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June 11, 2018 Marketing

The objective of the focus group was to determine overall student satisfaction with the lab, identify current problem areas and collect student recommendations for improvements. In the Focus group the moderator did an adequate job of getting the information needed by the SEC because he engaged the students. The moderator asked specific questions that he thought would give him an outlook on how the students feel about the current operation of the computer lab. For example, Churchill (2008) stated, “how do you think the computer lab is meeting your needs? “(p. 19). Several students said that here is a problem because of the student using the computers, are not knowledgeable about computers. While others a saying it’s the computer lad attendants who do not know what they are doing. I think it was a wise to have a group with both graduate and undergraduate students included because they are the students who are using the computer lab. It was great to have opinions and thoughts from both sides. Although each side may think they both need to have a separate time where the lab is dedicated to graduates and undergraduates.

This idea may work but realistically it will still add up to the same amount of people utilizing the computer lab. After analyzing the transcripts Churchill (2008) stated the following problems and ideas generated for the computer lab: The folks who are using the computer don’t know about computers. They are transmitting viruses on the computers. There is no waiting list. The people working in the computer lab need to be properly trained. Too many computers are broken at the same time. The lab should be opened 24 hours.

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Every student should bring their own laptop. There need to be more computers. These problems and ideas will gave the moderator an overall outlook on what the students feel started the problems and what would help solve the problems. The benefits and limitations of the focus group are the moderator got the information he need to evaluate the problems that have cost the computer lab to become so overwhelmed. It gave the moderator to ask questions that he needed to from the students who play an active role in utilizing the computer lab.

The moderator can pin point the most common complaint from the students and make that improvement which is most likely the cause of the problem. On the other hand he only spoke with six students and that hardly covers a good percent of the students who are using the computer lab. The tasks force plan for utilizing the focus groups are appropriate because they get the opportunity to sit down and talk with students about the situation. References Churchill, Gilbert A. (2008). Basic Marketing Research 7th Edition. Mason, OH: South-Western Coinage Learning.


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