Project Management Essay

By July 25, 2017 Project Management

A. The Five Project Management Process Groups

The five undertaking direction procedure groups begins with ‘The scoping procedure group’ which can besides be referred to as the initiating procedure. The procedure includes all procedures that relate to one inquiry ‘What is the undertaking? ’ and ‘What do you necessitate to make? ’ . Thus. NASA’s vision is to invariably develop flight engineerings and from this NASA embarked on on the Autonomous Rotorcraft Project. The undertaking entails developing an remote-controlled chopper that ideally operates with the determination doing accomplishment of a piloted aircraft. The scoping procedure means that undertaking direction squad can set up what is need to accomplish the clients demands. in this undertaking they include ;

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-manoeuvre around obstructions without human supervising -accomplish top degree mission ends -conduct vehicle wellness direction activities. which is naming and repairing jobs on the machine automatically – to be able to re program the mission if unanticipated obstructions occur.

Second is the procedure of undertaking be aftering procedure relates to the inquiry ‘How will you make it? ’ . The complexness of this procedure is unrealised as it requires engineerings that are yet to be discovered. For illustration. merely to go from point A -B the independent chopper will necessitate to feel. sort and place environing landmarks and so accommodate those landmarks with stored maps. It will so hold to place itself with those specific landmarks. quickly compute a way that would maintain it off from assorted oncoming obstructions and closely follow its chosen way. These thoughts remain hard in the undertaking planning phase as there is a deficiency of available independent engineerings and resources. Not merely do NASA desire to make an Autonomous Rotorcraft it besides seeks to progress remote-controlled vehicle operations for future undertakings ( Whalley. 2003 ) .

After the undertaking planning procedure. comes the undertaking establishing procedure. This procedure includes all procedures related to enrolling and organizing the squad and set uping operational regulations. It besides mostly includes acquiring the undertaking started. The undertaking director allowed the squad members to integrate alterations and agree on their ain duties as it allows them to transport out their undertakings in a more efficient mode. To guarantee this was the instance was to schedule regular presentations of the squad achievements. guaranting a specific sum of work was completed before it was presented.

The monitoring procedure. includes all procedures related to the on-going work of the undertaking. An illustration of this is the ARP undertaking web site that was created to maintain information of the undertaking so upper direction and stakeholders are cognizant of the undertakings patterned advance. The last procedure group is the shutting procedure. this specially entails the impression of ‘How good did the undertaking travel? ’ After the completion of the undertaking. the undertaking director learned that the demands needed to be met of each squad member and pass on single duties efficaciously. Whilst there was non excessively many on traveling challenges the undertaking director learned that the clip spent scheduling flights took long than expected. it will be taken into consideration for the hereafter to understate any holds.

B. Classify the undertaking

Hazard: Is an built-in portion of this undertaking. It normally includes ; hazard designation. hazard appraisal. hazard extenuation and hazard monitoring. Hazard sing undertaking direction is a future event which happens with chance and induces change. The independent rotorcraft is capable to hazard. these can most normally include holds which can make a loss for the undertaking. and hence subjecting the undertaking to cost additions. Business Value: The impression of concern value supports the companies strategic ends and meets user information demands. Thus it needs to be a good investing for NASA. Consequently the independent rotorcraft is an investing for the administration as it allows future developments to be based of this undertaking for other differing independent vehicles.

Duration: The continuance of the undertaking began in 2002 and was up for ARP squads nominations for 2005 undertaking of the twelvemonth. It has been winging autonomously since March 2004 and has been flight tested hebdomadal for 30-60 proceedingss per flight. The system in the current Rotorcraft has been flown in the same constellations since November 2005. Complexity: The complexness of this undertaking is really hard as mentioned earlier. this is because the rotorcraft is remote-controlled and needs to do assorted determinations through its Linux based package.

Technology: The engineering used in the Autonomous Rotorcraft is complex and due to this faced many adversities and obstructions. The engineering is complex. NASA’s mission was to widen its engineering and expertness regarding automated systems. Specifically the undertaking direction squad would make a winging research lab dwelling of engineerings such as advanced flight controls. a reactive contriver and an all digital camera system with tracking and inactive ranging capablenesss. The Autonomous rotorcraft is a Yamaha RMAX chopper. which was selected as the undertaking UAV platform. It was originally developed for distant control seeding and crop-dusting and therefore was notably hardy and dependable.

