the company as the enlargement scheme has been initiated. A The monitoring squad will be responsible for placing the possible hazards that the company will meet upon the induction of the enlargement scheme through foreign market entry manner. In add-on, this squad will besides be accountable for finding the cost that will be needed to implement that new scheme.

Product competitory analysis

SWOT ( Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats ) analysis of the company ‘s merchandises.



One of PepsiCo ‘s top trade names is of class Pepsi, one of the most accepted trade names of the universe, ranked harmonizing to Interbrand. As of 2008 it ranked 26th amongst top 100 planetary trade names. Pepsi generates more than $ 15,000 million of one-year gross revenues. Pepsi is joined in wide acknowledgment by such PepsiCo trade names as Diet Pepsi.


PepsiCo ‘s variegation is obvious in that the fact that each of its top 18 trade names generates one-year gross revenues of over $ 1,000 million. PepsiCo ‘s armory besides includes ready-to-drink teas, juice drinks, bottled H2O, every bit good as breakfast cereals, bars and coat mixes. This wide merchandise base plus a multi-channel distribution system serve to assist insulate PepsiCo from switching concern climes.


The Company delivers its merchandises straight from fabricating workss and warehouses to client warehouses and retail shops. This is portion of a three pronged attack which besides includes employees doing direct shop bringings of bites and drinks and the usage of 3rd party distribution services.


Second Mover Disadvantage

Diet Pepsi Cola does hold the first mover advantage which Diet Coke has and this may turn out to be a major defect besides in the US Market no Extensive attempts have been made to popularise it. By trade name, on a comparative graduated table Diet Coke proves to hold a better trade name image in clients mind than. This compels to incur excess outgo in Advertising, Promotions and Sponsorship.


The chief rival of the company is the Coca Cola. At the international degree, Pepsi has a really strong competition with Coke. Coke has started its advertizements more efficaciously to increase their demand and it is a really strong menace for Pepsi.


Right from the really get downing Pepsi has hired the biggest and the most expensive stars in the state as its trade name embassadors and has spend to a great extent on advertisement which has affected its balance sheet


Lowest Per Capita Consumption

Even after about decennaries of presence in the market, there are growing chances for Pepsi in US as here the per capita ingestion of carbonated drinks is one of the lowest in the universe. Health Based apart from its Juice Based drinks portfolio Pepsi can utilize the Slim Diet can to the maximal by advancing it as a wellness drink at cheaper monetary values.

Healthy nutrients supportive

The increasing concern for healthy nutrients supportive of diet and health will open a new door of chance for PepsiCo.A The acquisition of Aquafina, Tropicana and Quaker Oats is already a important positive measure towards the consideration of a healthier nutrient and drink alternative.A The consciousness does non restrict itself to these merchandises and in fact, as if in a interactive dedication, . PepsiCo is besides committed towards the healthy life style of kids through school programs.A As PepsiCo caters to nosh nutrients that are high in fat, PepsiCo must go on to dispute itself in the proviso of healthy nutrients in the visible radiation of a deteriorating modern-day times.A The limelight on healthier nutrients would hopefully cut the costs of the ever-inflating cookery oil monetary values as focal point is made on high protein bites.

New markets enlargement

New markets are likewise opening up in the universe, open for farther expansion.A Most apparent is the gap of the Chinese market.A Taking in head the big population of this state, Pepsi must happen steps to rapidly perforate, spread out to China and crushing the competition that will originate from there.A They must appeal to the gustatory sensations, civilization and venue of their new Asiatic markets utilizing a local feel to their merchandises which can be manageable in their strong advertisement run. Pepsi go oning diverseness will supply the much needed back-up for the company and let it to trust on other companies and concerns than merely a exclusive powerful trade name.



Turning wellness consciousness among people and some of sick effects of carbonated drinks have pursued many people to exchange over to non-carbonated drinks that can earnestly hinder the long-run chances of the full Industry and Pepsi.


Environmental concerns are frequently raised because of the monolithic sum of H2O extracted by the bottling workss ensuing in the bead in groundwater degree which affects the local population adversely

Intense Competition

The Coca-Cola Company is PepsiCo ‘s primary rivals. But others include Nestle , and Kraft Foods. Intense competition may act upon pricing, advertisement, gross revenues promotion enterprises undertaken by PepsiCo. Recently Coca-Cola passed PepsiCo in Juice gross revenues.

Suggest solutions to retrieve the place of the ‘weaknesses ‘ and ‘threat ‘ of the merchandise line.

The solutions to retrieve the place of the ‘weaknesses ‘ and ‘threat ‘ of the merchandise line is Pepsi should besides present a version of Diet Pepsi Cola as a athleticss drink scope this is a wholly new and untapped market which will assist in supplying the drift for Diet Pepsi. Pepsi should get down more aggressive selling of its Diet Pepsi scope of merchandises as they have really good growing and future chances while there is non much growing in the carbonated drinks sector.

Following solution is the Pepsi is at its adulthood phase and the gross revenues of company are non turning really quickly. Company is making a batch of promotional activities to allow the merchandise remain in the market. It holds a big portion of the market and whenever the gross revenues province worsening, the Pepsi can better it by different promotional activities.

Sellers of Pepsi can seek to better gross revenues by bettering one or more selling mix elements. They can cut monetary values to pull new users and rival ‘s clients. They can besides establish a better advertisement run or usage aggressive gross revenues publicity to better the gross revenues. Therefore, Pepsi is at its adulthood phase.

