Professor X in the Basement of the Ivory Tower

May 18, 2018 General Studies

Thesis: X; s central point in this chapter that writing is harder than it looks, because of the college level structure and topics which cause writers to struggle and give up. Audience: X, s audience is students and teachers, which struggle in college. Purpose: Ax’s purposes outline your paper, choose right title, and give them that hook Strategies to support the thesis: Ax’s uses all minds of combination and strategies to get students to write a good essay.

Favorite Line & Why? : As a friend of mine said after watching a comedian who failed to amuse him, “You never say, Hey, what a bad comedian! ‘ You say, Hey, what an gasohol! ‘(20) I realized that is what liked about, it made me laugh and laugh because of this saying, and I would say myself, if I had an opportunity to put it in my writing. Professor X, s IS person I could relate to in this book. Reaction: As I am reading this chapter in “In the Basement of the

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Ivory Tower”, I am so intrigue that I do not want to stop, but I have to stop and read what assigned. The swear words that are in these chapters is just about what I would say and do , I can just jump into book and play the part of Professor X and be him in classroom and teach students in class. In understanding what book even means or words are so big that I did not quite understand “Gothic Revival archways. ” In addition, sluicing blood what does that mean! Finally, believe this story is going to be about writing of what

Professor X is going to try to teach his night class and make them great writers. I have not heard these words before but I like them, always wanted to learn these new words. I felt sorry for Professor X that he had all this expectations for his students and only two where somewhat acceptable. (31) “The next day my wife asked me, rather cheerfully, how my students were. “Not so hot,” I said blandly. Of course, that did not quite cover it. “Actually, thefts kind of terrible. They’re bad writers. ” I thought Professor X has a lot of work a heard Of him.


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