Profiling of Street Crime in Philippines Essay

August 20, 2017 General Studies


Street offense is – condemnable activity that happens in a public topographic point normally in a town or metropolis. for illustration stealing people’s personal ownerships or snaping. hooliganisms. larceny. physical hurt and extortion. Street Crimes are normally committed in out-of-doorss and it can be happen in strange or to an unfamiliar topographic points. It can even take topographic point to your ain community. Street Crimes can be done in many different signifiers such as pick-pocketing. bag. necklaces. earrings and gadget snatching. auto larceny. bike larceny and even hit and run and many other related condemnable Acts of the Apostless that takes topographic point within a street. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. thepoc. net/thepoc-features/buhay-pinoy/buhay-pinoy-features/15180-how-to-protect-yourself-from-street-crimes. hypertext markup language ) . These Street offenses are really broad spread in the country of duty in of DV-Soria. constabulary community precinct 01. Criminals normally choose to perpetrate these offenses in a specific topographic points and specific times to assail their victims.

Does the street offense merely exist in the dark clip? Or. does the street offense is rampant in twenty-four hours clip? Who are the usual victims of street offenses? Male or Female? Young or grownups? These inquiries will be answered by agencies of this survey. Actually. the research worker was a victim of this street offense. Way back so. when he was in high school his category agenda ends at dark clip and he could still retrieve the clip when he was walking entirely along the Velez St. heading place to Capt. Vicente Roa St. . there was a group of people who blocked his manner and threatened him while inquiring a large sum of money. but he have nil to make but to give what he has. Bing a victim of Street Crimes is non a good experience. at first it could go forth a injury to the victim such as being afraid to walk entirely in the eventide particularly if there is a group of people garnering to a peculiar country. Everyone could be a victim of Street Crimes particularly all of us go out to our houses.

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The research worker decided to prosecute the survey of street offenses received in constabulary station 01 because it was introduced by his teacher and he wanted to cognize how it contributes outcome in our community in footings of the per centum of offense volume. The Community Precinct 01 was placed in the bosom of the metropolis along Abejuela /T. Neri /Burgos Sts. Cagayan de Oro metropolis. Station is one of the really high populated countries in Cagayan de Oro because of the low-cost points in shops and many other concern constitutions which bring a big figure of people to see the topographic point.

The Police Station No. 01 ( PS 01 ) . formerly Operation Kahusay ug Kalinaw ( OKK ) . is located at the bosom of the metropolis along Abejuela /T. Neri /Burgos Sts. . this metropolis. with the boundaries from North – Barangay 17 and 18. South – Barangay 01. West – Carmen River and East – Barangay 03. PS 01 composed of Twenty ( 20 ) Urban Barangays from 01 to 20 with a entire land country of 90 three point seven hundred 20 five ( 93. 725 ) hectares. Based on present statistics. it is inhabited by more or less 18. 446 dwellers. Critical installings located in the Area Of Responsibility ( AOR ) . Twenty Nine ( 29 ) commercial constitution and Four ( 04 ) authorities Bankss. Three ( 03 ) churches. Fifteen ( 15 ) authorities offices. One ( 01 ) H2O reservoir. One ( 01 ) promenade. Three ( 03 ) communicating towers and Four ( 04 ) private infirmaries. .

In the Independent Variables of this survey includes the: Categorization of Street Crimes Theft / choice pocketing: Is an act where any individual taking the belongings belonging to another individual without force or force. Any individual who steals objects or points from the pocket or shoulder-bags of the other individual in a public topographic points or of any constitutions along the street. Physical Injury: is an act of any individual inflecting hurting. harm. injury or injury to another individual.

Robbery / Extortion: The act of procuring. seeking. money or favours by agencies of menace. blackmail or bullying. Hit & A ; Run: It involved in or denoting a motor-vehicle accident in which the driver leaves the scene without halting and give aid to the harmed or injured individual. or give information to the constabulary. Vandalism: Is an act of a certain individual composing the wall or any portion of the constitution by usage of pigment. coal. of any signifiers of composing instrument by devastation.

In the dependent variables of this survey includes the: profiles of street offense victims Profile of Victims: refers to the profile of any individual or single being injured. extorted. snatched. pick-pocketed. and more being stated in the independent variables. Age of the Victim: Refers to the age of the victim during the incident. if the common victims are kids. adolescents. grownup or even old. Gender of the Victim: corresponds to the sex of any individual and which is integrated in this survey to see the usual victims of street offenses. Male: refers to a male child [ Masculine ]

Female: refers to a miss [ Feminine ]

Time of Incident: refers to the clip when offense was committed if it is dawn. forenoon. midday. afternoon. eventide and midnight. it is being included to this survey to detect what clip normally a certain street offense will happen. Date of Incident: Refers to the month of the incident when offense was being committed. and it is included in this survey to find what month. a certain street offense will be holding a big figure of being. Location of Incident: Refers to the Address or topographic point were the offense was committed. and it is included in this survey to place which topographic point of the community precinct 02 country of duty offense was much uncontrolled.

Statement of the job

This research studied the categorization of street offenses from January to December in the twelvemonth 2011. Specifically. it sought to reply the undermentioned inquiries.
1. What is the most extended street offense in the country of duty in Police Station 02 in the twelvemonth of 2011 and 2012.
a. Larceny / Pick Pocketing
B. Physical Injury
c. Robbery / Extortion
d. Hit & A ; Run
e. Vandalism
2. What is the profile of victims in each street offenses in footings of a. Age of the Victim
B. Gender of the Victim
c. Time of Incident
d. Date of Incident
e. Location of Incident
Significance of this survey

The aim of this survey is to roll up information or information on the categorization of street offenses received in constabulary station 02 in the twelvemonth 2012 and to be a mention of the for future research worker for related surveies and compare the volume of street offenses before and presents in the record of constabulary Stationss specifically in station 02. following is to show to the community precinct 02 the exact topographic point and clip were a certain offense is over transcending. PNP Personnel. this survey will function as the basic guidelines of the constabulary forces to execute their occupation good and to be more watchful to a certain country in a certain clip ; it will besides assist them to do programs for their future action in forestalling the happening of the street offenses.

To Community. On the other manus the constabulary community relation could circulate the information to its community and do the civilians aware to the being of such street offense bing to a specific country and clip. and to avoid being a victim of it. Barangay Officials. the local authorities unit will besides be watchful and Should deploy barangay constabularies to a specific topographic point where a high incidence of street offense is bing in order to keep the peace and order and prevent those condemnable heads in perpetrating such street.


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