The following solutions to retrieve the place of the ‘weaknesses ‘ and ‘threat ‘ of the merchandise line is for Pepsi is to travel frontward with committedness to supply industry leading in the wellness and health sphere. Pepsi should make a better occupation of remaining in touch with shoppers and consumers and in the procedure of introducing and making value. This is perfectly indispensable for value creative activity in the drink industry. I think the most of import driver behind the demand for drink is population demographics.

The concluding solution for Pepsi is to develop schemes to win the Cola war in this century. Wining the Cola war in 21st century is critical for Pepsi to keep its industry leading place and to be a entire drink company.

New Venture

Barriers to entry

New entrants Pepsi to the Norway industry were really high homo development ( VHHD ) are non a strong competitory force per unit area in the soft drink industry. Coca-Cola and PepsiCo dominate with their strong trade name name and superior distribution channels. In add-on, the soft-drink industry is to the full saturated. New growing is little. This makes it really hard for new, unknown entrants to get down viing against the bing constituted houses. Another barrier to entry is the high fixed costs for warehouses, trucks, and labour and economic systems of graduated table in Norway state. New entrants can non vie on monetary value without economic systems of graduated table. These high capital demands and market impregnation make it highly hard for companies to come in the soft drink industry ; hence new entrants are non a strong competitory force.

Pepsi ‘s merchandise distinction caused by their selling scheme has limited the menace of new entrants. Besides the heavy start up costs of fabrication and packaging workss would be a hindrance. But, the biggest hindrance is trade name image and repute ; a new company would be really hard pressed to take market portion off from established participants like Pepsi, Coke etc. More significantly, the entree to distribution channels is presently one of the biggest barriers to entry, and this barrier remains because both Coke and Pepsi maintain really strong relation with their channel spouses.

6.2 Menace of Substitutes

Substitutes for Pepsi merchandises in Norway with ( VHHD ) are bottled H2O, athleticss drinks, java, and tea. Bottled H2O and athleticss drinks are progressively popular with the tendency towards the wellness witting consumer. There are a turning figure and assortments of H2O and athleticss drinks that appeal to different consumers ‘ gustatory sensations. These are advertised as healthier than soft drinks. In add-on, java and tea are competitory replacements because they provide caffeine. Soft drinks can be substituted with java. Specialty blend javas are besides going more popular with the increasing figure of Starbucks shops that offer many different spirits to appeal to all consumer markets. Low shift costs for the consumer makes the menace of replacement merchandises really strong ( Datamonitor, 2006 ) .

6.3 The bargaining power of provider

Menaces of Suppliers to in Norway ( VHHD ) are providers Pepsi are bottling equipment makers and secondary packaging providers. Since Pepsi owns the bulk of the bottler, it looks like that peculiar provider does non keep much dickering power. However, there has been increased concern about the simmering tensenesss between Pepsi and its increasing powerful independent bottlers such as PepsiCo. PepsiCo controls 80 per centum of the US market every bit good as parts of Europe. Pepsi is presenting new merchandise at a important rate. The operational and distributional complexness due to new merchandise debut is impacting the bottom line of the bottlers. Some bottlers have even refused to transport new merchandises.

In footings of equipment makers, the providers are by and large supplying the same merchandises. The figure of equipment providers is non in short supply, so it is reasonably easy for a company to exchange providers. This takes off much of the providers ‘ bargaining power. However, lifting sugar and packaging stuff monetary values have a direct impact on the profitableness of the Pepsi ‘s merchandises.

6.4 The Bargaining power of Buyers

The purchaser ‘s power in new venture of Norway with Very High Human Development County, Pepsi and other soft drinks are chiefly big grocers, price reduction shops, and eating houses. The soft drink companies distribute the drinks to these shops for resale to the consumer. The dickering power of the purchasers is really apparent and strong. Large grocers and price reduction shops buy big volumes of the soft drinks, leting them to purchase at lower monetary values. Restaurants have less bargaining power because they do non order in big volume. However, with the figure of people imbibing less soft drink, the bargaining power of purchasers could get down increasing due to diminishing purchaser demand. The interesting displacement in purchaser demand because of increased demand for healthy picks has driven the market portion of utility drinks. Consumers are concentrating more on healthy picks and purchasing healthy drinks from high terminal forte shops.

This phenomenon is due to wellness and wellness tendency brushing across the planetary drink market. Soft drink consumers are traveling their ingestion from regular Cola carbonates to low-calorie carbonates, bottled H2O, athletics drinks, juice and teas. Pepsi should accommodate to this consumer behaviour for future growing.

6.5 Competitive competition

The competitory force per unit area from rival Sellerss is the greatest competition that Pepsi faces in the soft drink industry to come in to Norway. PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, and Cadbury Schweppes are the largest rivals in this industry with planetary presence. Though Pepsi owns four of the top five soft drink trade names ( Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mirinda, and 7 up ) , it had lower gross revenues in 2006 than did Coca-Cola. However, PepsiCo has higher gross revenues in the planetary market than Coca-Cola. In 2006, PepsiCo dominated North America with gross revenues of $ 22 billion, whereas Pepsi merely had about $ 7 billion, with more of their gross revenues coming from abroad. PepsiCo is the chief rival for Coca-Cola and these two trade names have been in a power battle for more than a century.


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