Programming Languages Essay

September 1, 2017 Computer Science

The coming of the modern epoch gave rise to the growing of the importance of computing machines and engineering to the lives of the worlds. The easiness with which utilizing computing machines is associated has attracted users to farther better the manner computing machines can break function worlds. One of the ways that computing machine was improved was through scheduling linguistic communications. Programing linguistic communications was developed and was farther enhanced. A programming linguistic communication is defined as an unreal linguistic communication indispensable in composing instructions ( “Programming Language” ) and computing machine plans in a series of instructions that worlds can understand and compilers and linkers can read.

This plan is so translated into a machine codification that the computing machine can understand and run ( Bolton ) . Programing linguistic communications did non come easily. as its first innovations were hard to run. In the fortiess. computing machine plans required coders to compose the sequences of figures that the computing machine performed. It was non merely hard but was bound to mistakes. Programmers were supposed to compose memory locations. This was non possible at all times when there are mistakes ( “Programming Language” ) . This proved to be inefficient and slow.

Soon computing machine linguistic communications were developed to turn to these jobs ( Bolton ) . Some of the scheduling linguistic communications used so are Fortran. Cobol. and Basic. These were the scheduling languages that were used during the 1960s and the 1970s ( Bolton ) . Fortran. which stands the for Formula Translation. was the first linguistic communication to be developed by IBM during the late fiftiess. This linguistic communication gives importance to the efficiency of digest and executing. Cobol. on the other manus. was developed during the sixtiess as a concern application linguistic communication for mini and mainframe scheduling ( “Cobol” ) .

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Another scheduling linguistic communication that was developed in 1960s that was used for personal computer scheduling intents is BASIC ( “Programming Language” ) . It stands for Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. BASIC was developed to be an alternate for Fortran ( Smillie ) . Today. the widely used scheduling linguistic communications are C. C++ . and Java. The C scheduling linguistic communication was developed in 1970s at the Bell Telephone Laboratories for the Operating Systems ( Bolton ) . and was used for commercial applications ( “Programming Language” ) . It was developed chiefly as a systems linguistic communication for the UNIX environment ( Smillie ) .

It is still used today on Unix and Linux systems ( Bolton ) . The C++ scheduling linguistic communication. on the other manus. was developed in 1980s at AT & A ; T Bell Laboratories ( “Programming Language” ) and is the oldest among the three ( Akhverdyan ) . Its developers considered it to be a superset of C. and both were used for the introductory computer science classs ( Smillie ) . The primary intent for developing the linguistic communication was adding Object Oriented Programming to C ( Bolton ) . The computing machine programming industry liked to utilize C++ because it allows the allotment of memory and canceling it whenever the user wants.

Furthermore. C++ contains the characteristics that Java offers. and it allows the user to do the plan in an “object oriented manner” ( Akhverdyan ) . Java was developed by Sun. chiefly designed to compose plans for computing machine french friess in electronic contraptions. Subsequently on. Java was discovered to be ideal for planing and implementing plans for the Internet ( Smillie ) . It is easier to utilize because its bids are English based. and non in numeral codifications. Further. worlds can easy read and compose in Java ( Leahy ) . It is better than the antecedently mentioned scheduling linguistic communications because it has an applet. a characteristic that merely Java has.

Applets are used in the World Wide Web. Another characteristic of Java is that it is cross-platform. which means that the codification written in Windows can be compiled in other runing systems ( Bolton ) . Other features of Java are its easiness of usage. security. dependability and platform independency ( Leahy ) .

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