Project Management Practices Assignment

July 9, 2018 Project Management

The abstract is typically a short summary of the contents of the document. Type the abstract of the document here. The abstract is typically a short summary of the contents of the document. ] Andrea Erluby Cardenas Loayza Arvind Indukuri George George Varghese Nakul Murali Sundaravalli Kannan Zhenlong Yan Eclipse-Glass Business Plan Content I. Mission statement2 II. SWOT team analysis3 III. Details about the product4 IV. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis4 V. Marketing and Business Strategy4 VI. Financial Analysis4 VII. Risk Analysis4

I. Mission statement Sdasdasdasd II. SWOT team analysis The Eclipse Glass team is constituted by six members who elaborate the Business Plan. The staff has different backgrounds (Electronic, IT, Mechanical and Industrial engineers) and some of them with more than 3 years of experience in the engineering field. This leads focusing their ingenuity in deliver an innovative product such as Eclipse Glass. In addition to that, all the members are Masters Graduates in Engineering and Project Management who play diverse roles (according to their skills and preference) in the usiness creating a synergy to obtain the best result in the service offered.

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The roles are: Financial Analyst, Commercial Relationship Coordinator, Marketing Coordinator, Product Expert, Business Analyst and a Manager as the team leader. Moreover, Magic Glass team have the qualified consulting of KPMG for the Financial and Risk analysis of the product. Based on the qualities and skills of each team members, we elaborated a SWOT analysis that is presented below: Strengths * Determination to get the best solution for our clients Effective delegations of activities within the business * Innovative thinking delivering original technology * Consulting of a qualified international company: KPMG * Cooperative staff sharing information * Transform ideas into actions understanding the needs of our clients into product requirements * Integrated team with good work atmosphere Opportunities * Capacity of negociation creating new alliances and partherships * Iniciative to create new contacts and explore new markets * Know-how and skills up to date with new development of technology * Knowledge of global engineering standards

Threats * Competitors with similar iniciatives * Loss of commitment due to external priorities of the team members Weaknesses * Tendency to focus just in engineering aspects * Lack of experience as entrepeneurs * Lack of knowledge in marketing and commercial aspects * Strong dependency of the KPMG advice in finance and risk aspects S W T O III. Details about the product IV. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis Porters Five force analysis will represent the competitive environment of Eclipse Glass . It will go through the five competitive forces. The competitive rivalry within the industry The Glass industry is highly competitive where organizations are continuously developing new technologies making glass stronger, lighter and more affordable. A lot of investment and research is done in this sector to create smart materials that can let the light through and block the UV radiation. The industry is divided into a number of segments specializing in residential, commercial and automotive segments; each company has its own strengths and weaknesses but there are only a few companies that specialize in all the three segments.

The strengths of Eclipse Glass are that it would carter solutions to all the three different segments using the same technology making it highly efficient simultaneously providing superior technology compared to its competitors. * The threat of new entrants It is difficult for new entrants to enter the energy efficient glass sector unless they have a unique technology that is patented, but if it is the generic glass without the energy efficient qualities there are already number of manufacturers and easy to enter.

Eclipse Glass has an advantage of technology, holding nearly 200 patents for the unique manufacturing and materials used to make it and protected by the IP laws. * The threat of substitute products With the features like controllable opacity and dynamic glass offered by Eclipse Glass there is no available substitute. There is a threat from substitutes like blinds, tint film based manufacturers, Liquid crystal (LC) glass, and Suspended Particle Device (SPD) glass technologies only on the bases of price. These substitutes lack quality and feature when compared to the three layered Eclipse glass.

Eclipse glass has a solid selling point of allowing natural light in/out according to the temperature and brightness of the room, this results in energy saving. * The bargaining power of suppliers The bargaining power of suppliers is weak as there are a number of available glass suppliers to choose from and the manufacturing part in done by third part glass manufacturer who buys material in bulk and has more control. The assembly and chemical deposition is the key to making Eclipse Glass which can be applied to any type of glass according to the clients intended purpose. The bargaining power of customers The bargaining power of customers is weak as Eclipse glass technology is unique and one of a kind in terms of controlling the brightness. This particular product is aimed at high-end market where companies can afford this technology and will elevate the profitability, reaching a quick breakeven point. To compete with other manufacturers Eclipse glass offers a low price product which would carter for the low-end market. V. Marketing and Business Strategy VI. Financial Analysis VII. Risk Analysis Risk Profile


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