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Dating back in history, many countries were colonized by other nations, and majority of them struggled to prevent entry of colonialists or gain independence from colonizing powers. Logically none of the countries were pleased with new people taking over their land and assuming control. The same can be said for native Indians in the Americas. The experiences between the Native Indians and European settlers can be described to be obnoxious, very horrible. For instance, Europeans brought with them diseases that the Indians were not immune to, say small pox. Many died from this. Also, history researchers indicate that the drastic reduction of the population of native Indians was attributed to a genocide carried out by the incoming settlers (Guenter). Clearly, there was a lot of resistance from the Native Indians including their acts and rituals where they performed human sacrifices using the settlers they captured. Being a spiritual community, it was part of their spiritual culture that this was done.

It is important that the standpoint of the Indians is also considered in historical conclusions. Rooted deep into their culture, it is socially unfair or unjust to force changes on such a community. Neither party’s actions can be justified, however, I believe that conclusions in history should be based on solid truth that would be passed on to generations.

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