Proficiency Level in English Communication Skills Essay

August 8, 2017 Communication

“English is without a uncertainty the existent universal language” . While English is non an official linguistic communication in most states. it is the linguistic communication most frequently taught as a 2nd linguistic communication. English is most widely used in pass oning around the universe. The information that we* the research workers gathered about communicating and English made them realized that the two nomenclatures must be ever together.

Good communicating creates a good atmosphere and relationship between everyone in every organisation most particularly if it is inside a concern while English is now required in every company. Language is now considered a accomplishment. in fact. large companies. both here and abroad. are now looking for good English communicating accomplishments among possible employees. unhappily. these companies are defeated.

Sad to state that even the pupils presents are non practising effectual communicating ; some truly don’t privation to pattern it and some are practising it in the most improper manner in the signifier of the alleged “taglish” . a combination of Filipino and English words in one sentence. We* The research workers became interested with the English communicating proficiency of the secondary pupils presents ; those who can afford to inscribe in college will be privileged to larn and be trained more with their communicating accomplishments. but what about those pupils who can non afford to be upgraded in third degree?

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Of class they’ll apply for a occupation to do a life. but the job is. even the few available occupations for high school alumnuss require good communicating accomplishments. and unluckily. we*as the research workers have noticed. most high school pupils are non prepared for this sort of challenge. Some of the pupils are good in written communicating but non that good when it comes to oral because some are diffident to allow others hear their English. or afraid to put to death a incorrect grammars or bad sentence on how or the manner they talk.


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