Project Communications Management Essay

September 2, 2017 Management

1. The major procedures of Project Communications Management are: a. Plan Communications Management. Management Communications. and Control Communications. B. Plan Communications Management. Develop Responses. Report Progress. and Distribute Information. c. Plan Communications. Distribute Information. and Schedule Reporting. d. Distribute Information. Report Changes. Update Project Documents. and Accept Project Deliverable.

2. Communication activities have many possible dimensions that by and large include all of the undermentioned EXCEPT:
a. Written. unwritten. and non-verbal.
B. Internal and external.
c. Conceptual and unequivocal.
d. Formal and informal.

3. Performance coverage is the act of roll uping and administering public presentation information. by and large include all of the undermentioned EXCEPT:
a. Status coverage.
B. Decision tree analysis.
c. Progress measurings.
d. Prognosiss.

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4. Beginning of information typically used to place and specify undertaking communicating demands includes all of the undermentioned EXCEPT:
a. Undertaking organisation and stakeholder duty relationships. B. Disciplines. sections. and fortes involved in the undertaking. c. Logisticss of how many individuals will be involved with the undertaking and at which locations. d. Availability of in-place engineering at the undertaking location.

5. Hard-copy papers direction. electronic communications direction. and web interfaces to scheduling and project direction package are illustrations of:

a. Integrated project direction information systems ( IPMIS ) .
B. Internal communications systems.
c. Information direction system.
d. Undertaking records.

6. Control Communications is the procedure of:
a. Guaranting that information is provided on a need-to-know footing merely to avoid unneeded confusion and possible struggles. B. Monitoring and commanding communications throughout the full undertaking life rhythm to guarantee the information demands of the undertaking stakeholders are met. c. Supplying all undertaking information to all undertaking stakeholders to heighten full buy-in sing undertaking demands. d. Procuring and guarding any negative information related to project public presentation throughout the full undertaking life rhythm to guarantee that the undertaking squad can go on working on the undertaking with minimum break.

7. When a undertaking director is engaged in dialogues. gestural communicating accomplishments are of:
a. Small importance.
B. Major importance.
c. Importance merely when cost and agenda aims are involved. d. Importance to guarantee he wins the dialogue.

8. A undertaking director has a undertaking squad dwelling of people in four states. The undertaking is really of import to the company. and the undertaking director is concerned about its success. The length of the undertaking agenda is acceptable. What type of communicating should he utilize?
a. Informal verbal communicating
B. Formal written communicating
c. Formal verbal communicating
d. Informal written communicating

9. If a undertaking director wants to describe on the existent undertaking consequences versus planned consequences. she should utilize a:
a. Trend study.
B. Forecasting study.
c. Status study.
d. Variance study.

10. A squad member is sing the fabrication works of one of the providers. Which of the followers is the MOST of import thing to be done in any telephone calls the undertaking director might do to the squad member?
a. Ask the squad member to reiterate back what the undertaking director says.
B. Review the list of contact information for all stakeholders.
c. Ask the squad member to look for alteration petitions.
d. Review the approaching meeting agenda


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