Project Management

August 14, 2018 Project Management

1) Who are the project’s stakeholders? Project stakeholders are people or groups who have an interest or a stake in a project and its outcomes. 2) What would their role be in planning and delivering in the project? Some examples of roles are project sponsors program managers, project team members, project managers and coordinators, employees and relevant personnel, clients, funding bodies and so on.

3) How would they ensure that their project met organisational objectives? Develop the project plan in line with the project parameters by identify and access appropriate project-management tools like critical path method, gantt and bar chart, life cycle cost analysis and so on.

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4) What resources would they need and how would they be resourced?

5) Why should they and how would they consult with team members in the planning stage of the project and throughout the project’s implementation? (Give examples of letters, memos, emails and meeting minutes that details communication with team members and their feedback. Illustrate your use of culturally appropriate communication techniques.)

6) How would you monitor the quality of outcomes? The action includes administer and monitor project to ensure project team members are clear about their responsibility and the project requirements. Besides, provide support for project especially with regard to specific needs, to ensure that the quality of the expected outcomes of the project and documented time lines are met. It may include additional physical, human and technical resources (with allocated budget) if and as required encouragement, feedback, learning and development, regular project team meetings as well as supervision, mentoring and coaching.

7) How would you ensure that you met project timelines? Provide support for project team members, especially with regard to specific needs, to ensure that the quality of the expected outcomes of the project and documented time lines are met.

8) What project management tools would you use and why would they be most useful? Establish and maintain required record-keeping systems throughout the project. For instance, financial data, including costs, expenditure,income generated and purchases; project outcomes; quality data, including any test results; recording of time spent on project and progress in completing projects; samples, prototypes and models.

9) How and why would you delegate roles and tasks?

10) How would you design and develop risk management and contingency plans and cater for any OHS/WHS issues? Formulate risk-management plan for project, including work health and safety (WHS), changing roles and responsibilities in project team; negotiating an extension of deadline, or redefining completion or quantity or quality of outcomes; outsourcing some aspects of the project; reducing cost; researching and applying more efficient methods for completing projects tasks; seeking further resources to meet deadline; sharing ideas to gain improvements to work undertaken in the project.

11) What methods would you use to clarify roles, responsibilities and lines of authority? To clarify the management responsibilities, a few aspects should be requested like reporting, decision-making, responsibility, resources, problem solving and operation producers.

12) Describe in detail how the budget would be prepared and used as a communication and monitoring tool. 13) Explain the data collection, recordkeeping and reporting processess that would apply to the project. 14) What legislation would apply to the project and how would you ensure compliance with it? 15) What are your project’s deliverables? Complete project documentation and obtain necessary sign-offs for concluding project. It may required by clients, funding body, management and project sponsor.

16) Why should you and how would you review project outcomes and processes? We need to review project outcomes and processes against the project scope and plan and involves team members in the project review. Besides, document lessons learned from the project and we ought to report within the organization.


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