Due to this legion alterations were made to the rotorcraft to back up independent operations. These include the extra avionics which in bend carries out pilotage and flight computing machine control. an experimentation computing machine. a GPS receiving system and wireless communications ( Freed. 2006 ) . Cost: The cost for this undertaking has non been disclosed. although budget was kept.

C. How did the undertaking tantrum against the nine Project direction Knowledge countries

Integration Management focuses on the larger undertakings that must be done for the undertaking to work. Thus it is the practise of guaranting that every portion of the undertaking is coordinated. The undertaking director must be really competent at this to guarantee that the undertaking runs swimmingly. The Autonomous Rotorcraft undertaking director planned good. as they took many things into consideration sing this. As mentioned earlier. the undertaking director used techniques to set up motive for squad members. The chief technique was scheduling regular meetings and showing the squads current achievements. From these meetings the undertaking director could so supply extra resorts for the undertaking in countries that need auxiliary information. Thus the undertaking was executed successfully and a high degree of integrating direction was achieved.

The 2nd knowledge country of Scope Management is the inside informations and procedures of the undertaking. It is of import to hold a elaborate program before get downing the undertaking. This intending a clear end. Which is really clear ; ‘To develop an remote-controlled helicopter’ . Whilst it is good to understand the range of the undertaking it is besides of import to understand that alterations may happen during the undertaking. which autumn under this specific cognition country. Due to the favorable result of the undertaking. scope direction was achieved. as challenges and communicating were met efficaciously. Similarly to this is clip direction. the ARP met all programming ends and completed each stage with no programming holds. Thus it is understood that. the undertaking had sufficient resources and a good clip direction program. Cost direction is merely every bit valuable as clip direction.

This cognition country includes cost estimating and budgeting. Once the cost for the ARP undertaking was estimated. the undertaking director must command the cost and do alterations to the budget as needed. The cost of the undertaking would hold been fluctuating as the truth alterations as the undertaking would hold progressed. Furthermore. quality direction is an of import cognition country as the ARP would hold had to hold been measured against a similar predetermined acceptable step. The undertaking director would of created a quality direction program early on in the undertaking. as this effects other countries such as range. clip cost and most significantly hazard. Human resource direction is responsible for the undertaking administration. the choice of squad members on the ARP ( delegating staff ) and project administration.

Whilst the undertaking director assesses the public presentation of the squad. so does human resource direction from a different position – this besides includes the undertaking mode. Along with this comes communication direction. which is really of import in the ARP. This includes the ARP undertaking web site. that was created to maintain NASA computing machine information and communications engineering plan for upper direction and interest holders to be cognizant of the undertakings patterned advance. The squad besides provided undertaking updaters to possible clients. which include ; The Department of Homeland Security. the National Technology transportation Centre and other NASA research workers. . This type of communicating direction offers double benefits as it is marketing the rotorcraft and keeping a strong client base for future undertakings.

Equally good as this. all the stuff communicated was accessible to the squad via the web site. these included ; flight programs. authorized paperss. programming and media. Another undertaking direction country is Risk direction. this involves how hazards are managed on the undertaking. The undertaking director must place these challenges and program how the squad will react to them in a positive mode. These hazards included. organizing the ARP undertaking squad. as it consisted of people from a overplus of different backgrounds and therefore the undertaking director ensured communicating stayed strong. Another challenge that the squad was faced with as scheduling flight trials. this took more clip than originally anticipated and hence ran hazard of holds. to battle this more clip was put preface to guarantee that there was no future holds.

Last is procurement direction. this is a set of procedures that links to the supply concatenation sector of the ARP undertaking. It is when goods or services need to be obtained from an outside administrations. The undertaking director plans these purchases of merchandises that can non be provided from their ain company. This is of import as it links straight with quality direction. this is because it is hard to guarantee quality is delivered from an outside provider at an appropriate cost that meets budget.

Decision It must be reiterated that The Autonomous Rotorcraft Project was executed successfully. There are many countries that need to be covered by the undertaking squad in order for this to be a smooth operation. Whilst there are some countries that are of more importance to others. it is ideal to hold a squad that can react to all positive and negative state of affairss that the undertaking may meet. The ARP undertaking. fitted good against all nine Project Management countries. therefore NASA expressed a high degree of satisfaction with the undertaking.


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